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Responding to Zionist Propaganda - دحض الدعاية الصهيونية : John Mearsheimer on 'The Israeli Lobby' and the 2008 Elections

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted on October 19, 2008
101 min 3 sec
Committee For A Just Peace in Israel and Palestine


The "Israeli Lobby" and the 2008 Elections. Recorded by
October 18th, 2008
Oak Park Public Library, IL

During the presentation, John recommended clip from Jon Stewart (the famous American Comedian at the Daily Show) showing how Obama, Clinton, & McCain are pandering to AIPAC. Click here to see the relevant clip.

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Posted by Webmaster on October 20, 2008 #55214

As you listen to the presentation, please note the following: 1. Every other word had the word interests in it. 2. The presentation was done looking at the solution and the problem from the American and Israeli points of view (or interests), and how the "special relationship" Israel and the USA has, does not serve both of these countries' interests any more. 3. Towards the end, note how scared he was when the final question was about the Palestinian right of return. Note how he admitted that crimes were committed during the 1948 against the indigenous population (ethnic cleansing, actually he used these words starting from 1:22:00). Note how scared he was when he said: I am already in a lot of trouble and I would not have written our report if I did not have my tenure already (not like Prof. Norman Finkelstein who went after the lobby without his tenure secured), and as a condition to writing this report from the Atlantic monthly I asked that Prof. Steve Walt (from Harvard) sign on this report as well. Despite of the few negatives, this guy had a lot of courage to speak out; he paid a heavy price; however, the good thing that the gene is out of the bottle; and speaking about the Lobby is no longer a taboo. One more thing, it should be noted that I felt that Prof. Mearchierrmer really cares about Israel and USA deeply, that is why he is doing this. Similar things could be said about the former President Carter and Prof. Steven Walt (who is a Jew by the way). So as an American, I can see this report and lectures as a BIG progress. However, as a Palestinian, sadly it is a whole different story, a lot more work and time are needed. Abu al-Sous (Salah Mansour)