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Hittin - حطّين : مقام النبي شعيب في حطين .2003
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Hittin - حطّين : مقام النبي شعيب في حطين .2003

Posted by Makbula Nassar Uploaded on April 10, 2003
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Posted by drozit on November 30, 2007 #24413

hi for everyone
Posted by Ali Karakus on February 25, 2007 #14118

AS A DESCENDANT OF MOSES, JETHRO'S GRANDSON, I THINK THIS HOLY PLACE IS VERY IMPORTANT AND INTERESTING. I WAS BORN ON APRIL 26th, 1960, the day after ZIYARA to this holy place. I am not a Druze, I am a LEVITE like Moses, JETHRO's and maybe NABI SHU'AIB' son-in-law. Thank you.