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al-Bira - البيرة : مدرسة النجاح للبنات الموجودة في منطقة البلوع
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al-Bira - البيرة : مدرسة النجاح للبنات الموجودة في منطقة البلوع

  حُملت في 17 كانون ثاني، 2007
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مشاركة seal  في تاريخ 23 كنون أول، 2017 #158795

guys this place is hell i am suffering from it
we have to do integration by our self.........someone save my childhood
مشاركة Yaffa Abuali في تاريخ 11 آذار، 2017 #158377

Hi..my opinion about this school is that I personally would never send my kids here from my time here and I still got 3 years left. Since my time at Al-Najah my grades went down,they expect WAY too much out of the students,and they're extremely rude. I am currently in 9th grade and this school has honestly made my self esteem go so low and it sucks. The principle is very unfair and honestly running the school so wrong. As you probably know theres an English and Arabic section the principle makes it SO obvious she favors the Arabic section. Please dont put your children through this..youll make there confidence and self esteem go so down like mine did and no one deserves that.
مشاركة student  في تاريخ 16 تشرين ثاني، 2016 #158189

part two

3 its extremely unsanitary. The bathrooms are supplied with a single roll of toilet paper once a month and a bit of soap. Once it runs out they "forget" to put in new toiletries. They teachers bathroom is allowed to have toilet paper though, as its OBVIOUSLY extremely fair.

4 it is actually prison. Many people claim that they are as strict as a military school, but its gone beyond that point. between each class transition we have five minutes of free time. Most student use it to go to the bathroom. Now there is a rule where we aren't allowed to go to the bathroom, and during classes the teachers tell us that we aren't excused to go to the bathroom and during lunch we are forced to walk outside the school ( the place shown the the picture) and we aren't allowed to use the bathroom. This could be considered as a method of torture. during lunch, there are also almost no places to sit down as we have no cafeteria. there are places we also get behavior reports if we sit there, example, behind the school. Lets not mention that every exit door and window in school has metal bars outside to prevent student from jumping outside and killing themselves for waking up that morning.
مشاركة Student في تاريخ 16 تشرين ثاني، 2016 #158188

this school is a terrible place to put your child in for the following reasons:

1 Their main priorities are the uniforms, a girl caught wearing the wrong colored shoes will be either stripped of them or suspended or given a behavior report, something that goes on your personal school record that claims that your a juvenile child
* the teachers are highly unqualified for their job. Most cant teach or haven't completed collage and many are absent due to collage classes.

2 A teacher named miss ( to save her from embarrassment, lets call her Miss S) a teacher in charged of who knows what, is also in charge of the uniforms. her three daughters are allowed to wear whatever they please in complete disregard to the uniform rules. this teacher ABUSES children, she pulls them by their ear or hair, and drags them to her office.
مشاركة eman في تاريخ 3 كنون أول، 2015 #157363

اسفة انها مدرسة النجاح الخاصة في حي البالوع قرب المول
مشاركة eman في تاريخ 3 كنون أول، 2015 #157362

مدرسة الجنان الخاصة توجد في حي البالوع البيرة، قريب من المول
مشاركة Razan obiedat في تاريخ 19 نيسان، 2015 #156420

احلى مدرسه والله الله عهديك الأيام درست فيها احلى خمس سنين
مشاركة suraya في تاريخ 11 نيسان، 2015 #156381

tbh this school sucks.... they care more about the way you dressed then if you actually learn something. They us way too much work and pressure, teacher yell at you for everything, and almost every single day we have tests. People in this school are annoying and mean. Ive grown more depressed thanks to this school. and we have to memorize everything.. DONT PUT YOUR KIDS IN THIS SCHOOL
مشاركة No name في تاريخ 26 تشرين ثاني، 2014 #155562

I love the najah it rocks cause my best friends go there jk jk it's hell in the najah school they are killing use everyday a thousands of tests then midterms then finals and that's all ya haram were killing the students no let's just kill them more let's give them projects and homework ya don't send your kids there
مشاركة hana في تاريخ 3 تشرين ثاني، 2014 #155428

i hate this school !!!
مشاركة Souheil Almdawar في تاريخ 17 كنون أول، 2013 #153307

مشاركة Raja في تاريخ 26 آب، 2013 #152365

Need directions for najah? Easy look at the windows & if you see bars you got the right place
مشاركة Haneen في تاريخ 26 آب، 2013 #152364

Omg these good comments are fobish
مشاركة Sinai  في تاريخ 26 آب، 2013 #152363

I remember my first day in najah could of sworn my parents sent me to some military school
مشاركة asjkaondi في تاريخ 26 آب، 2013 #152362

I feel bad for myself & all the little kids that have to deal with this torture. When I was young at my school we had swings & a sandpit so no one gets hurt & a slide for the us 1st graders. In this school there isn't any of that,just a hard ground. We get quizzes everyday EVERYDAY. We have to memorize & memorize & memorize to pass how does that even help in the future? This 'school' focuses on the way you dress than if you actually learnt anything. We have no equality in our school. The Arabic section get treated way better than us,they get through so much things & us English section have to suffer. They wear whatever they want & have fun & take free periods & go outside to play but for the English section no. You have to stay in the class & do homework. & whoever comments nice things about this school wait till you reach the higher grade & you feel struggle & the inequality.
مشاركة Djsjjd في تاريخ 8 آب، 2013 #152194

You can it's a bad school by the grammar of the previous comments.
مشاركة kk في تاريخ 27 تموز، 2013 #152130

This school is not what you think. The teachers have horrible teaching skills, not even sure they are actual teachers. The main office cares more about your uniform than they do about school work. They claim to focus on the SAT, yet they did not give the ninth graders English, simply because the teacher " didn't feel like" giving English classes. That is a major problem to anyone who does not want to graduate at this school.You won't have the needed credits to graduate elsewhere. The students are put through HELL. You will have tests on a daily basis. If you did not memorize the material, you won't do well. The teachers just write notes on the board and yell at you.No explaining is done. They write, you copy. Do not send your children here, it will just make them depressed. Please think twice before sending them to this school.
مشاركة yasmeen waleed ibrahim  في تاريخ 18 أيار، 2013 #149967

hi my name is yasmeen waleed ibrahim my class is 4A my beat friends r nadia jamila lana ranin and lots more and you see maya odehs commet shes in my class too im going to 5th grade tommorow is the finals we have science and who ever sees this commet look me up in the yearbook and my stardoll kellkell345
مشاركة Maya odeh في تاريخ 10 نيسان، 2013 #149444

I'm in this school it rocks i specially love my teachers miss Ellen and miss Woroud and miss Zaena and deena and miss yousra and miss Sabrina me and my sister are in this school love it put your kids in it or you will be ashamed of yourself my name is maya I'm in fourth grade bye
مشاركة iyad في تاريخ 18 آذار، 2013 #149147

Do not sent your kids there. the curriculum they have is not on the same hand the way they teach it . in simple words the over advertise what they really deliver. add to that they are un professional ,they do not except any comments from you . my 4 year old son was walking on the street out side on the school....too many incident in that school regarding the safety of the kids. I will not have my kids go to that school .Do not make this mistake ....ur kids deserves better.......!!!!!
مشاركة aayoub4 في تاريخ 2 كانون ثاني، 2013 #148205

I live in canada now, am going to Ramallah next year so I am looking to register my daughter in it for the next year/Sep.2013-2014, How can I do it
مشاركة no name في تاريخ 2 شباط، 2012 #141425

انا طالبة فيها
مشاركة وليدرجب رجب في تاريخ 22 تشرين ثاني، 2011 #139720

هي مدرسة تقع في حي البالوع وهي مدرسة راقية ومميرة
مشاركة karena في تاريخ 4 تشرين أول، 2011 #138458

i miss the najah!!
مشاركة um Aya في تاريخ 19 تموز، 2011 #136391

My daughter studies in this school,and hope she graduates from it.I think its the best school in the country and a terrific one,and you are very lucky to be a student or teacher there,also everyone in the school loves the principle and vice principle.
مشاركة ???lol في تاريخ 20 أيار، 2011 #134497

مشاركة مروى أحمد في تاريخ 9 آذار، 2011 #131339

يا ريت لو انو يصحلي اشتغل فيها
انا خريجة هاي السنة وحابة اشتغل معلمة لغة عربية في مدرسة النجاح
مشاركة منير العطشان في تاريخ 14 تشرين ثاني، 2010 #125787

الله الله على هيك مدرسة شكرا على كل من ساهم في اقامت هذا الصرح العضيم في هذة المدينه الجميلة....

منير العطشان milwaukee wi u.s.a.
مشاركة haneen في تاريخ 3 أيار، 2010 #111351

this skool would have been a good skool if they excepted everyone but they dont except ppl who read in a 7akoumy (public)skool4 more than a year thats not fair 4 every girl i wish 4 the pppl in charge of this skool to think about this and care more 4 the girls future
مشاركة jamela  في تاريخ 21 شباط، 2010 #104360

hhh i still go 2 that skool i think its ok
مشاركة sara في تاريخ 30 تشرين أول، 2009 #93466

OMG i miss that skool!!
مشاركة Alaa Tawil في تاريخ 26 أيلول، 2009 #90152

The best school in Ramallah
مشاركة girlschools في تاريخ 11 تموز، 2009 #82631

There are several best institute for girls in country, which are highly committed to offer quality based educational programs to girls. There are many certified professionals in these schools to deliver their best result education programs. These girls academies provide numerous beneficial programs to the girls.
مشاركة Safa Salman  في تاريخ 9 آذار، 2009 #70093

To my wonderful school that i learned at:
i had wonderful memories here, and i thank everyone who made it possible. Allah khalee kol Arab, and thank you to everyone who helped me. i love Najah Secondary School, and it's always remembered as the place i started my life at.
مشاركة Hayatt في تاريخ 30 كانون ثاني، 2009 #65829

This is the the school that I still go to and have been this is my 4th year and I might stay for two more years.
مشاركة LOL في تاريخ 16 كنون أول، 2008 #60103

lmao dude thats mah school!!!!!!!
مشاركة reem sharha في تاريخ 18 تشرين ثاني، 2008 #57471

i miss u my school and i miss every one all the teachers miss 2ez and miss ayda love u all
مشاركة ilaf في تاريخ 10 شباط، 2008 #28885

i was there for like 4 years, i miss it there, & i miss all of my friends too >.<
مشاركة shniba في تاريخ 14 كانون ثاني، 2008 #27178

i went to it last year.
مشاركة salwa في تاريخ 8 نيسان، 2007 #14839

hey umm why do u guyz wanna noe where the school is ?
مشاركة bayan في تاريخ 8 آذار، 2007 #14308

i went there 6 years ago
مشاركة Eman في تاريخ 27 كانون ثاني، 2007 #13209

Thats my school