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Israel is the strongest force in the Middle East, how come Arabs are not willing to accept this fact?
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למאמר בעברית
כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on August 2, 2001

There is no dispute of the fact that Israel can defeat all the Arab armies combined, and the imbalance of power has greatly tipped in Israel's favor especially after the 1st and 2nd Gulf Wars. It's obviously clear that the gap in military readiness between Arab countries and Israel could not be greater, and this gap will either shrink, or Israel will have to sustain this unbearable life for decades to come. In other words, Israel's quest for ultimate security and military readiness will exhaust its brain power and resources in the long run.

On the contrary, the Palestinian people have nothing left to lose. Palestinians now number 8.5 million people, and in 20 years they will number over 20 million. As their number increases, more of them will either continue to be dispossessed, living in deplorable refugee camps in unwelcoming host countries, or they will continue to live under Israeli military occupation. It cannot be ignored that the prospects of the average Palestinian making it in this world are extremely limited, and this sense of desperation and helplessness has driven the average Palestinian, literally, to the point of madness. Palestinians mostly feel that the whole world saw them being raped, and did nothing.

One of Israelis' major mistakes is that they think that Arabs will not fight if they know in advance that they will lose. As has been repeatedly demonstrated (i.e. the 1973 and 1982 wars), Arabs are willing to commit themselves to a long term struggle, especially if humiliated and cornered. Israelis perfectly know that demographically and strategically they lack the resources to commit themselves to a sustainable and a prolonged struggle; that's exactly why they have perfected the art of mechanized warfare, where they must decisively neutralize their enemies as swiftly as possible. As it has been already demonstrated in the War of Attrition in 1969, the 1973 War, and the invasion and the prolonged occupation of Lebanon between 1982-2000, Arabs were capable of neutralizing the Israeli might (regardless how well it's equipped, trained, and financed) by bleeding its resources in a prolonged and a sustained struggle. In those regards, it's worth quoting a cable that was sent by the U.S. ambassador in Damascus to Washington in response to the Israeli rejection for a comprehensive peace proposal that was offered by Husni al-Za'im, Syria's president in 1949, soon after the 1948 war. The cable stated:

"Unless Israel can be brought to understand that it cannot have all of its cake (partition boundaries) and gravy as well (area captured in violation of truce, Jerusalem and resettlement of [Palestinian] Arab refugees elsewhere) it may find that it has won Pal[stine] war but lost peace. It should be evident that Israel's continued insistence upon her pound of flesh and more is driving Arab states (and perhaps surely) to gird their lions (politically and economically if not yet militarily) for long range struggle." (Righteous Victims, p. 264)

Similarly, Abba Eban, a veteran Israeli Foreign Ministry official, predicted that Arabs will resort to force in response to Israel's intransigence on the political path between 1971-1973. He also predicted that Arabs will go to war even if they know they might lose. He wrote:

"All the time, the Israeli defense strategy was frankly attritional. The logic was that if the Arabs were unable to get their territories back by war or by Great Power pressure, they would have to seek negotiations and to satisfy some of Israel's security interest. This view made no provision for the third Arab option---neither docility nor negotiation, but a desperate recourse to war in the hope that even an unsuccessful attack would be more rewarding than passive acceptance of the cease fire lines." (Iron Wall, p. 309)

It's rarely debated among Israelis, how the Israeli Occupation Force (I.O.F.) has a corrupting influence on the Israeli society. This point was elegantly articulated by a pro-Israeli historian Martin Van Creveld (renowned Israeli military strategist and historian) as follows:

"...war makes the victor stupid. In retrospect, the smashing victory of 1967 was probably the WORST thing that ever happened to Israel. It turned 'a small but brave' people ...., who with considerable justification believed itself fighting an overwhelmingly powerful coalition of enemies for dear life [click here to read more on this subject], into an occupying force, complete with all the corrupting moral influences that this entails. The military lesson of the 'feat of arms unparallel in all modern history' began to be studied almost immediately. Not so its moral consequences, which were clear only to very few -- among them, rumor has it, Prime Minister [Levy] Eshkol, who within days of the capture of East Jerusalem was wondering how one would ever 'crawl out again.' In the event Israel and the IDF refused to crawl out, and before long they were confronted with new challenges that they found difficult to overcome." (The Sword And The Olive, p. 199)

Ironically, this belligerent Israeli attitude has not only driven the Israeli public to become radical and uncompromising over the years, it has also immensely radicalized the Arab and Muslim public as well. Since the 1948 war, one of Israel's major mistakes that it was incapable of converting its military gains (along with its strategic location) to permanent political gains. Sadly, many Israeli politicians are usually recent graduates from the Israeli Army, who often solved Israel's political problems from security and military points of view. It should be emphasized that despite all of Israel's military might, most of its citizens still feel unsafe. What is even more tragic that Israeli military conquests and wars were not fought for the sake of peace, but for ideological, territorial, economic, and security gains. In a nutshell, Israelis lack the wisdom to strategically shape their political future, and over time they have perfected the art of day to day survival by the power of arms; a modern day Sparta. The deficit in political wisdom, besides the militant state of mind, has made it hard to incubate pragmatic Israeli politicians who could solve their country's strategic long term challenges. In that respect, it's worth quoting the most underrated Israeli politician, Moshe Sharett, who wrote in the early 1950s:

"[The Arabs have] extremely subtle understanding and delicate senses. [It was true he conceded, that] there is a wall between us and them and there is tragic development in that this wall is getting taller. But, nevertheless, if this wall can be prevented from getting taller, it is a sacred duty to do so, if at all possible." (Iron Wall, p. 97)

To simply reply to this belligerent Israeli and Zionists question: no matter how strong Israel gets and no matter how much the Western World supplies it with sophisticated weaponry, Palestinians shall always proudly identify themselves with that piece of land which they derive their names from. Palestinians are honored to carry Palestine's name, and to identify with its indigenous way of life. Let's never forget the fact that Palestine was raped and pillaged for over 200 years during the Christian Crusades, until its complete liberation in the 13th century. In that respect, it's ludicrous to entertain the thought that the Palestinian people would submit to the Israeli might after only 56 years of ethnic cleansing, dispossession, and occupation.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that Ben-Gurion (the first Israeli Prime Minister) recognized that the victory in 1948 was achieved not because the Israeli Army was more heroic but because the Arab armies were rotten and corrupt. He became obsessed with the fear that a charismatic leader would modernize Arab education, their economies, and unite all the Arab states. He wrote on November 11, 1948:

"The Arab people have been beaten by us. Will they forget it quickly? Seven hundred thousand people beat 30 million. Will they forget this offense? It can be assumed that they have a sense of honor. We will make peace efforts, but two sides are necessary for peace. Is there any security that they will not want to take revenge? Let us recognize the truth: we won not because we performed wonders, but because the Arab army is rotten. Must this rottenness persist forever? The situation in the world beckons towards revenge: there are two blocs; there is fear of world war. This tempts anyone with a grievance. We will always require a superior defensive capability." (Simha Flapan, p. 238)

Until a just and a fair solution comes to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which must end the conflict once and for all, Palestinians will wait. Literally, the Palestinian people have nothing left to lose, and Palestine, The Jewel Of All Jewels, is worth waiting for.

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Posted by Webmaster on December 3, 2011 #139929

NY Times- Dec. 2nd, 2011

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta spoke sternly on Friday to America's closest ally in the Middle East, telling Israel that it is partly responsible for its increasing isolation and that it now must take "bold action" — diplomatic, not military — to mend ties with its Arab neighbors and settle previously intractable territorial disputes with the Palestinians.

"I believe security is dependent on a strong military, but it is also dependent on strong diplomacy," Mr. Panetta said. "And unfortunately, over the past year, we have seen Israel's isolation from its traditional security partners in the region grow, and the pursuit of a comprehensive Middle East peace has effectively been put on hold."
Posted by Brent on July 27, 2011 #136610

"Raj" your a racist, sickening idiot who is so easily refuted!
Posted by Raj on May 20, 2011 #134474

Israel was mighty is mightier and will be mightiest.The God of Israel is behind them.
Posted by Brent on March 10, 2009 #70203

Also the 2009 Gaza War saw 1,000s of Palestinian civilians brutally murdered by the zionist "israeli" terror state. Zionist "israel" failed in all its "military objectives" in the Gaza Strip and the carnage they inflicted on the Palestinian people of Gaza (most of whom are refugees from what is today called "israel") has made Zionist "israel" without a doubt the most hated entity in the world!
Posted by Brent on March 10, 2009 #70202

The alleged mighty zionist "israeli" military is only strong because it is supplied by America. America only supplies zionist "israel" because of the parasitic actions of the zionist AIPAC lobby and zionist evangelical christians (like John Hagee) in America. However, even this American armed Zionist "Israel" has shown weakness in its last two wars. The Lebanese resistance group Hizbullah defeated zionist "israel" in the 2006 Lebanon war. This zionist "israeli" loss to Hizbullah is confirmed in the Zionist "israeli" government's own Winograd Commission report. Then regarding the early 2009 Gaza War; Zionist "Israel" failed at both its tasks. Zionist "israel" could never stop Hamas' resistance rockets and Zionist "israel" failed to overthrow the Hamas government in Gaza.
Posted by jackie cox on December 31, 2008 #61801

any criminal gang is as strong as its weakest member and as smart as its most ignorant. To claim israel is strong because it can bomb innocent, unarmed women and children into oblivion, actually means they are trying to start another war for their "goyim " puppets to finish. Will the UN continue to be used by the masters of deception? Thats the question.
Posted by jackie cox on December 31, 2008 #61799

I know a lot of american jews who don't want to be used in the same sentence as the israelis. Why you do to your victims is horrific. And then you wonder why the mountain of antisemantic feelings is growing, Whats up with you people? You trying to geta depression started , like the one in the 30's when you stopped shipping and receiving to create vast employment so people would serve in the military. You outdidyourselves on this one. Your stockmarket gangs have already stolen the manufacturing infrastructue, mostly whats left is the high tech and military equipment companies. This time the joke will be on you. You have to have the moxy to maintain the equipment in allout war, it won't be like the last time, this time your neighbors have tunneled in. Is that why your trying to breakop canada, so you'll have a place to run and hide, eastern canada? Deception, your rule, The only people your deceiving is yourselves. This is america, we will not continue to fight the wars you start, fight your own, If you can. Its easy to bomb refugee camps that live on less that 3.00 a day
Posted by Farid Shublaq on December 31, 2008 #61733

Since years I do remember I have a jewish friend of mine tried to convince me that the most crucial events happened in mankind history are created by jews. As he said the first event was that of moses in Egypt with pharaon, the second was with jesus christ in palestine , the third was with Karlmarx and the fourth with Isac Newton and Alber Einstine...immediately I replied that no one of those jews was from yemen where we have a big community living there.
Posted by Farid Shublaq on December 30, 2008 #61605

I created business relations with Italian commission agent in Milano orginally Syrian lived all his childhood till he becomes 18 years he left to Milano/Italy. During one of our debates .. he said to me if arabs agree on peace with Israel we shall sell the barrel of oil for those eauropeans @ 50 dollars... the price was in that time less than five dollars...Imagin the dream....
Posted by Brent on November 15, 2007 #23590

Most recently the Zionist Jewish dogs fought Lebanon resistance fighter Hezbollah in the Summer 2006 War. Hezbollah had a right to attack "Israel" because Hezbollah is fighting as a legal Lebanese resistance movement. Zionist "Israel" is holding thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners with NO charges at all (and these Zionists cry about 2 of their terrorist soldiers being held in Lebanon). Also "Israel" continues to illegally and evily occupy South Lebanon in the region called Shebaa farms, Lebanon. In the Summer 2006 Hezbollah defeated "Israel" without any doubt at all.
Posted by Brent on November 3, 2007 #22832

The 1982 "Israeli" invasion of South Lebanon resulted in around 18 years of "Israeli" occupation of most of South Lebanon (and today still "Israel" occupies some South Lebanese territory in the form of Shebaa farms, Lebanon). However the illegal "Israeli" invasion failed and resulted in the formation and strenthening of the Shi'a Muslim freedom fighters in Lebanon. Most notably the "Israel" invasion and occupation was what helped create the Lebanese Shi'a Muslim resistance movement Hezbollah.
Posted by Brent on November 3, 2007 #22830

Again Zionist "Israel's" allegeded military might has been greatly exagerrated and used as propaganda in the west. "Israel" has NOT won a real war since 1967. In the 1973 War any historian will tell you Egypt was on the brink of competely defeating "Israel" when the Zionist controlled american government sent a re-supply or arms and other military equipment to their ally "Israel". The 1973 War has to be either considered a draw or if we say anyone was the victor it what have to have been Egypt and the Arab nations that one the 1973 War.
Posted by Brent on November 3, 2007 #22829

Other Arab and Muslim nations must develop nuclear weapons programs to counter and be able to respond to any Zionist "Israeli" attack or continuing oppression.
Posted by Brent on October 28, 2007 #22494

The Zionist Israelis alleged amazing military prowess has been exgerrated greatly. Yes, the Zionist Israelis have around 200+ nuclear weapons that they wield due to their Dimona nuclear reactor created with help from the French in the 1950's and they are allowed to keep nuclear weapons due to gross nuclear and human rights hypocrises from the West and U.S.
Posted by Jason on October 7, 2007 #21373

The Palastians may be brave but numbers do them little good long run if you are tell me the true. If Isreal boigical weapens mostly like more dangers then anyother natin.It mostly take litte less then push red botton to kill of all Palastine rufuges.
Posted by Brent on September 3, 2007 #19844

Yes it is true that militarly the Zionists are the most powerful nation in the region. But this gap is fast closing especially as nations that have fought back against U.S./Western neo-colonialism and imperialism, such countries as Iran and the freedom fighters Hezbollah in South Lebanon. You also need to understand Israel is a welfare state, it requires billions, upon billions in gifts from Zionist controlled nations like the U.S. (dominated by Zionist AIPAC and sickening Zionist Christian traitors, evildoers). As the U.S. gov.'t continues to waste $ on the failed attempt in '03 to re-colonize Iraq, I'm sure the Zionists are getting a little shaky at their major money-cow America is being to not look so hot economically.
Posted by richarri on April 30, 2007 #15278

I am a Christian Polynesian from New Zealand and I find middle-east politics very interesting.I just have a couple of issues. Although I admire Israeli innovation, resolve and solidarity--my view is that this fixation on uncompromising and military-oriented approach cannot succeed--especially over the long term. Being the toughest guy on the street means you always got to watch your back. Also, I do believe Ben Gurion's fear of a charismatic (and he has to be a smart leader too)is well founded. Would such an Arab leader, even if he has only a fraction of Salahhadin's capability made a difference? Interesting...
Posted by Ben on March 18, 2007 #14482

Size really has nothing to do with it... The Israelis captured the Sinai Pennensula in the Six Day War, and that is huge, but they captured it easily. Also, they were probably holding back some forces in case of an invasion by Egypt, Syria, or another Arab-allied state.
Posted by محمد دعمه on January 30, 2007 #13326

I think the article is talking about their WMDs.
Posted by مجهول on January 9, 2007 #12495

i disagree that Israel is the strongest in the middle east since they just tried to enter Lebanon (which is a very small country) but failed to do so