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Illegal Immigration to Palestine before 1948 (Nakba), British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Volume I - Page 208. Chapter VII: Immigration: Section 3: Acquisition of Palestinian Citizenship: Section 4: (a) Manner of Volume
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on October 28, 2007
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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine
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50. The average time required for naturalization is two months and the fee is 500 mils.

51. The number of applications submitted and naturalization certificates delivered from 1st August, 1925 to 30th September, 1945 . are shown in the following table :-

Year Applications Certificates
submitted delivered
1925-1929 20,168 15,551
1931-1934 7,978 8,161
1935-1939 44 ,186 40,303
1940 8,118 8,727
1941 5,511 5,691
1942 4,768 4,979
1943 3,412 3,341
1944 3,229 3,169
1945 Jan-Sept. 2,635 1,428
TOTAL 100,005 91,350 The total number of persons who acquired Palestinian citizenship by reason of the naturalization of husbands and fathers or mothers during the period August, 1925-September, 1945 was 132,616. * Complete statistics showing naturalization of non-Jews are not available. It is estimated that they represent approximately 1 % of the total.

Section 4.


(a) Manner and volume,


52. Migration is of various kinds and may be described in the following classes :-

(i) Casual. These are minor movements between neighbouring villages. These movements are called casual, not because they are temporary or accidental-indeed, since marriage or the division of estates on death is the usual motive, they are often of permanent character-but because a change of residence from one place to another not far away does not appreciably affect the structure of the population within any of the administrative areas and does not, therefore, amount to migration in the ordinary acceptation of that term.
* Includes the figure of 91,350 shown above under "certificates delivered"

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