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God promised the descendants of the prophet Abraham the 'Promised Land', why are Palestinians defying the Almighty's prophecy?
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למאמר בעברית
כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on August 2, 2001

Destroy all of that land; beat down their pillars and break their statues

and waste all of their high places, cleansing the land and dwelling in it.

For I have given it to you for a possession.

Old Testament Numbers 34:52, 53

This argument contains many holes and deficiencies, we're really confused how to respond. It might be effective to answer the question by asking the set of questions below:

  • Who is a Jew? This question happens to be the most divisive question in many Jewish Community around the world.

  • Does being a Jew imply belonging to a race? Like the Indian, Arab, Turkish, ... etc. races.
  • Can any person become a Jew? Are you aware that converting to Judaism is not as straight forward as converting to Islam, Christianity, or even Buddhism? The process of becoming Jewish is a bureaucratic process that requires extensive rabbinical supervision.
  • If a billion people convert to Judaism, does the Right of Return law (the Israeli law that automatically grants Israeli citizenship solely based on someone's faith) apply to these new converts?
  • Let's ask the above question the other way around, what if all Jews convert to other religions, are they still considered "Jews"? After all, if Hans Herzl, Theodor Herzl's son, was able to convert to Christianity, it's also possible for other Jews to follow his footsteps as well. (One Palestine Complete, p. 302)

    Since "God's Promise" was made to Abarahm's decedents, does this "Promise" trickle down to the Semitic Jews who already converted to other religions?,
    Does their conversion to Islam or Christianity forfeit the fact that they are descendents from Abraham? It should be noted that many famous Jewish tribes in Arabia, Yemen, Palestine, and Iraq had converted to Christianity and Islam.
    Based on their genetic make (D.N.A.), could they become Israeli citizens despite of their conversion? Click here for a video showing how Ben-Gurion (the 1st Israeli Prime Minister) seriously suspected that Palestinians are the original Hebrews who inhabited the land; however, they've converted to Islam over the centuries.

  • For the moment, let's assume that the Palestinian people undergo a mass conversion to Judaism, do you think that would put an end to the conflict? or
    Do you think the Israeli government would be forced to revise its definition of "WHO IS A JEW"?
  • According to a Ha'aretz newspaper (a major Israeli newspaper) reported in March 2001 that half of the Russian Jews who immigrated to Israel in the 1990s belong to mothers who recently converted to Judaism,
    Do you still believe that these people are connected to "Eretz Yisrael" via the Biblical prophecy?
    Click here
    to view an article published by the " Jewish Agency" stating that the true number is closer to 70%.
  • Does the Israeli Right of Return law apply to the atheist Jews who inherited Judaism from their mothers? If your answer is yes, then
    Why the Right of Return law does not apply to Jews who converted to other religions?
    Are you aware that Jews who convert to other religions would not be able to gain automatic Israeli citizenship based on the Israeli Right of Return Law? Ironically, this law was even up-held by the Israeli supreme court.
  • Finally, the exact borders of the "Promised Land" have not been geographically defined. The Biblical "Promise", which "God had granted to Abraham's descendants", covered the areas between the Nile River in Egypt and the Euphrates River in Iraq,
    Does that imply that Israel's future borders eventually will span the borders of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Southern Turkey?
    Could that explain why Israel has neither a constitution nor a properly defined borders?
    In that regard, it is worth sharing the following encounter between Pinhas Rozen (Israel's first Justice Minister) and Ben-Gurion (Israel's 1st Prime Minister). Rozen demanded that Israel's Declaration of Independence should cite the country's borders. Ben-Gurion objected, and both exchanged the following:

    ROZEN: "There's the question of the borders, and it cannot be ignored."
    BEN-GURION: "Anything is possible. If we decide here that there's to be no mention of borders, then we won't mention them. Nothing is a priori [imperative]."
    ROZEN: "It's not a priori, but it is a legal issue."
    BEN-GURION: "The law is whatever people determine it to be." (1949, The First Israelis, p. xviii)

    If "Eretz Yisrael" would encompass these vast borders, does that imply the Biblical prophecy?
    Does that explain why Israel has invaded and occupied neighboring states?
    Since the "Promised Land" includes southern Lebanon, was invading and occupying Lebanon part of this prophecy?
    If the invasion of Lebanon was a fulfillment of this ancient Biblical prophecy, then was it a prophecy, or a negation of this prophecy, to withdraw from Lebanon?
    Click here to get an idea as to how the ancient "Biblical map" was central to the evolution of Zionism and to Israel's policies in the Middle East.

There is no question that some of present day Jews are definitely descendents of the prophet Isaac and the prophet Abraham. However, to claim that other people, inclusive of the Palestinian people, are not descendants of Isaac is ridiculous. Either through voluntary or involuntary conversion, the majority of the Semitic Jews had converted, over time, to other religions, such as Christianity and Islam. Results of a DNA study by geneticist Ariella Oppenheim (a famous Israeli geneticist) appears to match historical accounts that Arab Israelis and Palestinians, together as the one same population, represent modern "descendants of a core population that lived in the area since prehistoric times", albeit religiously first Christianized then largely Islamized, and all eventually culturally Arabized. Referring to those of the Muslim faith more specifically, it reaffirmed that Palestinian "Muslim Arabs are descended from Christians and Jews who lived in the southern Levant, a region that includes Israel, Sinai and part of Jordan." Geneticist Michael Hammer praised "the study for 'focusing in detail on the Jewish and Palestinian populations.'"

The core of Israel's future problems lies in its crippled democracy (since it empowers people based on their religion). In order for it to survive, Israel has to continuously redefine its definition of "who is a Jew." Its current definition of "who is a Jew" is fluid-since it has been written to suite its domestic political agenda. This racist and crippled "Jewish Democracy" won't last. So if you agree with Israel's current status, then enjoy it while it lasts. Any civilization that bases itself on exclusion, rather than inclusion, sooner or later will self-destruct.

Finally, let's assume that it's a true fact that God made such a "promise" to Abraham's descendants (regardless of whether these descendants were Jews, Arabs, or even of non-Semitic extraction), then it must have been a racist promise-since it was based on the genetic make up of Abraham's heirs. The question which begs to be asked is this:

Is it possible that, at one point in history, God made a racist promise?

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Posted by Brent on January 27, 2014 #153624

livescience . com

Surprise: Ashkenazi Jews Are Genetically European

By Tia Ghose, Staff Writer | October 08, 2013 11:00am ET

Quote- Instead, a substantial proportion of the population originates from local Europeans who converted to Judaism, said study co-author Martin Richards, an archaeogeneticist at the University of Huddersfield in England.
Posted by Brent on January 27, 2014 #153623

'Palestinians are an indigenous people who either live in, or originate from, historical Palestine. .Although the Muslims guaranteed security and allowed religious freedom to all inhabitants of the region, the majority converted to Islam and adopted Arab culture.' Bassam Abu-Libdeh, Peter D. Turnpenny, and Ahmed Teebi, ‘Genetic Disease in Palestine and Palestinians,’ in Dhavendra Kumar (ed.) Genomics and Health in the Developing World, OUP 2012 pp.700-711, p.700.

OUP is Oxford University Press
Posted by Brent on January 27, 2014 #153622

‘Palestinians are an indigenous people who either live in, or originate from, historical Palestine. .Although the Muslims guaranteed security and allowed religious freedom to all inhabitants of the region, the majority converted to Islam and adopted Arab culture.’ Bassam Abu-Libdeh, Peter D. Turnpenny, and Ahmed Teebi, ‘Genetic Disease in Palestine and Palestinians,’ in Dhavendra Kumar (ed.) Genomics and Health in the Developing World, OUP 2012 pp.700-711, p.700.

OUP stands for Oxford University Press there.
Posted by Brent on January 27, 2014 #153621

October 8, 2013

"A substantial prehistoric European ancestry amongst Ashkenazi maternal lineages"

Paper known as Costa et al. 2013 (this specific genetic research team was led by University of Huddersfield archaeogeneticist Dr. Martin B. Richards)

They write: "Here we show that all four major founders, ~40% of Ashkenazi mtDNA variation, have ancestry in prehistoric Europe, rather than the Near East or Caucasus. Furthermore, most of the remaining minor founders share a similar deep European ancestry. Thus the great majority of Ashkenazi maternal lineages were not brought from the Levant, as commonly supposed, nor recruited in the Caucasus, as sometimes suggested, but assimilated within Europe. These results point to a significant role for the conversion of women in the formation of Ashkenazi communities, and provide the foundation for a detailed reconstruction of Ashkenazi genealogical history."
Posted by Brent on May 20, 2013 #150010

Johns Hopkins University geneticist Dr. Eran Elhaik has confirmed that European "Jews" are Khazar convert frauds from the Caucasus!!

Dr. Eran Elhaik "The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses"

See the January 16, 2013 AFP article on Dr. Elhaik's paper

Gene study settles debate over origin of European Jews

(AFP) – Jan 16, 2013

PARIS — Jews of European origin are a mix of ancestries, with many hailing from tribes in the Caucasus who converted to Judaism and created an empire that lasted half a millennium, according to a gene study.
Posted by shalon on November 25, 2012 #147532

the earth's great puzzle. what peices fits, and how do we know when they dont. does it mirror the israel/palestine conflict? are there any other misplace people who may be the missing peice..ahh the lost sheep. There clues are there characteristics!
Posted by Brent on May 14, 2012 #143815

Two good links responding to the lies of "Christian" Zionists (who apparently have never read verses of their own New Testament like Matthew 21:43, Matthew 23:37, 1 Thessalonians 2:14-16, etc!)

http:/ / / 2011/ 09 / 26 / zionist-apartheid-state-is-anti-biblical /

http:/ / 2011 / 09 / 26 / %E2%80%9Cgod-gave-the-land-to-the-jews%E2%80%9D-but-which-land /
Posted by Webmaster on January 30, 2012 #141356

I found the below new survey very relevent to this article. "The study showed that 70 percent of respondents believe the biblical designation of Jews as God's chosen people, while 65 percent said the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) and the commandments were given by God. Fifty-six percent of respondents said they believe in life after death.

Less than half of those polled -- 46 percent -- call themselves secular, while only 22 percent identify themselves as Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox, with 32 percent defining themselves as traditional Jews. More than half of the respondents -- 55 percent -- believe in the coming of the Messiah."
Posted by Haldreon on June 16, 2011 #135404

If the Bible is looked at by Scholars and found to be fraud-why do you people talk Biblical? You use the Bible to prove the Bible and to further your own cause. You cannot base current thought on a 3000 yr.Old book=it is a mixture of Fables and Myths. Do you all believe that Jonah lived in a whale? Do you believe that Eve as having a conversation with a snake? The Bible is known as the Hebrew Book of Fantasy!
Posted by Webmaster on October 26, 2010 #124449

Cyril Salim Bustros, head of the Greek Melkite Church in the United States, made his comments after the Middle East synod of Catholic bishops called on the United Nations to implement its resolutions and end Israeli occupation of Arab lands.
The synod's final statement, drawn up by a commission headed by Bustros, also said that "recourse to theological and biblical positions which use the Word of God to wrongly justify injustices is not acceptable.
"On the contrary, recourse to religion must lead every person to see the face of God in others and to treat them according to their God-given prerogatives and God’s commandments, namely, according to God's bountiful goodness, mercy, justice and love for us."
Speaking at press conference, Butros said: "The theme of the promised land cannot be used as a basis to justify the return of the Jews to Israel and the expatriation of the Palestinians."
"For Christians one can no longer talk of the land promised to the Jewish people," he said, because the "promise" was "abolished by the presence of Christ."
In the kingdom of God, which covers the whole world, "there is no longer a favoured people, a chosen people, all men and women of every country have become the chosen people," the Lebanese-born Butros said.
Hardline Jewish settlers in particular claim their right to build on Palestinian territory by saying it forms part of biblical Israel, the land promised by God to the Jews according to the Old Testament.
Butros also warned against the risk of Israel becoming an exclusively Jewish state, with a consequent threat to the 1.5 million Muslim and Christian Arabs living there.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to introduce a controversial loyalty oath to Israel as a "Jewish state" to apply to both Jews and non-Jews wanting to become citizens.
He has also made a freeze on settlement building conditional on Palestinian recognition of Israel's Jewish identity in what has been widely seen as a ploy to complicate US-backed peace efforts.
Posted by powzon on October 11, 2010 #123377

"Is it possible that, at one point in history, God made a racist promise?"

It's as possible as that God caused a bush to burn without being burned to ashes in order to get the attention of Moses.
BUT, if so, it wouldn't be for the aggrandizement of the Jews, but for the glory of God alone.
Posted by Speaker on July 19, 2010 #117938

Israely right to return law, copies its definition to a jew (which has a right to return), from a Nazi definition to the same term.
It is as simple as it sounds: Jew, who has "right to return", is someone who defined as such (Jew) by the Nazi regime, During and before WWII.

Here is your definition: Person who's grandfather (or grandmother), was or is a Jew.

It is easier for me to accept such a Racist Israely law, since Israely regime, actually gives true citizenship to many people which are not jews, because being a Jew is not the only Criteria of receiving citizenship in Israel.
Posted by Brent on June 3, 2010 #114375

On religion, religious Jews should obey the "Three Oaths" laid down in the Jewish Talmud; see Talmud: Tractate Kethuboth 111a aka Tractate Kesubos 111a. Talmud Kethuboth 111a says that Jews are to wait for what Jews believe will be the "Jewish Messiah" who will be born and than the Jewish view of the "Messianic age" will occur (again according to Judaism)

As for any deceived Christians that support Zionist "Israel" (that is the stupid Zionist "Christians") all that needs to be said to them is from the New Testament; Matthew 21:43- Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you (i.e. the Jews) and given to a people who will produce its fruit. (NIV Bible) Thus according to Christianity, Jews are not "chosen" anymore! Note that most Ashkenazi Jews are simply Khazars anyway!
Posted by Webmaster on March 19, 2010 #107000

It is all about a Land ,
and nothing else !!

Call it Promised-Land
call it Stolen-Land
call it Eretz Israel
call it Palestine
call it the Land of Canaan
call it the Occupied Land
call it yours !!

it is only a Land

The Israelis needed it for their expansion
and the Palestinians needed it
for their survival and existance.

Did God give it Golda Meier ??
Did Moses invade it with Egyptian-slaves ??
Did Richard Lion-Heart offer it to the Pope ??

it is all in a piece of Land

Did Salah el Ddin (Saladin) liberate it
did Hertzel steal it
did Jesus bless it

it is all about Land !!

is it a restitution after the Holocaust
is it a restitution after the Crusaders
is it a restitution after Napoleon´s defeat in Acre

Nonsense , it is only about a Land ??

Did General Allenby also liberate it ??
Did Al Khalifa Omar earn it ??
Did Jesus meet Mohammad in there ??

it is just a piece of Land ,
but without any Peace

Do the Zionists need it
Does Judaism can survive without it
Did God give it to some .........
and denied it to others

No Sir !! it is simply a piece of land
that stretches from the Tiberian-sea to the Red-sea
passing by the Dead-Sea
while it is all retained in the East
by the Mediterranean- Sea .

Did Rotchild purchase it ??
Did Balfour sell it ??
Did the Sultan of Istanbul abandon it ??

No Sir !!!

Balfour did not own it , so he could not sell it
and Rotchild was not even welcome
by the Sultan who owned it

No sir is just a piece of Land
the Pagans once became Jews ,
the Jews ,later, became Christians
and where
the Christians became Muslims.

They all drunk from the river Jordan
and all have feared the same mighty God,
until the day the Zionists came.....

The Zionists who feared nobody
brought to us
death and destruction,
colonialism and apartheid
exile and deportation
and of course, they took the land.

That same Land I am talking about
the one called Holy-Land
or Promised-Land
Land of Canaan
or simply and unpretentiously
or normaly and historically ,

Nothing mystical about it
nothing miraculous nor diofvine,
the Whites did in South-Africa,
in North and South-America
even in Hawaii...... .
so why not in Palestine !!

it is just a piece of Land like all the others
and he who has the bigger-guns may keep it !!

Forget the United-Nations and International Laws
forget Human-rights , National-rights and even History
Do not mind about anything religious.....
Just see that you get, and you keep,
the bigger-guns .

It is all about a Land,
and he who has the bigger-guns ,
may keep it !!

Raja Ibrahim Khalil Ibrahim el Chemayel
Posted by Brent on February 19, 2010 #104163

"Words of Dave" get your Khazar "Jews" propaganda out of here. The "Bible" is fraud and has been refuted by real academics of all types. Refuting Bibles fake "history"; "Archaeological silence is another problem that biblical inerrantists don't like to talk about. According to the Bible, the Israelite tribes were united into one nation that had a glorious history during the reigns of king David and his son Solomon, yet the archaeological record is completely silent about these two kings except for two disputed inscriptions that some think are references to "the house of David."
Up to 3 million Israelites camped in a wilderness for 40 years, but no traces of their camps, burials, and millions of animal sacrifices could be found in ten years of excavations. This may be an argument from silence, but it is a silence that screams.
Posted by Words of Dave on May 13, 2009 #77028

Rather than speculate, let’s go to the source: Ezekiel 47:13-23

13: This is what the Sovereign LORD says: "These are the boundaries by which you are to divide the land for an inheritance among the twelve tribes of Israel, with two portions for Joseph. 14: You are to divide it equally among them. Because I swore with uplifted hand to give it to your forefathers, this land will become your inheritance.

Verses 15-20 Concern the specific boundaries of the land.

21: "You are to distribute this land among yourselves according to the tribes of Israel. 22: You are to allot it as an inheritance for yourselves and for the aliens who have settled among you and who have children. You are to consider them as native-born Israelites; along with you they are to be allotted an inheritance among the tribes of Israel. 23: In whatever tribe the alien settles, there you are to give him his inheritance," declares the Sovereign LORD.

Ezekiel 47 makes it very clear. The land is an inheritance for the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Aliens are to be given a portion of the inheritance - within the division of land belonging to the Tribe of Israel in which they choose to live. It says nothing about the children of Ishmael having their own state, carved from the land promised the Twelve Tribes of Israel.
Posted by Webmaster on January 15, 2009 #63850

Gerald Kaufman, a governing Labour Party British Member of Parliament, declared Thursday that Israel was taking advantage of the guilt many non-Jews feel over the Holocaust to ruthlessly press ahead with its offensive in Gaza.

Kaufman, a frequent critic of Israel who was raised as an Orthodox Jew, sharply criticized Israel in a House of Commons debate on Gaza, saying that "The present Israeli government ruthlessly and cynically exploit the continuing guilt from Gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust as justification for their murder of Palestinians."

The MP also commented on the claim that large numbers of the Palestinian victims were militants, saying that "I suppose the Jews fighting for their lives in the Warsaw ghetto could have been dismissed as militants," he said.

Kaufman urged the British government to impose an arms embargo on Israel
Posted by doctor on June 11, 2008 #41558

I fully agree with you very happily indeed.i challenge the state of Israel to answer these questions
Posted by Shawn Davies on November 11, 2007 #23313

The three religions so similar so diff.
I'm confussed....What is the truth,and only the truth!!
We are all The Creators children!Uphold one God,the God.What ever language or region your from and holy name you give Him,and He will give us the Light(Israel)!
Posted by Omar abu alhaija on August 10, 2007 #19020

God promised the descendants of the prophet Abraham the 'Promised Land', why are Palestinians defying the Almighty's prophecy?
Anyone asking this question is unaware that the Prophet Muhammad pnuh was indeed a descendant of the prophet Abraham from his son prophet Ismail. Thus Muslims are the descendants of the Prophet Abraham aswell.
Posted by L'Afrique on March 29, 2007 #14638

COMMENT CONTINUED by L'Afrique .... Israel (the creation of Holy texts) forfeited its "promised land" when it failed to possess as instructed and was also rejected by God in the Old Testament; thus, the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament - I think Israel should move to Antarctica and finally establish a homeland for itself. Israel is indeed a major problem in the Middle East. And as long as Israel continues in its attempt to claim its forfeited promised land, Israel will know nothing but grave and justified oppositions.
Posted by L'Afrique on March 29, 2007 #14637

Because the Palestinians are also the creation of the Almighty One, and deserving of a homeland. Why not ask why the Almighty One, would rather choose to displace one group of people just to make room for another group, and at a time when more than half of planet earth was uninhabited, and HE, Almighty One, being fully aware of the territorial nature of humankind? I believe Palestinians have the right to enjoy their homeland without constant conflicts with bullying and overbearing Israel. And the fact that nomad Israel is now attempting to finally claim its "promised land" based not on the words of the Almighty, but on the Balfour treaty, even make matters worse.