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Israeli Controlled Areas As Of May 14 1948
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on September 10, 2001

While contemplating the below important map, note the following :

  • The strongest Arab armies, Jordanian and Iraqi, didn't even attempt to encroach on the areas allotted to the "Jewish state" by the 1947 U.N. Partition plan.

  • Israel occupied western Galilee, Jaffa and its major surrounding villages, the Jerusalem corridor, and the triangle area (which were not assigned to the "Jewish state" by the 1947 UNGA proposed partition plan), click here for a map illustrating Israeli military operations outside U.N. assigned areas before May 14 1948.

  • The patriotic and stubborn Palestinian resistance in the little triangle south of Haifa, such as the villages of al-Tira, 'Ayn Houd, al-Sarafand, and 'Ayn Ghazal. Although Haifa was occupied in early May 1948, these heroes withstood over a two and half months siege until complete occupation in mid-July 1948.

  • Click here for a rebuttal to the argument that the seven Arab armies attempted to annihilate the poorly armed "Jewish state".

Righteous Victims by Benny Morris, p. 216.

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Posted by Salman Abu Sitta on May 14, 2012 #143804

The map shows exaggerated Israel control. For example, south of the line: Isdud, Latrun, Jerusalem there was no Jewish control of the land only few isolated kibbutz. for more details see the Atlas of Palestine 1917- 1966 given on line at the website of Palestine Land Society
from p 92 onward.
Posted by AEB on April 7, 2012 #143039

The late Al Rantissi of Hamas said, "If Israel was in Britain, would you accept a compromise?" to a British journalist.

This was a typo on my part where I said Palestine instead of Israel in my previous post.
Posted by AEB on July 25, 2011 #136558

Dear Zamzam, Arabs were a majority in Haifa at least as of 1946. The author is using the Zionists' own game of hiding behind our refusal of the UN's plan, and our invasion which was more or less a humanitarian intervention (of course Arab leaders wanted to expand their territory at the expense of Palestinians; intervening was the right thing to do, but it was done for the wrong reasons).

In practice, neither Palestinians nor Zionists care about the UN plan; it's just used as a cover by Zionists to demonize the Arabs as uncompromising. Like the late Al Rantissi of Hamas said, "If Palestine was in Britain, would you accept a compromise?" This was said to a British journalist.

Jews were a minority, and most of them illegal immigrants, and refugees of WWII. In practice, they don't have as much political rights as Palestinians. But even if they did, they were a minority. The only Jewish majority cities were Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and even Jerusalem was only predominated by Jews in the city proper; in the district of the governorate, Arabs were still a majority. How can you expect the Arabs to let Jews impose a state on them? On 55% of the land, no less?

Are you gonna say too much land? If so, is it our fault we live here and make up a majority? Is it our fault that wherever you go in Palestine's cities, you'll find Arabs? Of course Palestinians in Haifa were heroes for fighting for their land; Zionists who arrived there were mostly secular Europeanized Ashkenazis. Palestinians on the other hand lived there for generations, and intermarried with neighbouring Arabs. These borders you see today are nothing but a colonial concept designed to keep us weak and subservient to our former colonizers. Palestinians fought hard to reject the mandate, and they're fighting hard to reject Israel as well.

Within the context of 1948, the Western world still saw Arabs as subhuman. It was no wonder that they'd stick out for their Ashkenazi kin; it's the least they could do after what they made them go through. Jews, despite their status as illegal immigrants, were promised autonomy within an Arab Palestine by the Arab League. And yet you had to take it all. And every time Arabs rise up, you use their retaliation as an excuse for "self-defense", and take even more land every time. Glorious scheme, isn't it?
Posted by Zamzam on January 5, 2011 #128724

Interesting. You paint Israel's military operations outside the areas allotted to it by the UN Partition Plan--which, like all UN GA resolutions, was a non-binding suggestion--in a negative light, and in contrast you assert that the Jordanian and Iraqi armies did not encroach on the area allotted to the Jewish state, and that this was meritorious. But you also call the Palestinian Arab resistance south of Haifa "heroes" and you call Haifa "occupied," despite the fact that Haifa, as well as the area south of it to which you're referring, had been allotted to the Jewish state.

Why the contradiction? What's good for the goose is good for the gander. If Arab "resistance" against Israeli "occupation" of land allotted to the Jewish state is good ("heroic," even), then why is Jewish excursions into land allotted to the Arab state bad, unless you simply don't think that the Jews had any right to a state at all?
Posted by brad gorm on July 5, 2007 #17727

Your annotation is incorrect. Don't mean to be anal, but the Egyptian forces are clearly occupying some marginal areas the UN "designated" to the Zionists.