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Zionists Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Busting Zionist Myths
Zionist FAQs section has been specifically written to counter the prevalent Israeli Zionist propaganda, which unfortunately has gone mostly unanswered in the West and Israel. We've assumed that the reader is familiar with the evolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and has some questions for Palestinians to answer. So if you're a beginner to the conflict and would like to know more, we recommend visiting our introductory section that contains a short list of articles about the conflict

Remind us who shall push who into the sea? Jaffa May 1948, Palestinians were being pushed into the sea by Zionist Jewish forces
A special thanks goes to Mark Kober-Smith, an anti-Zionist British Jew, for editing and proofreading this important book. Over several months, Mark put an incredible amount of time and effort to bring this section to what it is today.

Historical Zionist FAQs

Current Zionist FAQs

Relevant Articles About The Conflict

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اخيكم جابر الخطيب حفيد الأمير علاء الدين الخطيب باسنا أمر بداءقة ماليه اعينونى أهل النخوة والشرف
Response to “koko”
Good question. The fact that the Arab villages have Hebrew names proves that palestinians are the real Hebrews and are indigenous to the land. If Arabs really invaded the land, they wouldn’t have preserved the Hebrew names. Muhammad didn’t really say anything about jews living in Israel or israel at all. He only mentioned the children of Israel who is a prophet. He makes no mention of the land belonging to Jews. Which european texts are you talking about? Most ancient texts mention Palestine. The only ancient book Israel is mentioned in is the Torah and bible. Even in the Bible, it says that god gave israel to another people (Samuel 15:28). It’s found in ancient maps as well.
i have a question. are the real refugees of this land are jews? for almost every arab village there is an ancient hebrew name. many old european texts holds data about jews in living isael. there are roman archaeological information about the jewish refugees driven to europe. we all know that jesus was a jew. even muhammad writes about the jews in israel. shouldn't the first refugees get treated first?
I appreciate what I am reading on your site, and am relieved that most of the comments posted here are constructive rather than caustic (which is hard to find when it comes to Palestine and Israel). I have only recently moved to Israel with my family, to pursue a religious Jewish life that was not possible in the US, and I admit, our move was made possible by the Israeli government. Although I am very happy here, I am also very disturbed by the injustice and racism towards Palestinians. I literally lose sleep over it regularly. I want to do something constructive to help establish justice, but I don't know how. I do not think that the route many people take, of making angry appeals on the internet, is constructive, but rather divisive, which I'd like to avoid. (I do not consider your site an angry appeal, but an informative discourse.) if you have any suggestions about what actions someone like myself can take to help, please share! Or, if there are organizations you can direct me to that do valuable work for this cause through peaceable means, that would also be appreciated. There may not be enough of us, but there are those of us who are Jewish, Israeli, and American as well who know that this is wrong.
I want to see justice peace for my people
Freedom...???? Life....???? Job....!!!!! Will ...!!!!! ((((Not hill. ))))))))
انا فلصطيني المولد عشت ثلاثة أرباع حياتي في الغربة .......
نعم عندي زوجة اولاد مال
حافظت على ديني والحمد للة
لكن احن الى مسقط راسي
أسافر كل عام الى بلدي
ارى كم يعيش شعبي المرار التعب
تتعذب روحي ويقتر قلبي دما
كم يتلذذ المحتل و يتفنن في قهرنا
ويريدون منا ان نتخلى حتى عن انسانيتنا
مسقط رؤوسنا

مبادئنا عن ديننا كرامتنا
Freedom and justice is what we want "ron"
So, beyond rhetoric, what in fact DO the Palestinians want? What specifically do you/they propose?
Salah Mansour-I support Palestine but beware of the establishment lies behind the Arab Spring. It is only serving the globalist and Zionist agenda. Some may dismiss this as conspiracy theory but it is openly admitted and documented. Please read this for only when this is realized can Arabs rise from the oppression of imperialism. Since I can't post a link, please Google "2011 Year of the Dupe by Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer Report." Viva Palestine!
I do not know why people are surprised at what Sarkozy and Obama said to each other in private about Netanyahu as a liar. This is after all the same Netanyahu who gave a speech to dozens of Likud Party members in Eilat in which he admitted this is his strategy. According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz (15 July 2001): " his audience a bit of advice on how to deal with foreign interviewers (Netanyahu said): 'Always, irrespective of whether you're right or not, you must always present your side as right.'" So Netanyahu admits lying and Sarkozy and Obama merely agreed with Netenyahu and most of the Israeli public that the current Israeli prime minister is a liar. And here is Netanyahyu, thinking cameras are off, bragging about how easy it is to manipulate the US and go around the Oslo commitments: (make sure to click CC for English subtitle.)
Dear Udi (below),

Our website the majority of the Palestinian people (not their politicians) are human beings first and last. We don't demand anything from Israelis; we just need is to return to our looted homes, properties, and businesses.

Palestine and the Mulsim and Arab worlds always welcomed persecuted European Jews; so stay where you are. Here at PR we recognize first and last that Zionism was created in response to European antisemitism. We are not against Jews because of their religion but because of their mass support to Zionism; the reincarnation of Fascism.

The Arab Spring gives a lot of hope that this conflict shall be resolved in non-violent means.

our DATE is 63 years LATE, we shall return


Salah Mansour
Well what do you suggest than? I am an Israely jew, should I just pack my bags and my family and leave for your conviniance?
You are forever going on about historical arguments: historical rights, my land, your fault...
What do you think you will gain by proving yourself right in your eyes? In my point of view it is completly fruiless argument thats going on from both sides for too long. You must undestand that there are about 6 million jews in Israel, and we aren't going anywhere, because we don't have anywhere to go! Does this fact change just because you think this is your land and it was stolen from you? Can you suggest a solution besides complaining?
No Peace No Justice Free Palestine...
it is very shame and disgusted to be used by others and deceive your self this is right .as a matter of fact the Israeli state used by the imperialism to control the middle east and when time comes they will withdraw their support to Israel to stand alone to face the hill of hate and wars palatine is enough to have us both jewish and Palestinian to live in peace for our children and future
A question often posed is “why did the Palestinians not form a State after the '48 War”.
Here is my answer. I would be grateful if others more knowledgeable would add comment.

The ethnic cleansing of Palestine began in 1947 and around 400,000 Palestinians had been uprooted at gunpoint by May 15, 1948 when the Arab League finally moved to protect them.
By the time of the Armistice, between 700,000 and 1,000,000 Palestinians had been displaced. This is more than half the indigenous population.

State building is difficult for a populace, over half of whom are in refugee tents. What is not difficult to understand is that the anticipated return to their homes and property (guaranteed by U.N Resolution 194 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) precluded any dreams of Statehood in the immediate post-war period. It was also anticipated by many that the International Community would follow the American lead and establish a bi-national State. Israel had other plans however.

Abdullah of Jordan had promised Ben Gurion and Golda Meir he would not attack the nascent Jewish State (a pledge he honoured) in return for sovereign rights over the West Bank. Implicit in their negotiations was the prohibition of a Palestinian State.
Having occupied the West Bank during the hostilities, he issued a royal decree forbidding the use of the term "Palestine" in any legal documents, declared the residents Jordanian and pursued other measures to ensure there would not be an independent Palestine.
We will return.
Gee Grant,that old anti-semite slur doesn't have the traction it used to,just for your information,ALL PALESTINIANS AND OTHER NATIVE SPEAKERS OF ARABIC are Semitic, not all JEWS are Semitic.Criticism of Zionism and the murderous methods used before and since partition to relentlessly expand Jewish controlled territory at the expense of the native[Semitic remember Grant] people is NOT "anti-semitic".
jewish zionist supported the Nazis before and during WWII. Just read about the "Transfer Agreement" aka the "Haavara agreement" in Hebrew. The Lehi aka Stern Gang that offered Hitler's Nazi Germany a military alliance. Also read the book "51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis" by anti-zionist Jew Lenni Brenner. The Zionists even shared the same racist views as Hitler.
I find it so funny and sad at the same time that when the Jews face someone who speaks badly about zionism and they can't reply to them, they simply say zionism does not represent the Jews/Judaism. However, at the same time they insist that Hamas for example represents the Palestinian people with their terror and that Al Hajj Ameen Husseini who collaborated with the Nazis represent the Palestinians and makes them Nazis.
I also agree with hrb but I have so many Israeli and Jewish friends and unfortunately my friends themselve say that people with this opinion are minority among the Israeli and Jewish population.
I completely agree with "hrb" (comment below), Judaism and Zionism are two different things, and the Zionists do not represent Jews.
I am Jewish and I am so disgusted and ashamed about zionists and what they are doing in my name

Please don't think that these people represent all Jews because they don't. I am completely disgusted by the actions of Israel - I am studying the Middle East this year and I am disgusted by the way the hateful ignorant way that the zionists view the Palestinians and continue to completely ignore their rights.

Please don't think that these evil people represent all Jews. Their actions are a disgrace to every Jew that suffered persecution in the last two thousand years.
Dear Sirs,
About one year ago, Al-Jazera Sky channel introduced one of your members, live on "Belas Hodood" by Ahmad Mansoor, where he mentioned a Zionist Project to terminate the Palestenian case for good. This project was designed by one of the Zionists in 2003, this is according to what was mentioned in the programme. How can I get the details of this project, and, if possible, could you, please send it to me by E-Mail?
nowadays the international society (if he wanna be fair ) will "beg" Israel for giving us a country firstly on the borders before 1967 & now is to a 10% of this land & regardless its predominance , its ability to survive , its weapons to protect itself.........etc , but in real our right is in all all all all palestine without fractionation ,
so I`m asking anyone who reds my comment to ask him/herself the following :
if his /her house was occupied by anyone and forced to migrate away u after aperiod of time (let`s say 60 years) forget your right & migration & forgive him "to live in peace"........????
son of hebron ..radwan al junaidi
Ahmed, not ALL Americans side with israel. There is a growing number of us that are FED UP with all of our hard earned tax dollars going to a state that has committed war crimes sometimes as bad or worse than many say that the NAZIs of Germany did. Please Ahmed, don't judge all of us Americans by the ones that BLINDLY support israel.
sir ,
the israelli supported with the mean english kicked us out of palestine... western countries helped the jewish state to have neoclear weapons ( they currently owninig 200 neoclear rocket heads ... moreover they do not permit any middle east country to own neoclear weapon. they 're eorried about israel . at last came the biggest DEVIL america to replace BRITAIN . And 43 vetoes actions were taken against the international community will and against the palestinian rights . any action taken against the jewish CREATURE i mean the jewish state is considered terror ... the question arising now and needs a propmpt answe is : what will the american , the Britich , the french, kicked them out of their own homes and properties and didnt ermit them to return to their home land???
Israeli ZIONISTS are the most eviliest, mass murderers on the face of this earth. the're time will come as HELL will gladly set upon them with the most heaviest punishments for all eternity. they have taken so many innocent muslim lives..!
As long as Israeli declines to to recognize the rightful owner of this holy land and to end their murderous action then i say on behalf of the palestinians let there be war and let the rockets rain. The Palestinians hearts are rock and cold by now thanks to the CRIMINALS of israel.. and if justice is not served in this life time to the Zionist then their graves and destiny in hell awaits them.. i believe they forgot that god is almighty and watches them and know what actions they commit.
As I write this from my home in Atlit (Near Haifa), Israeli bombs are falling on families in Palestine and Palestinian missiles are falling on families in Ashkelon. It is madness. I fear that the worst elements of Israeli society and government welcome these missile attacks as an excuse to carry out policies that deprive us all basic human rights and personal freedom.
to Menelaos Panagiotou
1.jewish poeple are the people who believe in Judaism thats all
2.This a movement mostly consisting of Jews they have certain beliefs and goals that they all share.
3. I also am very confused of this Anti- semitism becasue arabs are also semitic technically
4. hebrew is a language not a type of people
5. anti-Zionist and anti-semitic are two very differ thing. you can love jews and hate zionists
I have a great respect for the Israeli people and the Jewish people around the world. I am a history interest person and I have some questions: What is difference or dictionary explanation and the meaning of 1. Jewish people, is it just a religion?
2. Zionists people any simple interpretation of them?
3. What is Semitism any simple interpretation? We read about the antisemitic people, people who hate Jewish people but then why aren't they called anti-Jewish?
4. Hebrew. Are Hebrew and Jewish the same?
5. Why ant-Zionist instead of anti-semitic?