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Video : The Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer report on the influence of the Israel Lobby on U.S. Foreign Policy
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Posted on September 1, 2006

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84 min 42 sec
محاضرة من داكترة في جامعة شيكاغو عن هيمنة الآبي الصهيوني على السياسة الخارجية الأمريكية

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Posted by Elhadj on February 20, 2009 #68164

Everyone knows this reality, yet no one dares say that because of the great influence of the Israel Lobby. The economic ressession and the global hate for the USA are the direct results of its blind support for this Lobby.They make the USA take wars in their behalf all over the wold. I hope I'll live to see all the Americans realise that the people that this Lobby represent are not really threatened but they a real threat for America's reputation and may even be its
presence as aworld power.
Posted by د. محمد عبد العزيز ربيع on July 10, 2008 #45459

I just want to tell readers that I wrote about this topic and exposed it in my book, "The Politics of Foreign Aid: US Foreign Assistance and Aid to Israel," published in the US in 1988; 20 years before Mersheimer and Walt dared to write theirs. However, one the most important things to come out of Israel since its inception, is an interview with Israeli professor and historian, Shlomo Sand in which he refutes all Zionists' historical claims. The interview was published by Haaretz; it can be reviewed and downloaded from my website: It is posted under "outside contributions."
Posted by Sawsan Abou Khreibe on December 21, 2007 #25712

I think history will always praise such scholars for their objectivity and for their preference of academic integrity to personal gains.My great admiration for their work and for their personalities.They stand as ideals for the dedicated scholars.
Posted by Ziad Hussein on July 17, 2007 #18271

Though Zionist workers around the world have their own agenda which happens to coincide with the American at this time, but it is by no means limited in scope to the American ambitions and would survive on its own with or without the Americans, they would latch on to the next Super power. So, in a way it is the Zionists that would still play their nasty games of world domination with or without the Americans which can be seen through all the spying on the US, and the many deals they struck with the enemies of America in order to keep their options open. This Zionist cult is a danger to all humanity (especially the Jews) and it should be stopped with all means.
Posted by احمد on February 21, 2007 #14033

although i believe in the existance of a special relation between israel and the us and the presence of a powerfull jewish lobby in the us i think that when it comes to the macro/strategic us policies in the middle east will not change directionin the abscence of israel.there is no israel in south america,yet u can see the agressive and devious us policies there.may be we should look at the powers at play on the wider global scene to asses where israel/jewish lobby and other forces fit.