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Conflict 101: Tracing All That Remains Since Nakba


Posted by Uri Zackhem on January 28, 2007

Sidna Ali (al-Haram)'s Famous Mosque and Shrine is pleased to announce our new and very exciting project: Tracing All That Remains Since Nakba, a project that aims to document the destroyed and ethnically cleansed Palestinian cities and villages in video format. In cooperation with few energetic Israelis (Palestinian Arabs and Jews) who are deeply involved in Nakba awareness world wide, we have visited several towns and filmed the following movies:

  1. Tracing all that remains of 'Alma since Nakba.
  2. Tracing all that remains of Yibna since Nakba.
  3. Visiting Zarnuqa's Mosque
  4. Visiting Shahin's Home in Qubeibat Shaheen since Nakba.
  5. Tracing all that remains of al-Mujeidel since Nakba.
  6. Tracing all that remains of al-Mu'lul since Nakba.
  7. Tracing all that remains of al-Nabi Thari since Nakba.
  8. Tracing all that remains of Bayt 'Itab since Nakba.
  9. Tracing all that remains of Umm al-Shouf since Nakba.
  10. Tracing all that remains of Baysan since Nakba.
  11. Tracing all that remains of al-Nabi Yusha' since Nakba.
  12. Tracing all that remains of al-Jamasin al-Gharbi since Nakba.
  13. Tracing all that remains of Manshiyya (Acre) since Nakba.
  14. Tracing all that remains of Umm al-Shaqif since Nakba.
  15. Tracing all that remains for al-Qubayba (Hebron) since Nakba.
  16. Tracing all that remains for al-Dawayima (Hebron) since Nakba.
  17. Tracing all that remains for Beit Dajan (Jaffa ) since Nakba.
  18. Yalu's house rubble, 2009
    Tracing all that remains of al-Bassa since Nakba.
  19. Tracing all that remains of Kh. Idmith since Nakba.
  20. Tracing all that remains of Sumayriyya since Nakba.
  21. Tracing all that remains of al-Zeeb since Nakba.
  22. Tracing all that remains of Dayr-Sunayd since Nakba.
  23. Tracing all that remains of Thikrin since Nakba.
  24. Tracing all that remains of Qatra since Nakba.
  25. Tracing all that remains of Bashshit since Nakba.
  26. Tracing all that remains of Bayt Nabala since Nakba.
  27. Tracing all that remains of Raml Zayta.
  28. Tracing All That Remains of Khubbayza since Nakba.
  29. Tracing All That Remains of Sajad since Nakba.
  30. All That Remains Since Nakba of 'Imwas' cemetery.
  31. Tracing All That Remains of Sajad since Nakba.
  32. Tracing All That Remains of al-Faluja since Nakba.
  33. Tracing All That Remains of Iraq al-Manshiyya since Nakba.
  34. Tracing All That Remains of Tall al-Safi since Nakba.
  35. Tracing All That Remains of Summail since Nakba.
  36. Tracing All That Remains of Bayt-'Affa since Nakba.
  37. Tracing All That Remains of al-Khalasa since Nakba.
  38. Tracing All That Remains of 'Asluj since Nakba.
  39. Tracing All That Remains of Iraq Suwaydan since Nakba.
  40. A moving documentary about Nakba and the destroyed village of Qaqun, a must see
  41. Tracing All That Remains of 'Awlam since Nakba.
  42. al-Nabi Rubin's mosque, 2005
    Tracing All That Remains of Hadatha since Nakba.
  43. Tracing All That Remains of Sirin since Nakba.
  44. Tracing All That Remains of Sataf since Nakba.
  45. Tracing All That Remains of al-Lydd (Lydda) City since Nakba.
  46. Tracing All That Remains of Isdud and al-Majdal 'Asqalan With Abudllah Zaqut.
  47. Tracing All That Remains of al-Majdal 'Asqalan since Nakba.
  48. Tracing All That Remains of Salama since Nakba.
  49. Tracing All That Remains of Hittin since Nakba.
  50. Tracing All That Remains of al-Burj since Nakba.
  51. Tracing All That Remains of al-Sawalima since Nakba.
  52. al-Ras-al-'Ahmar: Bridging memories.
  53. Tracing All That Remains of Kafr Lam since Nakba.
  54. Tracing All That Remains of al-Sindiyana since Nakba.
  55. Tracing All That Remains of Sabbarin since Nakba.
  56. Tracing All That Remains of 'Innaba since Nakba.
  57. Tracing All That Remains of Barfiliya since Nakba.
  58. Tracing All That Remains of Safsaf since Nakba.
  59. Tracing All That Remains of Bayt Tima since Nakba.
  60. Tracing All That Remains of Kawkaba since Nakba.
  61. Tracing All That Remains of 'Ajjur since Nakba.
  62. Tracing All That Remains of al-Mansura since Nakba.
  63. Tracing All That Remains of al-Jura since Nakba.
  64. Tracing All That Remains of al-Muharraqa since Nakba.
  65. Tracing All That Remains of Umm Khalid since Nakba.
  66. Tracing All That Remains of al-Sarafand since Nakba.
  67. Tracing All That Remains of Qaqun since Nakba.
  68. Tracing All That Remains of al-Khayriyya since Nakba.
  69. Tracing All That Remains of Bayarat Hannun since Nakba.
  70. Tracing All That Remains of Ni'iliya since Nakba
  71. Tracing All That Remains of al-Khalisa since Nakba.
  72. Bayt Nabala's cemetery, 2009
    Tracing All That Remains of Ja'una since Nakba.
  73. Tracing All That Remains of Khirbat al-'Araqib since Nakba.
  74. Tracing All That Remains of Miska since Nakba.
  75. Tracing All That Remains of Najd since Nakba.
  76. Tracing All That Remains of Kafr Saba Since Nakba.
  77. Tracing All That Remains of al-Shaykh Muwannis since Nakba.
  78. Tracing All That Remains of al-Mirr since Nakba.
  79. Tracing All That Remains of al-Muwaylih since Nakba.

The following movies have been done by members of the website based on their own initiative.

  1. على طريق العودة الى عين حوض مع محمد يونس
  2. على طريق العودة الى حطين مع محمد يونس
  3. Documentary about the Destroyed Village of Lubya
  4. Tracing All That Remains of al-Zeeb since Nakba
  5. Demolishing houses in occupied Anata, Palestine
  6. A movie in Hebrew with english sub-title about the suffering of this unrecognized Palestinian village in Israel

At this critical moment in our history (where refugees' right of return is under vicious attacks to liquidate it), we feel it is VERY important to share these movies with your loved ones and friends. It should be noted that this project is in its infancy, and we are in need of you help an assistance to kick start this project on much larger scale. So any donation you may give, will have incredible return for generations to come.

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thank you for the great work. my name is Samier Salloum and I'm living in Germany.. my dad, Mohammed Salloum, was born in al-Tira in 1942, my mom is German.. my dad was only 6 in 1948 but he has told me so much about the NAKBA..every day his mom has cooked food for the village defending militia but at the end they had no chance with their old weapon's..after the Zionist's robbed the land the whole family of my dad had to live in an UNO tent for a while.. then they came to Jordan where my dad grew up.. in 1960 when he was 18 he left Jordan and came to Germany.. he's 77 now and married with my mom for 47 years.. he love's to watch the very old arabic movie's & US Western.. I can't imagine a better father.. he is best friend & dad in 1 person :)
In the summer of 2014 I conducted a small archaeological survey of the site of el-Kabri with permission from the Antiquities Authority. My team mapped all of the standing structures in the area southeast of Kibbutz Kabri including all standing structures, most of which are from the Palestinian village of el-Kabri. It would be wonderful to be able to connect to former inhabitants of el-Kabri and share the map with them and have them help in identifying and reconstructing buildings from their village. In this way, the survey is accurately representing and respecting the memory of this village.
I am from hiribya a small village norh of Gaza. My father was one of the students that went to the school there in 1944. He told us stories about a circus that used to come into town. My grandfather was a farmer who hada big truck to help him. His name was Rajab Hussein Elghoul. Hiribya was a beautiful village that had lots of fruits grown there. They grew figs and guava, oranges and citruses. I hope that one day we will return. One day we shall. Palestine will be free. Salahudeen's children are on their way!!
long live the palestinian people. My greatgrandfather was raised in Jerusalem then moved to South-America.
I would like to find out more about the history of Bayt Reema, I have an old painting of the landscape with a village on a hill or mountain top.

please take your time to check my pictures of Tel El Zaatar in 1975. In memory of the people and martyrs of Tel el Zaatar.

http double dot slash
My heart goes out to the people of Palestine.

The following quotation is for Aaron below, 15 May 2010. I is quotations from declassified Israeli files and from personal diaries of Israeli participants in the massacres and expulsions.

When the First Truce ended, Operation Dani headquarters (near Ramle and Lydda) informed the Israeli General Staff on July 10 1948:

"a general and considerable [civilian] flight from Ramle. There is great value in continuing the bombing." During the afternoon, the headquarters asked the General Staff for renewed bombing, and informed one of the brigades: "Flight from the town of Ramle of women, the old, and children is to be facilitated. The [military age] males are to be detained." (Benny Morris, p. 204)

Soon after the Lydda massacre was carried out by the Israeli Army Yiftah Brigade on July 10, 1948, Mula Cohen (the brigade's commander) wrote of his experience when expelling the 50,000-60,000 Palestinians who inhabited Ramle and Lydda:

"There is no doubt the Lydda-Ramle affair and the flight of the inhabitants, the uprising and the expulsion [geirush in Hebrew] that followed cut deep grooves in all who underwent [these experiences]." (Benny Morris, p. 206)

Yitzhak Rabbin, the commander of Operation Dani in Ramle area, communicated the following explicit orders at 1:30 PM on July 12, 1948 to Yiftah Brigade (see above quote):

"1. The inhabitants of Lydda must be expelled quickly without attention to age. They should be directed towards Beit Nabala. Yiftah [Brigade headquarters] must determine the method and inform [Operation] Dani HQ and the 8th Brigade.
2. Implement immediately." The order was signed "Yitzhak R[abin]." A similar order, concerning Ramle, was apparently communicated to Kiryati Brigade headquarters at the same time. (Benny Morris, p. 207)
my grandfather was from abil el qameh,a now destroyed village in south lebanon. if anyone has any information about this place,please,please contact me. i will be very thankful for any information that anyone can give me. i only have a few stories from my grandfather,who has been dead for many years.....
In 1967 my family and the families of all of the three Latrun area villages of Imwas, Yalo and Beit Nuba were driven out by the Israeli army. We never had the chance to return as we were promised then by the Israeli commanders. Shortly after June 5 the three villages were demolished and buldozed completely. We were never given the chance to collect any belongings. All of our life savings, family collections and documents were gone. We were told to leave by the Israeli commnader nad never mention thoose villages again. We were forced to leave to Jordan then live in refugee camps in the desert. Later on, some families purchased land from Beit Lyqiah a near by village and called it Beit Nuba Al Jadidah(new) and settled there. All of the olive trees were uprooted or burned by Israelis and the young trees were transfered and replanted in the Israeli occupied 1948 Palestine. For generations to come we will never forget what happend to us and we shall continue to speak out.
Thank you for the great site of Palestine Remembered and for this opportunity to be able to communicate. I also thank those who participated in all activities to remeber those villages.
I am from Beit Nuba, I took my children to visit and they will never forget the experince we went through that day. The love to the land increases every day and we shall keep the memories a live.
Samira Bint Abu Ali.
Shareen - your facts aren't in order. The ethnic cleansing of Palestine began months before any arab state army entered the conflict on May 15, 1948. By that stage already several hundred thousand Palestinians had fled or been expelled from their villages and cities. More than half of Israel's casualties in the 48 wars were during offensive attacks on Palestinians, in the Palestinian partition. Israel had every choice, and they took the opportunity to expand their territory from the UN allocated 55% to 78% of mandate Palestine - all the while claiming they had accepted the UN Partition. Obviously, on examination, they didn't.
Isreal will reap what they have sowed,how can they displace all those people, for what? a shopping mall, the chickens will come home to roost one day for sure. My prayers go out for all my paletine brothers and sisters.
Just the thought of Canada Park shames me yet again. Lately I learn more and more about Canada's role in the demolition of Palestine, and, although this was done before my birth, I apologize and pray Allah will accept my prayers for these crimes.
I am looking for photographs of Beit Daras. Is it possible to license photos from this site for inclusion in a video? Also, in reference to Mohammed Najar's question below regarding Imwaas, I believe that it is now incorporated into Canada Park, covered in pine trees that tourists planted to "Green Israel." Zuchrot may have information on this.
My heart goes out to the people that are still in pain about being displaced from their land. However, some blame must go to the Arab Legion, they Egyptians and pan-Arab invastion, which caused the Jews to go on the offensive to save their own skins. Met with the possibility of their own destruction, did they have any choice but to expel those they viewed as they enemy? There are two sides to every story, and unfortunately it is always the innocent civilian family that gets hurt.
Please i would surely appreciate any information on Silbeet...
Mashallah brothers,God bless you for the work and great effort you have put in revealing the truth, showing the true face of the zionist and the way they brought about the creation of the so called State of israel, through lies, deception,murder and which side is God on,surely isn't the israelis.Time is on the palestinians side sooner or later the israelis will have to face the injustices they have sowed...
First of all, I would like to send my deep appreciation to the people responsible for this website and for the great effort they have paid to keep palestine alive in the memories of free palestinian peolpe worldwide.
Unfourtunately,I havent found anything related to (Imwas) on this website...

Thank you.
Thanks and thanks a million times for such great efforts which I am sure those efforts will be without any doubt imprinted in the pages of history. The cause is Nobel and the road is too risky and dangerous but knowing that God is on the right side of the right ones, I am sure the victory will be ours and the Palestinian story someday will be known to the world.

Unfortunately, the Zionism has great influence all over the globe. They have utilized and employed this influence to block the truth from being known about the true story about Palestine and the Palestinians. Therefore, I would encourage whoever has no knowledge about the Palestinian and Israeli conflict to seek the truth.

Moreover, I have a firm belief that every Palestinian, every Arab, Every Muslim and every good human being on this earth must help to get the story to be known to every one all over the world. All nations hate occupations. All people hate criminals and crimes. How about the world's nations knowing the truth of our cause and true history of our conflict. I am sure the public opinion around the globe someday will be the greatest power that will count on. No one can fight the nations of the world.

Victory and only Victory that Palestinians should think about regardless of how much the sacrifice will be.
I am looking for photos of Palestinian mosques and churches prior to 1948. It is for the purpose of reconstructing our heritage and culture thorugh our mosques and churches. The procedure/technique intended to be used is the Infography technique. I would be grateful and thankful for any help. My email address is and my name is Elham. Shukran
Salamat to all Palesininans and to Plaestine. salamat to the Palestine soil who I willlove for the rest of my life. Salamat to Al- Aqusa soil, Salamat to Jerusalem, the beautiful place in the center of Palestine. Please stop the killing between each others because this is what make my heart bleed. for the sake of all shuhada, stop killing each other. where is al shahama and Al- Watinia? where'e the real Palestinians who we knew for hundreds of years. Stop, stop, and stop....etc.
I wondered if some of you might be interested in reading our new book that was just published: Nakba: Palestine, 1948, and the Claims of Memory (Columbia University Press, 2007) Edited by Ahmad H. Sa'di and Lila Abu-Lughod Contributors Lila Abu Lughod, Columbia University; Diana Keown Allan, Harvard University; Haim Bresheeth, University of East London; Rochelle Davis, Georgetown University; Samera Esmeir, University of California, Berkeley; Isabelle Humphries, University of Surrey; Lena Jayyusi, Zayed University; Laleh Khalili, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London; Omar Al-Qattan, filmmaker; Ahmad H. Sa'di, Ben-Gurion University; Rosemary Sayigh, Lebanon-based anthropologist; Susan Slyomovics, University of California, Los Angeles
I want to cry. That the world has allowed such madness denies ultimate reason. We have been deceived by people who in proclaiming they are the chosen people and through guilt have thrown away all basic tenents of truth. We are suppose to be against ethnic cleaning and have allowed these people to be above any laws. We are below the level of human beings to allow such an outrage.