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Village Statistics Project
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on July 15, 2007

At, we have decided to open our the statistical database that we have collected so far for the general public and made available into one spreadsheet. This important project was first motivated by Village Statistics of 1945 (which was published by the Palestine Government for the Anglo-American Commission of Inquiry in 1946) which collected statistical data about Palestine's villages (Palestinian and Jewish) as of 1945. We made available a scanned version of this important book for the general public, click here for more details.

We have collected the following statistics and made available in MS-Excel spreadsheet (click here to download):

  1. Geo Point ID, District, Village Name.

  2. Population in 1945 (Palestinian and Jewish)

  3. Land ownership (Palestinian, Jewish, & Public).

  4. Citrus land areas (Palestinian and Jewish).

  5. Cereal land area (Palestinian and Jewish).

  6. Built Up area (Palestinian and Jewish).

  7. Longitude & Latitude.

  8. Direction From District, Distance From District, & Elevation From The Sea.

  9. Occupation Date.

  10. Israeli Operation CD.

  11. Defenders CD.

  12. Destruction Ref. Num.

  13. Exodus Cause.

  14. Massacres CD.

  15. Village Land.

  16. Jewish Land.

  17. Public Land.

  18. Usurped lands inside the armistice line.

  19. Lands planted with olive.

  20. Number of Schools.

  21. Number of Mosques.

  22. Number of Churches.

  23. Number of Shrines.

  24. Population 1922, Population 1931, Population 1945, Population 1948, Population 1949, Population 1961, Population 1967, Population 1982, Population 1983, Population 1987, Population 1992, Population 1995, Population 1997, Population 2002, Population 2005, Population 2005.

  25. Est. Number of Refugees 1998

Be free to publish the data as you wish as long you point to the source. Please note that most of the data is complete for the best of our knowledge based on the data that has been collected so far and by no means it is complete. Click here if you wish to inspect our sources and references.

If you wish to publish any data pertaining to the Palestinian villages, all we require retaining the the first column which uniquely identifies each town (Geo Point ID) in our system. If you provide us with the data you will be completely credited.


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Posted by Brewer on November 22, 2014 #155515

Having problems with the spreadsheet - some of the totals don't add up correctly. Appreciate any help offered.
Posted by G. Mustafa on March 21, 2012 #142615

Exodus Cause
Code Name Description
0 N/A Not Available or Not Applicable
1 Expulsion Expulsion by Jewish troops
2 Military Assault Military assault by Jewish troops
3 Psychological Warfare Haganah 'Whispering' campaign (psychological warfare)
4 Fear Fear of Jewish attack, or of being caught in the fighting
5 Neighbors' Influence Influence of fall of neighboring village or their exodus
6 Arab Orders Abandonment based on Arab orders
Posted by G. Mustafa on March 21, 2012 #142614

Defender Code
Code Name
LM/ALA Local Militia & Arab Liberation Army
LM Local Militia
ALA Arab Liberation Army
AL Jordanian Army
IR Iraqi Army
AL/LM Local Militia & Jordanian Army
EG Egyptian Army
LM/EG/MB Local Militia, Egyptian Army, Muslim Brotherhood
LEB/ALA Lebanese Army & Arab Liberation Army
SYR Syrian Army
Posted by P. Schwarz on April 3, 2010 #108680

My father, Peter Heinz Schwarz, also known as "Sarnow", still living, won the Haifa National Swimming Championship doing the back stroke in 1945 and 1946, was looking for some documentation on this. Can anyone help please? Thank you!
Posted by Rita on March 1, 2010 #105234

to pearson, i believe if you enter the Nablus section to the left then you will find info. And by the way, Nablus is a city, not a village.
Posted by Zero on July 22, 2009 #83797

The following link for the Village Statistics book is broken:
Beersheba Sub-District
Thanks for making this available, this document is hard to find.
Posted by pearson on February 26, 2009 #68947

I want to know the stats for just Nablus village not the surrounding villages in greater Nablus. Can anyone help please?
Posted by رأفت الديك on February 9, 2009 #67047

الرجاء بعث الكتاب على الايمل الخاص بي ولكم جزيل الشكر والاحترام
رافت الديك / كفر الديك - رام الله
Posted by Arthur on August 20, 2008 #49671

Village statistics and date of occupation; important information for the "Nakba".
More detail regarding UN allocation of villages would be helpful
Posted by Muhammad Mustafa on July 11, 2008 #45541

Lies to the northeast of Jerusalem, on the main road Jerusalem - Ramallah - Nablus, and is 750 m above sea level

Issawiya village on the north-east of Jerusalem. In 1948 it was a demilitarized zone under the control of the United Nations. Surounded by Israeli military forces stationed and the sionists organizations such as Hadassah Hospital and Hebrew University; based on the territory of Issawiya.
Over an area of the village and land on the 12000 acres, with a total population of 14000 people (in 2007).
Posted by عماد العلي on May 29, 2008 #39841

اخوتي جميعا,يا اولاد بلدي كويكات ارجو ان ترفقواارقام هواتفكم لنتمكن جميعا من التواصل الدائم.

عماد احمد خليل ابراهيم العلي /من دار حسن.