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Palestinian-Israeli Conflict For Beginners


Who will push who into the sea? Haifa's Palestinian population are being pushed out of their homes into the sea, April 1948.
The CORE issues of the Palestinian-Israeli are the collective dispossession and ethnic cleansing (compulsory population transfer) of the Palestinian people for the past seven decades. In our opinion, the conflict would've been at the same level of intensity even if both parties had been Jewish, Muslims, or Christians.
We've compiled the following articles to introduce readers to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict:

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What areas / regions, apart from the area / region called Israel, were part of Palestine ?. Did Palestine comprise parts of what are now called Syria or Jordan ?
It is good to see a site that gives the "Other" side of the story. The US (so called) press just follows the Zionist party Line. A fact that is almost NEVER spoken about was that a very large percentage of the population of Palestine were Christians NOT Muslims. Again most of the US press NEVER even mentions that a great many Non-Jewish Palestinians were literally bulldozed into the Mediterranean Sea by the Zionists back in the 1940s.

Now does that make it OK for terrorists to kill innocent people? NO it does not, however I can understand how a people can get so discouraged that they would do things that they would not normally do.

It is also wrong for the Israelis to keep whole towns from being able to work by blocking off all travel venues to people's jobs.

Just as Hitler was able to come to power in 1930s Germany because its people were so harshly punished after WW1, I fear that another "Hitler-like" leader will emerge out of a desperate people.

We need to remember history, so we don't repeat the same bad mistakes over and over.
My uncle is a knight for the Catholic church, and he went over to the West Bank a couple of years ago. I learned a lot about the Christian Palestinians in the Holy Land from him, and now I'm writing a paper for my first ever college class on the subject!
Burning Conscience: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out
see youtube video at watch?v=37MFa7ZKQWo&feature=share
Burning Conscience: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out
Why ArAB WORLD AND us AND uk ARE WATCHING Natan Yahoo- the murderer. It is a shame Saudi and Arab cannot get rid of this guy If he canassassinate Muslims, where are the Muslim leaders. Just finish Natanyahoo and the world willbe at peace. These Jews are Zionit and it is a shame Obama supports them. Jews did not vote for him Muslims and Indians voted and African Americans. Mr. Obama wake up send CIA and get rid of Natanyahoo . I hope Turkey day brings goods news that Natan is 6ft under. UK and Europe should be ashamed sitting when innocent Muslims are being killed. Jews must be sent to Siberia by these Arab and Saudi forces and see how the West will wake up.
Lord Willing our prayers willbe heard and thhis Natan the murderer should not be allowed to enter USA He must be finished and put in a Iron Casket filled with rodent and worms.Ameen.
taja kothari8.
In various writings I have seen where British Zionists talk about their secret "Gentleman's Agreement" in which they agreed to get American Zionists to betray America and get us into world war I, in exchange for part of Palestine (later embodied by the Balfour Declaration). In these writings, they mention that cables were sent out to various supporters in late 1916 and that one was sent to Justice Brandeis. Does anyone know of a site that has copies of these cables (especially the one sent to Brandeis)?

Some of the sources that I am referring to:
H. M. V. Temperley
James A. Malcolm
Samuel Landman, M.A.

Here is an article about it in The Jewish Criterion (1935):

Sheds New Light on Origin of Balfour Declaration

London—New light on the events leading up to the issuance of the Balfour Declaration is shed by M. Landman, wartime secretary of the Zionist Organization, in an interview published in World Jewry. According to Landman it was James Malcolm, fighter for Armenian freedom, who first conceived of a British statement in favor of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Landman says that Malcolm told the late Sir Mark Sykes, secretary of the British war cabinet, that the only way of winning Louis D. Brandeis and other influential American Jews to the Allied cause was to give Palestine to the Jews. Sir Mark, however, was astonished to learn that the wealthy Jews with whom he discussed the matter were not interested in Zionism, Landman says. Fortunately Lords Balfour,, Milner and Grey spoke out in favor of Malcolm's plan and authorized • him to open negotiations with the Zionists. Malcolm then communicated with the late Leopold Greenberg, editor of the London Jewish. Chronicle, who brought Malcolm together with Weizmann and Sokolow and thus laid the foundations for the Balfour Declaration. ("Sheds New Light on Origin of Balfour Declaration,"The Jewish Criterion, March 1, 1935, page 5.).

Other excerpts:

"The Balfour Declaration, in the words of Professor H. M. V. Temperley , was “a definite contract between the British Government and Jewry.” The main consideration given by the Jewish people (represented at the time by the leaders of the Zionist Organisation) was their help in bringing President Wilson to the aid of the Allies." (page 5, Samuel Landman, M.A., "Great Britain, the Jews and Palestine," March, 1936. The originsl source is H. M. V. Temperley, "A History of the Peace Conference in Paris, 1920, volume 6", page 173.)

"The results of the talk were very satisfactory. The first step was to inform Zionist leaders in all parts of the world of the compact and Sir Marks said they would be given immediate facilities for cables to be sent through the Foreign Office and War Office, through the British Embassies and Consulates. A special detailed message was at once sent to Justice Brandeis in cipher through the Foreign Office." (p. 5, James A. Malcolm, "Origins of the Balfour Declaration: Dr. Weizmann's Contribution," (LONDON, 1944).)

"An informal Anglo-Zionist gathering took place at the house of Dr. Gaster on the 7th February, 1917, to meet Sir Mark Sykes, and Herbert Samuel (now Lord Samuel), James de Rothschild, " (page 6, James A. Malcolm, "Origins of the Balfour Declaration: Dr. Weizmann's Contribution," (LONDON, 1944).).

"Thus, as will be seen, the Zionists, having carried out their part, and greatly helped to bring America in, the Balfour Declaration of 1917 was but the public confirmation of the necessarily secret “gentleman’s” agreement of 1916...." (page 4, Samuel Landman, M.A., "Great Britain, the Jews and Palestine," March, 1936.)

"that immediately after the “gentleman’s” agreement between Sir Mark Sykes, authorised by the War Cabinet, and the Zionist leaders, cable facilities through the War Office, the Foreign Office and British Embassies, Legations, etc., were given to the latter to communicate the glad tidings to their friends and organisations in America and elsewhere, and the change in official and public opinion as reflected in the American press in favour of joining the Allies in the War, was as gratifying as it was surprisingly rapid." (page 5, Samuel Landman, M.A., "Great Britain, the Jews and Palestine," March, 1936.)
I am 68 years old, and have watched with dismay, the mistreatment of palestinian men women and children as the isrealis have broken every promise they made. They are unlike the american jewish people I know who like myself are dismayed at the actions of the judaic pseudo-jews, a people who act with disrespect, and treat the palestians as if they were inferior to them selves, their acts of genocide, have turned the world against them, in spite of americas newsmedia rying to act as if the palestians are at fault, along with the criminality that occupies our government---I lived in the USA when the community I grew up in arose each day in an effort to do the right things, I have watched america embrace slavery in the form of free trde, with Virtual Nobility, taking control of our nation, as we continue to descend to a worse time, while the concealed Nobility rise to power the world over. I don't have the answer to see people return to the time of natural resect for each other, but see a time when the youth will change the world from the one world power the world class mafia seek, into a better place where people who serve in government try to do the right things, not like now, it seems as if anarchy is the tool our youth are turning to, self educated on the internet, unlike our earths rulers have acheived magnitudes of literacy greater than those who make the laws and rule over us---Their time will pass---people who disrespect other people will no longer be tolerated in service to their countries, and may well perish. While people would be little different from one another if we had lived each others lives, regardless we will not continue on in a world that disrespects others as anarchy rises to meet monarchy in all forms hiding throughout earth, disrespecting humanity and creation as well, they may now fill the airways and publications trying to have people accept them and the things they do, but that time is drawing to and end, as a literate people without hope are a very dangerous people indeed
I see Israeli propagandists have infested your wonderful site with their repulsive antics. The truth always prevails that is something which they cannot fathom. Palestine is for the Palestinian people.
The creation of state of Israel in 1948 started with Zionism, which was fathered by Theodore Herzl in 1897. The colonization of Palestine and the massive immigration of Euroepan Jews mainly from Eastern Europe to Palestine took place after WWI. The term "Zionism" is a modern term and was coined in 1891 by the Austrian publicist Nathan Birnbaum. The creation of a homeland for the Jews. The Zionists choosed Palestine to be the place. Israel was created in Palestine and the Palestinians were forced out and expelled from their ancestors land.
This is a great source for information .
I added the site to my favorites because when I recently looked for it on google I had difficulty finding it compaired to the first time (when I just stumbled upon it).

It's difficult in America to get an unbias view of this conflict. Either the view leans heavily in favor of Israel or white supremacists and the like who hate any that are not like them . The favor Israel and demonize the palestinians is why you dont hear much complaints from america about Israel's behavior (occupation) towards the palestinian people.

I can only hope my fellow americans will be intelligent enough to inform themselves about the situation in this very important source of volatility in the world ....The Holy Land
The society that produces Dahlan, Rjoub, Abed Rabu and the Big Negotiator is a society that cannot proclaim cause and case. If the goal of the P.A. is to get more money while maintaining the current Palestinians problem as is, independence will only be a slogan.
Bravo for your courage !!!!!!!!
Vive an independent Palestine !
hello cephas you havent read the bible carefully enough because the israelights lost the privilege when they wouldnt stop disobeying good for reasons why they where lost in the dessert for 40 years and the jacob took all of gods credit in the end.
Good Day,

A good start is a book by Ron David "Arabs & Israel Beginners". It's fact-baed and humerous. You should find it on Amazon.

Israel; America’s Biggest Problem 2

Israel's intransigence, ingratitude, atrocities and illegal occupation of Palestinian lands is based on a ridiculous statement in the bible of a couple hundred years ago that the mythical God promised a homeland called Israel, to the descendant of Jacob, called Israelites. This like other statements in that unenlightened book, is total nonsense, The name Israel was given to Jacob who the superstitious bible tells us was given to him after he wrestled all night with an angel of God. The descendants of Jacob were therefore called Israelites and later on Jews. Prior to 1948, there was no land called Israel. The Jews continued to be a Middle Eastern nomadic tribe migrating around the world. They have faced persecution in several countries due to their tenacity in infiltrating the political systems in their host countries. It was just recently in 1948 that America and England manipulated Palestine into giving its western strip as a homeland to the persecuted Jews in the diaspora. The name Israel was given to that western strip of Palestine. The atrocities, illegality and injustices of Israel against the Palestinians reflect the utmost ingratitude to a people who gave them a homeland. America continues to support the atrocities of Israel against the Palestinian people, flaunting the UN and international condemnation of its illegality. This support is rooted in the fact that the Jewish lobby has its finger on America's economic and political pulse. On the basis of this strategic lobby, Israel is now showing hostility towards any peace initiative by the US administration. In such a situation America has forfeited its moral credibility in world affairs. So long as America continues on this course, it will not be regarded as an impartial voice in world affairs; the distrust of the Arab world and the third world is a reflection of their indignation against America’s arrogant policies. The Palestines have no comparable military strength to Israel. America supplies Israel with the deadliest and most sophisticated military arsenal used against the Palestines. Israel’s value to America is solely as its spying eyes in the middle east; for this America will continue to pay a high price to its prestige in world affairs.
Cephas Keith Reyes, PhD.
God gave the land over 2000 years ago to THE JEWS... who are the so-called Palestinians to even dare to argue?
I keep hearing Palestine mentioned like it was a nation... What was its flag? What was the name of it's currency?

What was the name of it's king, president, or dictator?
Racism is wrong. Every human should have rights no matter their race religion.After reading these posts,i couldn't stop crying.Come on guys,this is the year 2011.cant we forget the past,and make the FUTURE a better place for all,PEACE and LOVE to all.We can only wish.PEACE DUDES........XXX
Palestinians are terrorists. they ruined our lovely world
—Bertrand Russell, 31 January 1970
by: Americans For Palestine
I am currently after some souceful and resourceful information for my assignment on the arab - israeli conflict.
basically i know that both sides have their fair and honest view of how the war and conflict was started and how it has continued, i am looking at a non biased point of view.
my Thesis is 'The Arab israeli conflict is focused on the notion that each side believes the othe is the agressor. However, both cannot simplify the roots of the conflict to just blaming eachother'.
i am looking for what the initial cause of the war was?
How it has affected the countries involved?
and anyefforts made to resolve this conflict?
and why have these efforts failed.
Any help or information would be appreciated. Thank - You
I'm not an israeli or a palestinian, but I do know the history of palestine. If millions of people were to invade my country of england, force us out of our homes and make us live in filthy conditions, steal our land and forbid other countries from providing us with aid, steal our possessions and murder our families in outrageous military offences using totally disproportionate force then yes, I would join a rebel organisation, no doubt. Wouldn't you? The israelis claim they want peace and the right to exist but at what expense? Palestine losing its own right to exist? Our own media will only ever show us the palestinians fighting back, never giving us the real background information. Why? Because then most of us would support them! Also I do not condone the killing of civilians at all, whatever their nationality. God bless palestine, may it be restored soon.
Hi Moishe! your should finish up your sentence.. Israelis just want Peace without Justice! Why don't Israelis recognize Palestine Country without any oppressive conditions? like any other independent country.
Why are the arabs so agressive? we israelis just want peace!
The suffering of innocent Arab men women and children is an outrage with such expressed by both sides of the conflict.
Can one logically explain how Arabs, Muslims and Jews lived togethor for 2000 years throughout the entire middle east.
30,000 jews still live in Iran with relative freedom which includes holding a guranteed seat in parliment.

The Palestine conflict was strictly an Arab Jewish conflict nothing more.

The invasion of Palestine by the surrounding Arab nations was simply to aquire these lands for their national pride Jews had been purchasing large tracks of land directly from Arabs for 30 years prior to the creation of Israel.

Placing all other disagreements aside one fact seems to echo the position of the Arab world in that until 1967 the city of Jerusalem containing the holiest sites area of west bank ,was controlled by Arabs ( Jordan) yet never in the 19 years of control was this area ever declared as a Palestinian capital, homeland or government installed.

With regard to the current oppresion of the Palestinian Arabs in refugee camps it must be well and truly established that although right of return was denied by Isarel so to was right of admittance into the societies of the surrounding Arab nations who have essentially closed the gates and refused to grant entry ,citizenship or rights to this people who were caught in the crossfire of war that should never have commenced.

Regardless of todays current situation in refugee camps one must aknowldege that Israels population is comprised 20% Arabs being the generations of those who chose to simply stay neutral.

They are afforded Isareli citizenship, hold seats in parliment entitled to benefits afforded every citizen and such is translated into the standard of living which without doubt is the within the top 10% of the entire Mideast/UAE.

The wealth of the Arab world is within limits to have facilitated world class cities being constructed instead of refugee towns and villages yet the answer to this question has surprising results that if explored.
I think this site needs to show a tiny bit of objectivity
Theres no point in just saying how bad Israel is repetitively,
we need to find a solution and this site does not help the situation
Britin and America is helping ISRAEL and sadly the president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak
but now that he is out of the way (he was kicked out of the country by his own PEOPLE) Israel is trembling in fear since he paid for weapons and other supplies
and BARRACK OBAMA whom I trusted to end this catastrophy actually made it worse all those promises where just to get his hands on the white house and know that SOB is trying to destroy us arabs just for being different but at the end we are all Allah's creation.
Listen Israel doesnt exist its actually a group of Hebrew bitches and if an israeli read this comment and dared track me IM GOING TO KICK HIS ASS
Down with ISRAEL
Help Palestine and the northern part of Jordan
For those of you who also want an in-depth insight into the conflict, with sources and quotes not seen every day, then Victor Kattan's book 'From Coexistence to Conquest: International Law and the Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1891-1949' makes an excellent read. I saw the gentleman give a presentation about his research and the book, and it was truly first class- not the usual rubbish we are drip-fed by our biased, Zionist media entities. His presentation is also online on Mitworld and on Youtube. Please take the time to watch it or read/buy the book if you can get hold of a copy, as they'll only add to your knowledge armoury in refuting the legitimacy of Zionist-occupied Palestine. Long live Palestine.
To Neil: no we are not "israeli arab refugees", we are Palestinians and our country is PALESTINE. You may think that israel will remain, but then again, the crusaders also thought they would remain in Palestine. History showed that all the occupiers of this land eventually had to return home. In this case it is even more certain as it has been foretold in the holy Quran that God will continue to send against the jews those who would aflict them with harm until the day of judgement and the prophet (pbuh) said that judgement day would not come until Muslims have fought the jews, ie as a body and not as seperate secular states as was done before. So basicly, you do the math.

Whatever you believe, dont ever call us "israeli arab refugees" as we are Palestinians, we are not israeli, (ironicly, not even the so called israelis are israelis unless of course russians were Moses (pbuh) people..).
Palestine was under the Ottoman rule for hundreds of years.After the ww1 it was occupied and ruled by the British and slowly it was handed over to the zionists and forcing the land owners to loosen their grip on their ownerships.
The palestineans were never given the chance of self determination.
The solution of the problem is to dissolve the zionist state,send back the illegal thieves and establish a democratic state.Only those who were legal residents,and their desendants, in Plaestine before the british occupation should be considered as the citizens of the new state.
The reasons for Arab-Israeli conflict is the occupation of Palestine in 1948.
Palestine Arab Islamic state like the rest of the Arab and Islamic states surrounding
Them. Means that there are Jews and Zionists in Palestine a big mistake, because this entity
Zionist is not consistent with the surrounding area (such as language, customs, traditions and religion)
The only solution to end the Arab-Israeli conflict is the expulsion of Jews from Palestine
All of Palestine. The Jewish people will not rest and will not feel comfortable and stability
But if it gets out of Palestine and the Middle East completely. If people continue to
Jews in Palestine and the Middle East, the death and destruction will continue.
Palestine Arab Islamic state and will remain
I have always wondered why the Palestinians do not create a legal law suit against the Israeli government in the World Court and sue them for compensation and reparations in the same way the Jews have sued the Germans and others for what they lost in the first half of the 20th. Century! This would hurt the Israelis far more than bullets and bombs. List all the property, businesses and lands and go to court, this will get the truth in the public eye and bankrupt Israel! Strange isn't it having Jews being Nazi's! Also they are still pursuing Nazi war crimes, what a poor excuse they are for humans!
This is an excellent website. Revealing the truth about the Arab-Israeli conflict. Keep in mind the media in the US is largely controlled by 4 companies, whose CEOs are decidedly Zionists, working closely with Israeli Mossad (CIA-equiv.) and have their agenda, with complete disregard to the American public or American interests. One plaque that hangs in the Israeli Knesset shows a map of what is referred to "Eretz Yisroel" the Land of Israel encompassing all of historical Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Irak, and parts of Egypt to the Nile river. This is an expansionist state, do you really think they want Peace?
I personally think that we will automatically have Peace when the Israeli occupation ends....Palestinians will NEVER give up their land EVER. Having said that, I also think that the current European-Jews (Israelis) do not necessarily have to leave Palestine, similar to South Africa's apartheid govt. But I doubt the current occupiers would be willing to do so, according to their actions with the Settlements. They ultimately have to be forced to give it up. Peace to All.
I wonder why the Palestinians have not got together and compiled a composite Law Suit against the Israeli Government in the World Court to sue them for compensation for the stolen land, property etc. in the same the Jews are suing various Germans and others over the land , businesses and property that was stolen from them in the first half of the 20th Century and the Soviets in the second half. This would be worth Billions in value and the Jews hate nothing more than paying out money. A much better weapon than bombs and bullets. Pass this on someone to those who can do something. At least then the Palestinians can build New State and properties paid for by the Israelis!
I believe that Israel is a fact and that it will stay as a country in the Middle East. (borders to be determined) What I also believe is that the Arab population that was driven from their lands, that are now within the (new agreed) state of Israel, should be allowed to go back to their lands and homes if they still exist. These people are essentially now "Israeli Arab Refugees" as they will live within the land of Israel when they return. The key to this conflict in my mind is determining that the refugees can return to their ancestoral lands whether they be inside Israel or Palestine. Then let the democratic process take place. . .
The existence of the Zionist entity in the heart of the Arab-Muslim is in itself a strange
Because the Zionist entity is not shared with the Arab world, anything that characteristics such as religion, customs
Traditions and language. The existence of Israel within the Arab world is a big mistake, and constant tension
In the Middle East also note since 1948. Such as the entry of foreign objects inside the human body begins
Body fever, tension and fatigue and to ensure even go out foreign objects.
To all Arab and Islamic countries to form the Ministry of Defence and one common to all States and the expulsion of the Jews
From the Middle East. This is the best choice for Arabs and Jews in that one because he Bjrdasiraiil within the Arab world
Will feel the Arab world would not be true of the world would not be true of the Jewish people will never feel the stability and comfort, but if
Came out of Palestine, all Palestine greetings to all
Greetings to all. The reasons for Arab-Israeli conflict is the occupation of Palestine.
Palestine Arab Islamic state like the rest of the Arab and Islamic states surrounding
Them. Means that there are Jews and Zionists in Palestine a big mistake, because this entity
Zionist is not consistent with the surrounding area (such as language, customs, traditions and religion)
The only solution to end the Arab-Israeli conflict is the expulsion of Jews from Palestine
All of Palestine. The Jewish people will not rest and will not feel comfortable and stability
But if it gets out of Palestine and the Middle East completely. If people continue to
Jews in Palestine and the Middle East, the death and destruction will continue.
Palestine Arab Islamic state and will remain
مهرجان لفتا في عمان
The answer to the question posted by rabbas, is that the Canaanites are the ancestors of the Palestinian people. The answer is in the DNA which has shown that the Palestinian people, the peoples who have been dispossessed of their land and are living in Gaza prison, are the descendants of the Canaanites.
Tell me who are the Canaanites? Why was it when the archealogical find of a dam wall to harness water built 3700 years ago was discovered in "Palestine" was broadcast on Western media a few months ago there was no mention of who the Canaanites were? They were a highly advanced society we were all told. But not who they are, they are the ancient Palestinians there before the Herrod and the Romans or the Greeks or the Jewish people. So the Canaanites the ancient Palestinians were a distinct people with their own distinct culture and mass of land in which they lived. Distinct from the other races of the "greater Syria".
I feel that Palestine is a heroic nation that needs every body's support. to support Palestine is to support true civilization against barbarity and fascism that claims to be favored by God. This seems to be the secret plan " Today Palestine tomorrow the world".The fascists are trying to form an empire.Long live the Palestinian People!!
Hey ! YOU ARE DOING SUPER GREAT JOB ! The site is neat ,well prepare and accurate ,no bias ,no bs..everyday are more the americans who come aboard ,,,, Congrulations !

It kinda sucks that more Americans don't learn about the real facts, as presented on this site. All we get from the American media is bias, deception, partial coverage (they never state how many palestinians-to-Israelis have died or anything that even remotely suggests that Israel could be illegitamite), and sometimes even outright lies.

I'm for the wiping Israel off the map, not in the violent "let's just drop a bomb on them" way that terrorists may mean it, but in making the whole area the country of Palestine and have everyone who lives in that area lives in peace (easier said than done, right? haha). Think about it, if the country of Palestine was already there before(which it was) then others such as modern-day israelis had the right to immigrate there, sure, but as citizens/residents of the existing government. They'd have all the rights and equalities they'd deserve, but they'd be equals to the arabs already living there, no more, no less.

The way it is now really is apartheid. Some reporters who've seen both South Africa under apartheid and Palestine as it is now say that what Israel is doing is actually even worse.

Last thing, some commentors on this site are objecting to the bias of this site. Ya, alright, it has a bias. But it's a bias towards the truth. If someone were to scathingly condemn the Holocoust and the Third Reich, ya, that'd be bias as far as the definition in the dictionary is concerned. But it'd still be %100 true.
This site maintains information which is largely accurate or otherwise compelling. I am troubled, however, by its inevitable contribution to the vitriolic dialogue surrounding the conflict.

Special pleading and the adoption of a particular narrative extends the nationalistic debate which serves to fan the fire of conflict.

The Zionist movement developed as the political articulation of a desire for political autonomy. In creating the State of Israel, its founders ignored the needs and claims of the indigenous Palestinians. In the view of these educated 18th century Europeans, the native peoples of Greater Syria, without a cogent political status or identity, were essentially invisible. This is the reality which defines the conflict over the last 61-odd years. Jewish assumptions had been that they would be able to establish a state where there was no real conflict with the Palestinians. Over time exposure to European political ideas and interaction with the neighboring Arab states encouraged the development of a Palestinian national identity, which did not exist except as an arbitrary offshoot of Syrian culture.

It is essentially a clash between modernism and traditional culture. It is not a war between Jews and Arabs but a universal struggle between man fueled by the mechanisms of modernity. It is only when people are willing to abandon their own vigilant justice and ideational crusades that this particular dispute, among others extant and those to come, can be settled in a humane and equitable fashion.
The conflict is the readily forseeable result of the last vetiges of Europeans so full of themselves as to believe the Empire was an honorable end in itself and that they knew best how heathens and savages should be dealt with.

We are ostensibly wser now and should recant and put back what we can allowing the people of the region to work together as equals and occupy the lands in question as citizens of the states before Balfour.
I've read some very intelligent comments (and a few select ignorant ones) here so far, but let me say, even the people who have only recently discovered that the Palestinians have a strong, maybe even stronger case (morally) in this conflict, automatically shifting positions and 'hating' on the other side is almost exactly as stupid as being ignorant.

Look at it this way.. men have treated women abysmally for the better part of humanity's history, and still do in many countries. Does that mean that the women now have the right to treat men the same way for a few thousand years in return to get back at them? Theoretically, yes, that would appear fair. Logically and from a humanistic standpoint - no. It is wise to agree that the injustices should be put behind us and work on creating universal equality of both genders. I hold the same belief what concerns the Israel - Palestine conflict. Peace is the only way to stop the suffering - on both sides, who's righter or wronger or whose side you're on should come SECOND to that.
My 8 year old son asked, "Why don't we save Palestine?" In his young eyes, the Palestinian conflict is not about religion or land but about humanity. Where basic rights of men, women and children are being systematically and spitefully stolen from them.

In our safe, protected homes, we have to remember that Palestinian children live in fear of bombs and raids. That fruits and clean water that help them be healthy are with held from them, that the only knowledge they receive now is not 1 1=2 but just how to survive to next day.

Yes, we do need to remember Palestine and the unfailing spirit of it's people. We need to remember there was such and such street and the sweet shop that stood on it's corner. We need to remember because there is a concerted effort being made now to make us forget.

My answer to my son, "Yes, why don't we? Let's save Palestine."
How do the Palestinian-Isreali conflicts relate to the Crusades?
Palestine will one day recieve and conquer there land back from those hiddious irealis.....GO!!!!PALESTINE!!!!YEAH!!!!
Imagine the case that there is no God, only humans, who knows...In that case a human solution must be possible.
this is an amazing web site. keep on working on it!u have been doing a great job!
the objective side is the most important thing in this web.
thank u!
good on ya mate
keep up the good work with this site
I luv palestine. Go mohammed.
palestine is coming back to the palestanians no matter what happens .remember that there is nothing impossible u saw the last gaza war the palestanians won .in 2000 israel withdrew from lebanon not because its a peace lover! its cuz of the thing called the islamic ressistance in lebanon hezbollah and again in 2006 israel failed big time.

thanks...that was an arab voice
I am proud of this Excellent website!
God bless our Holy Palestine
Long Live Palestine
I hope that entire world will see and understand the the TRUE
About what happen in Palestine israel kill daily and destruct houses and build israeli houses on the Palestine Lands!
Where the Human Rights Where the World Where the Arab countries where the Muslims???
I sure soon israel will lost and the Palestine will be FREE!
Inshaa Allah
Allah w Akbar
I like the neutral presentation of this website to the (very difficult) conflict. Finally, the usurping israelis are seen as they are, and I believe that the United Nations will sooner or later announce to the world "A historic mistake" by giving European Jewish Refugees in Palestine during and after the end of the second world war, to give them the rights to stay and even more: give them the land that they do not that time (timing issues: immediately after the second world war; the Palestine issue was not pressing! However now, it seems the problems is creating international depression as we see economically today...That is because of existence of the wrong usurping israeli entity in the middle east). But UN will have the chance to correct the historic mistake: by RE Announcing the establishment of the free Arabic State of Palestine and to reward every Palestinian in the Middle East with recreation packages because of the massive stress that has been created over them by usupring israelis during the past decades. Long Live Palestine.
i truely commend the effort that has been put in this website, especially its "objectivity" in presenting our right cause. an objective and well balanced approach away from whatever feelings we might have. it might be even too objective for our liking .thank you
Soooo you all need to realise that whining about the unfairness of the situation wont solve anything. its not fair- its war. "All is fair in love and war"? That ring a bell? Anyway, Israel took the Palestine, just as many dynasty's and empires and countries have taken over other dynasty's and empires and countries - its the way of life. Israel, having control of the land now, has the right to treat the Palestine's however they want. If the Palestine's cant take the land back, they must cope or leave. No, its not fair, but its life, its war, its reality, get over it or do something about it.
The complicity of the rest of the world, particularly the USA in supporting Israel in their destruction of Palestine is a crime against humanity. Everything that Israel has done was premeditated and well documented. They have made no secret of, nor do they deny their actions. The UN has remained gutless, because of USA veto. This indifference has bred world terrorism, because of despiration. This was the only available action left, after ALL political possiblities failed.
Goebbels said that a lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.
How well the Israelis and their American accomplices have learned that lesson.
Few people today remember that jews, christians and muslims lived in harmony under Turkish rule for hundreds of years before the Zionists started to arrive from Europe after WW1.
Few people remember the jewish terrorist gangs of the 1940s and the fact that some of them were willing to help the Nazis in return for a jewish state in Palestine.
The decision by the UN to partition Palestine without the consent of the population was the worst politcal decision of the 20th century and must be reversed before there can be peace in the Middle East
My heart bleeds for thee
I pray for the day
When your children will rise
And peace once more reigns
In your hearts
In your free homeland
i am trying to do a report about this conflict.
There are so many things that i dont understand.
but i have relized that many people have been injured because of this disaster conflict. Everytime i turn on the t.v. i see only the conflict. every news channel its talking about it.
i wish i could make some connections with the reality of things, i need to understand it first.
well if you can give me any information about this event you can email me...
thank you
Unfortunately, the Americans will never wake up. There are two reasons for this. The first is because Jews control the media in the USA. They do not present the Arab side of the conflict accurately. My statements above are not anti-semitic; they are pro-factual. The second reason is that there is a very large strain of Dispensationalism in American Protestantism; the Dispensationalists misinterpret Genesis 12:1-2 as applying to the modern nation-state of Israel, rather than as applying to Christ. Because of this twisting of scripture, they support the Zionists no matter what atrocities they commit. May God have mercy on them!

Until the God of Israel takes pity on His suffering children, they will continue to suffer. Assuredly, He does not approve of the current holocaust at the hands of the descendants of the Khazars. The God of Israel, Jesus of Nazareth, taught that we must forgive our enemies and love those who persecute us.

Given the political and economic reality, the Palestinians cannot win by violence. The Israelis and the Americans are stronger by orders of magnitude.

Perhaps if a charismatic leader were to arise among the Arab peoples, and also if the Palestinians were to adopt a policy of *completely non-violent resistance* to the Israeli evil, the wicked Jews might be conquered.

In the meantime, this is an excellent opportunity for the Palestinians to forgive their murderous Israeli oppressors. Those Palestinians who are Christians *must* forgive; every day in the "Our Father" they ask God to forgive them in exactly the same way as they forgive those who have committed sins against them. It is not easy, but it is necessary.

Lord Have Mercy!!
i have decided to write after watching 17 days go by without a hope in sight for the people in is a shame a disgrace to be a human being in this time and era....i am a mother of two and the image of the 8 year old boy that has lost his sight has not left my mind
i still dont understand how a country can be based on a religion...a religion written hundreds of years ago that promised a land to a sect of should all the christians from all around the world bundle up and live in the usa...would that ever be allowed??
judiasm is a religion ...jews already had nationalities to begin with...they had homes and lives
but were all called to come and live on the promised land
on top of a demolished palestinian home and life
it is bewildering to see the world act so different to the same acts made by different countries...isreal goes insane over 1 hostage when she has 11,000 hostages....destroys lebanon and kills hundreds for the kidnapping of 3...massacres 900 people and injurs 4000 in gaza for a couple of rockets that have injured a few at their end.
as a very proud palestinian....i truly can say that the world has created a new generation of palestinians and arabs that have no interest in peace....palestine should be solely for the palestinian people that have endured years of injustice and should be ethnically cleansed of isrealis that have for years punished us for the holocaust....just a reminder...hitler did it not us....long live palestine
The current events in Gaza are depressing. Israeli's are selfish and inhumane. All they care about is forming a Jewish state on another people's land. The forced out many Palestinians from their homes and took them away from their families before and now history is repeating itself. When Israeli's go on television and say that they are trying to find Hamas and destroy them and are in no way whatsoever trying to harm civilians is a lie and they must think the people watching are total idiots. If their sole purpose wasn't to destroy infrastructure and ruin lives, then why have 730 people died to date almost all civilians and most of them women and children? If their sole purpose wasn't to treat PEOPLE like ANIMALS then why have they attacked a SCHOOL with innocent children? Do they actually think that people believe that they think Hamas is hiding WEAPONS under these schools? Every person watching the news should take it very personally and KNOW that they are being called idiots because these Isreali's are feeding lies to people and expect everyone to eat up every word they say. It is disgusting that so many innocent people have died and they actually have the nerve to try and justify what they are doing.
I have visited Israel and was very pro-israel upon arrival. But I soon changed my mind when I saw how innocent young couples doing their daily shopping in the old city were held at machinegun point for hours for no reason whatsoever. This happened constantly to all arab people. The arab people had no weapons only rocks. They would light fires in the middle of the road with tyres to bring in the army and fight them with rocks while the army had machine guns. We saw arab families removed from their homes while israeli families moved in. A 24 guard was posted on the new israeli families home. The arab family had no place to live. This happened all the time. Most of the people in Jerusalem lived together in peace, christians, muslims and jews. I found the muslim people to be most kind, understanding and peace loving. I feel that nothing will be done to bring about peace in Israel because the majority of Americas wealthy and prominent people are jewish. I hope that Obama will not be influenced by the wealthy jews of America and that somehow he can bring about peace in Israel.
This is a really interesting website and I wish more people knew about the history. what really upsets me though is how a lot of people view this as a conflict of religions. I don't understand why a religious person would ever consider causing pain and suffering to any human being, especially if it has to do with religion.

I hope that the injustices are stopped and that in the world over people stop looking at the wars themselves, but the cause of the wars and what can be done to solve them.

Peace and love
I found this website today.....
I profess little understanding of the conflict, but see it thus:
The attitude and behaviour of the Israelis almost exactly mirrors those carried out by the Nazis in Germany during WW2.
Surely the world will wake up and act eventually to stop the ethnic cleansing and brutality carried out in the name of Jews all over the world. Have they forgotten the 6 million who perished in WW2? Or is this just about retribution.
I feel for the Palestinian people and their lands. It breaks my heart that I will probably never be able to visit, and share the beauty of your birthplace.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
how to resolv this conflict?
we, the out side world can't do a thing, the problem lies inside palesinian people, just look at them what kind of muslims they are, they have fractions,partys,organisations and so one....
if they did follow the sunnah of the profet muhamad s.a.w.s and the sunnah of the first generation of the muslims Salaf-us-Salih this confilct will be resolved rightaway or wouldent be existed
This is a great and important website.. keep up the good work. There is also some interesting facts to be learned at ... it shows people's opinions in a very graphical way :-)
Hi all,

It's certainly very interesting to see how many different views people have on the issues on what has been going on in the Israeli region since the Nakba 60 years ago. I live in the UK and like many in western countries, my only source of information about the Israeli/Palestinian issues was from the news on TV (mainly the BBC & Commercial channels such as SKY News). I was naive to what was going on because the deep rooted reasons were never explained. Suicide Bombers were reported but their reasons for doing such an extreme & horrific act were not...

I decided to delve a bit deeper. So when Al-Jazeera news started broadcasting in English on Sky TV, I was shocked to see the other side of the story! I could not believe what has happened and what is still going on in the region. Since watching reports from 'the other side' I am convinced even more so, that there is never smoke without fire.

I have since read a book called 'The Other Side of Israel' by a woman called Susan Nathan (ISBN: 0-00-719511-7) which I have found fascinating! Anyone who thinks the Arabs in the state of Israel should just 'get along' or 'get on with it' will certainly sympathize with their cause after reading this book!

So why am I writing this post? Well, these aren''t the ramblings of an English eccentric, I just feel that people should not have such strong views on one side or the other until they have delved deep into the history of issues such as these.

- Citizens of the Western world: Don't hungrily swallow up what the media spoon feed you - look at alternative news, read into the subjects, make YOUR OWN mind up! Ask yourself 'WHY?'

- Citizens of the Arab world: Don't think all Westerners are against you, politicians are crooks and we should be ashamed to not have had the strength to stand up and say NO to leaders like Bush & Blair: Remember South Africa! It took time, but the Black people prevailed!

"People should not be afraid of their governments - Governments should be afraid of their people!"
Well, to be honest, it's impossible to get an objective view of the conflict after reading this web-site. Talk about a one sided site ...

Jews have continuously lived in the area today know as Palestine for thousands of years. Jewish immigration to the area over the last 100 years was mostly to land bought and paid for. Nobody was thrown off their land and nobody had their rightfully owned land 'stolen'. No laws were violated and nobody's human right was violated by Jewish immigration. The notion that Jews have no connection, do not belong, or are 'alien' to Palestine is rubbish.

Zionism is nothing more than Jewish self determination.
just forget about it, its just violence, like really, who cares, whats the point? this stupidity is why there is violence in the world, were all the same people, all I gotta say is, just get along, and that would end your conflict, viola, lets go back to kindergarten and learn to JUST GET ALONG
"The Guy" how could someone live in peace while another is attacking day and night, killing children and men, rapping women, destroying houses, and stealing lands? Well, i must say you are the ignorant one to say "Both sides are wrong". How could that be? Just picture yourfels livinf in a land "X" and another party that doesn't even have a country or a land wants to establish one in yours or even instead of yours called "Y" and it starts forcing your people to leave X and others take your people's places, lands, destroy the ecnomoy and their peaceful lives. Then, X people (your people) refuse and start fighting back to get their right back, would you, as a civilian as an indivisual and as the one being attacked, blame the fault on both sides? Think again!
You guys below clearly are ignorant.
A website is all it takes to change your view on one of the most controversial issues to ever come about?
I will not name my country or my nationality in this excerpt.
There are both sides to each story. Wrongs were done by BOTH sides and wrongs are still being done by BOTH sides. There are also reasons for certain countries support in these areas that go far beyond just who is RIGHT or WRONG.
Look a little deeper into the conflict.
Reasons why people did this and why people did that, look at the influences of the surrounding countries, Britian, Russia, France etc. britian's conflicting promises added to the rise inimmigration that ultimately started the huge skirmishes between the Arabs and the Israeli's.
People have a right to live in Peace.
On both sides.
Fifteen years ago I held a very naive view of the Israel-Palestine conflict (I don't like the word "conflict"--it's not strong enough to describe what's happening and it makes the parties sound equal--but Norman Finkelstein uses the word, so I guess it's okay). Having read not one page about the subject and relying only on televised reports (and the 1972 Olympic Games), I formed an extremely diffuse idea of what the conflict was all about: two sides were fighting over something that happened so long ago that they weren't even sure who started it. I told you I was naive.

What strikes me now, however, is how uncontroversial this matter should be. The Israelis are clearly acting to the detriment of the Palestinian people, if one acknowledges anything the main human rights organizations report, and they are, I believe acting against the best interests of their own citizens. (I'm sure I even read once that Ariel Sharon may have encouraged Lebanese attacks against Israelis in the north to provide justification for the attack against Lebanon in the 1980s.)

And our presidential candidates in the U.S. bending over backwards (almost literally) to please AIPAC indicates that there will be no end soon to the free flow of money for Israel security (!!).

Thank you for your incredible website. I can feel my naivete slipping away.
Let's face it. Like most Americans, I was conditioned to thinking the way that I did about Israel. I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood in the US. Most of my friends were Jewish. I learned about the Holocaust and read the boox "Exodus". I heard about how bad the Arab governments were. I saw these huge oil rich Arab nations ganging up on tiny Israel and getting well desserved blody noses. The David versus Goliaths story fascinated me.

Just as Americans weren't told the truth about Vietnam, we weren't told the truth about the Palestinians.I didn't know that at the beginning of the 20th century, a majority of people living in what is today called Israel were Arab. I didn't know about their expulsions. Now that I do, I change my position. Of course I still don't like most Arab governments and I still want to keep Sirhan Sirhan in jail.
I must admit that everyday American citizens are mostly consumed with ignorance. For instance, when the September 11th terrorist attacks took place in my country, my immediate response was, "Those Palestinians are going to get their asses kicked for this." I can only be ashamed of my ignorance at the time. Then, I was a 15 years old; a very uneducated person. Since then, I have attended college for some time and have studied Middle Eastern relations. Here in America, the media countlessly portrays the current situation between Israel and Palestine as Palestinian terrorists unjustly attacking Jewish settlers. This is the overwhelming portrayal of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in American media. Millions of American citizens are being mislead by the media for the Israeli cause. I believe with a transformation of the message that is being broadcasted to these Americans, that there will be a huge increase in hope for the many suffering Palestinians. Most Americans and Westerners are ignorant to the situation and suffering that Palestinians endure. The Jews now are creating a new Holocaust at the expense of the Palestinians who have the right to the land and the right to live how they please. It all comes down to the hunger for money and competing interests in the area. No one seems to care about human rights anymore. There needs to be a huge transformation of the messages that are being portrayed to Americans through the media, and other Westerners a like. Palestinians will receive huge increases in support and WILL regain what is rightfully theirs. It is not just the Muslims who should unite, but their fellow people of the Book. Muslims and Christians alike should bond together on the issue, for there is much that each can do for each other.

Nicholas R. D.
United States of America
Muslims should wake up and raise the flag of Islam. Today, muslims raised their hands and are starting to surrender one by one. Why do you think great muslims like Salahuddin, the Khulafaah (Abu Bakar(ra), Umar (ra), Uthman(ra) and Ali(ra)), Mohamed Al-Fath and many more succeeded?. Because they held their feet firm and dedicated their lives completly to ALLAH. So why can't we be like them. Why Why WHy??. Because we are scared of death and love this world. So, majority of muslims lay their arms down except for few warriors, too few to be seen e.g. the chechen warrior, iraqi brothers, afghan, somali and every single muslim country has a minority who will dedicate their lives to allah completly. So Muslims rise!!
Thanx for spent time for writing.I get plenty things in the last couple of weeks.It totally changed my mind
As one who was in Palestine in the Brtish Army in 1946 only thirty percent of the Mandate was Jewish and half of these had been born in other countries. The Israelis today are the modern Nazis of the world and they appear to control the USA so whoever wins the Presiential campaign little hope will be given to the Palestinians.
Excellent site!

Additional information on Zionism is found at The French Connection ( Please listen to the interviews with Jenifer Dixon.
I just saw a documentary on the Belgian television about Bi'lin, made by Shai, and I must say I'm stunned.... Why is the Israeli army hurting so much people, why are they acting so inhumane? Why are they shooting tear gas and rubber bullets at handicaped and non-handicaped people who are peacfully demonstrating?? Just to build more big houses for the elite (even some without a building permit!!)? Thats no reason to rob people from their land, their income....
My words are meaningless to the Hollocaust in Palestine. I have created a video unlike any other for your cause and I would like you to see it. It is a givt that could move the hardest of spirits.
Israel and Zionism are the evils of today's world! It is refreshing to see your point of view out for the public. I hope Americans wake up soon!
zionism is spreaded all around the world not only in palestine... people r thinking that zionists are only those isreali's who captured our lands....actually zionists r among us these dayz and we can't recognize that... the zionism aims are much further than palestine occupation... so don't think much about the past but much about the future and what strategies we should follow agains our enemies to avoid another damage... be proud of your predecessor past but be more responsible about the future which is not yours but for your successors... to know more about me:
I am Christian, and agree with your post. I, too, believe Israel is not only out to take over Palestine, but to finally, after thousands of years, claim its forfeited Biblical "promised land". Several days ago, I aka Netsbridge posted the following on discussion groups, and links to the said discussions are enclosed: Let's move Israel to Antarctica - North Korea backs out of talk (note inclusion of Palestine and Israel) -
I hate zionist, so i hope all Muslim wake up and make sure Islam not to be as a region for play.
I was a platoon sergeant in IDF battalion 42 during the 1948/49 war. Our battalion was involved in the capture of Lydda (Lod)/Ramlah (see Benny Morris). To my good fortune I was not present at the atrocities, being down with Papadachi -a tropical fever- in Ramlah hospital. However, I witnessed our as well as Arab atrocities during those years. One chapter in my memoirs deals witn events centering on Zakarie (now Beth Zaharia,) titled " War and Cowardice," telling of the execution of the Mukhtar and his two teen-age sons. I would like to forward a copy to you. Abbie Lipschutz, Houston, Texas
good job you really got allthe information needed! i am doing a project for school and this has really helped me understand the conflict between the Palestinians-Israelis conflict. thanks!