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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine, prepared by the British Mandate for UN prior to proposing the 1947 partition plan
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למאמר בעברית
כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on May 10, 2002

A Survey of Palestine was the official research prepared by Government of Palestinian (then under British military occupation/Mandate) for the United Nation Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) in 1946. The below three volumes (over 1,300 pages all available below) covers all aspects of Palestinian life before Nakba such as: population, land registration and sale, agriculture, industry, immigration, industry, political parties, exports, welfare, natural resources, energy, ... etc. Since many Zionist Myths (most importantly Palestine was an empty country, and Jews made its desert bloom) have been concocted to legitimize the Zionist enterprise, we found it critical to share this research with the general public. In our opinion, if you are serious about knowing the core issues of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, then this research is a must read. We hope you enjoy this presentation and please share with friends and loved ones. We shall return.

It should be noted that data pertaining to populations, landownership, and land use has been extracted from another important British Mandate publication (which had limited circulation at the time) called Village Statistics, click here to learn more.


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Volume I

Volume III: Supplement to The Survey of Palestine

Volume II

Click here if you wish to gain access to for each of the pages


The above documents, article, interviews, movies, podcasts, or stories reflects solely the research and opinions of its authors. makes its best effort to validate its contents.

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Posted by amil on March 14, 2018 #158938

when a person with conscious and with human empathy, and consideration to human values and respect to humanity, will puke and vomit to see the extension of injustice and humiliation that was bestowed on innocent people as that with Palestinians among what we call today "THE CIVILIZED WORLD" every human on this planet should ashamed not to blink an eye, or to lift a finger for protesting the injustice on the Palestinians! I would like to ask every human individual this question; and those who have been occupying Palestine of good Jews and others: What have the Palestinians done to the world< or to world Jewry to be treated and humiliated to this extent?
Posted by gabi on March 14, 2016 #157654

I assume you are being sarcastic, daoud . . .
Posted by daoud on June 24, 2014 #154694

Interesting. This shows how the Jews took a pathetic miserable country and developed it into the most advance country in the middle east.
Posted by PaddyG on March 12, 2014 #153950

Incredible reading. It makes me trully embarassed, ashamed to be British. Viva Palestina
Posted by Asif on January 7, 2012 #140785

This is almost a history of Palestine though it was prepared by a most notorious country of the world, which still working for Israeli Interests along USA.
These documents are proving how Israel, USA and UK are bad on their promises.
Posted by Ed Iglehart on November 7, 2007 #23085

Thanks for posting this in such a complete form.

I applaud your efforts and try to do my wee bit in pointing folk to your pages.

Assalaam 'alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu
Peace, God's mercy and blessings be upon you