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Palestine Pictures Before and After Nakba
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on July 18, 2007
By clicking on the district name, you be able to see all the pictures within each district:
Acre (3,113 pictures) Haifa (3,000 pictures) Jinin (5,189 pictures) Safad (3,326 pictures)
Baysan(637 pictures) Hebron (3,661 pictures) Nablus (7,997 pictures) Tiberias (1,401 pictures)
Beersheba(583 pictures) Jaffa (1,919 pictures) Nazareth (1,189 pictures) Tulkarm (8,025 pictures)
Bethlehem(1,530 pictures) Jericho (885 pictures) Ramallah (7,148 pictures)  
Gaza (3,317 pictures) Jerusalem (5,820 pictures) al-Ramla (2,568 pictures)  

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Posted by marie therese on August 18, 2015 #157023

I NEED to Know Who is Still alive From 1948 From thé Salam building i was à New born girl and doesnt Know nothing about my family
Posted by احمد الاسعد on November 2, 2014 #155422

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة
تحية طيبانا اسمي احمد الاسعد واتمنى التعارف على العائلةالاسعد في جميع دول العالم وانا حاليا مقيم في السويد ارجو التواصل والمراسلة على الاميل
Posted by pagwapings on July 17, 2014 #154778

we are all equal, everybody wins- everybody lose.
Posted by Eljeepman on May 18, 2014 #154440

بسم الله
من فضل الله علينا اننا مسلمين
الحمد لله على اننا من فلسطين
ارض الرباط والثبات والعز والخيرات
الهم أعنا على تحرير أقصانا
هذا الموقع ممتاز لتبادل الآراء البناءة
والمعلومات الجادة،الأفكار الإيجابية
فيتكون الموضوعات المتبادلة نظيفة
انا فلسطيني بكل فخر
والسلام للجميع
Posted by wisam ihsheish on April 15, 2014 #154203

I was looking at the pictures of al-sikkah village- the pictures that are posted are not from that village, they houses and surrounds are not reconisable as we are from there.
we will try to post pictures from the village itself
Posted by Ri Rayyan on March 6, 2013 #149013

Gabi... You are right. Specially this part lol "if you have to resort to insult and abuse, all you do is show that you have already lost the argument!" Good luck!
Posted by Ri Rayyan on March 6, 2013 #149012

This is a great site. Thank you
Posted by nasser on February 6, 2013 #148717

palestine for the end and unfotunatly after thousands of lives gone and yet to be gone.but the americans.the oregen of this evil will be the gratest loosers
Posted by yahya banimeneh on November 18, 2012 #147445

cogradulation for aman fuzy the now mayor and wish for him a good luck and i wish allha bless him and help the city for good.i ask this web to please put more piture of banimeneh because i miss my house and wantto see picturas of it.thank you for lateing e see pituras of my city yahya abed halim sharif
Posted by عماد ناجی الأهوازی on November 17, 2012 #147420

یا اهلنا الصامدین فی غزة العز وفی ارجاء فلسطین الحبیبة نحن اخوانکم فی الأهواز العربیة لا و لن ننساکم ولا نتخلی عنکم و نشد علی ایدیکم و النصر آت آت قریب بأذن اللة انتم الأقویاء و هم الجبناء فهنیءلکم یا شهداءالعزة و الکرامة و الحریة یا شامخین التأریخ و النضال لکم الخلود فی الجنة و لنا الوفاءویاابناءشعبناالفلسطینی الصامد انتم الأبطال و المرابطین فلا تحزنواان الله معنا والقدس لناو سوف نحررهابأذن الله سبحانه و تعالی( عماد ناجی الأهوازی )nov17 -2012
Posted by Ahmad Nasr on November 15, 2012 #147373

I live in Washington DC and have seen signs at bus stops recently that portray all Arabs as terrorists. I am tired of the way that Israel is manipulating the national media into thinking that their state was created out of peace. I hate bullies and there is no bigger one than Israel. However, violence is not an answer. We must unite intellectually because there are people sympathetic to the cause. Be patient, persistant, times are changing.
Posted by uzar iqbal on August 28, 2012 #145812

Free Free palestine~I watched a documentary about the beautifully place & it broke my heart the children there go throw so much.
Posted by Nayef Hammouri on August 22, 2012 #145720

we love Hebron
Posted by gabi on June 4, 2012 #144291

Yaroo - before you get too excited about my second last post - I thought I had corrected it, but it got sent anyway. What I was meaning to say is that Palestine was mentioned by historians as having existed before at least 500 BC (being 2000 years before May 1948 give or take a decade or so - not 6000 years as my typo. says) - and it is even mentioned in the Old Testament. I doubt the writers of the Bible were writing about a mythical place.
Posted by gabi on June 4, 2012 #144290

And Yaroo - read more history. Josephus mentions Palestine, as does Herodotus. Herodotus was writing about 500 years BC. Josephus a few hundred years later.
Posted by gabi on June 4, 2012 #144289

And Yaroo - did you ever learn history? Herodotus mentions Palestine - doesn't mention Israel. And this is in the fifth century BC. Josephus also mentions Palestine. Israel as it is today was created on 15th May 1948 - Palestine existed 6000 years before that.
Posted by gabi on June 4, 2012 #144287

Yaroo - if ever you went to law school you must have missed the first class, otherwise you would have learnt that if you have to resort to insult and abuse, all you do is show that you have already lost the argument!
Posted by YAROO on June 3, 2012 #144282

Posted by Liddawi on January 28, 2012 #141296

where is Allud? No pictures of Allid???
Posted by gfran on January 14, 2012 #140955

Hope this year would be the year for Palestine's freedom. Inshallah.
Posted by Ibn al-Quds on November 4, 2011 #139296

On October 31, 2011 at the 36th session of the UNESCO conference in Paris, PALESTINE was admitted as the 195th member to the United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The vote was 107 with, 14 against, and 52 countries abstained.
Posted by Ibn al-Quds on November 3, 2011 #139280

On October 31, 2011 at the 36th session of the UNESCO conference in Paris, PALESTINE was addmitted as the 195th member to the United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The vote was 107 with, 14 against, and 52 countries abstained.
Posted by zahra dn on September 7, 2011 #137657

I need your email for an invitation. Please Answer
Posted by christina shayah on September 2, 2011 #137503

2na mn lebanon b7ib ktiiiir pelastine 2allah yifrija 3likon w 2na kil chi biet3alla2 b phalasine di8ri bihtam fi cz ma tali3 bi2idna chi bs la3yon l kods w phalastine 2inna jeyin lan7arrir 2ardik ya phalastine (i love pelastine ) <3
Posted by oscar on June 20, 2011 #135490

español al árabe

مرحبا أصدقاء أنا من تشيلي وأود أن وضع الدكتور Mrisat طلال ، الذي درس طب الأسنان في خاركوف Ucrania.quisiera ما اذا كان يمكنني مساعدتك لي للرد على بريدي : oscar.kine @ agradesco هو في الروح وقوامها تشيلي -- أمريكا الجنوبية صديقي طمرة
desde chile les agradesco por tan linda paguina e historia que nos entregan y tambien quiero pedirles a quien pueda comunicarse con un amogo de tamra, el dr. mrissat tala que responda urgente, gracias viva chile y el pueblo palestino
Posted by layali on May 26, 2011 #134772

We will never give up the RIGHT to return.......-
never forget and never forgive.

Thank you for all that you do to document our history for us and our children.
Posted by zubair on May 20, 2011 #134462 picture
Posted by Hadeel Jawhar Asi on April 22, 2011 #133100

Wow, I love my country. Palestine forever and always. I love coming to see everything. My favorite things to do is listen to the Athan in the morning for Fajr. Subhanallah It makes my day every single morning that im there.
Posted by revka on April 2, 2011 #132278

free Palestine. I hope soon Palestine will be free from the zionist occupation
Posted by Angelik Roma on February 19, 2011 #130736

Mexico Is A Really Peace-Full Country, Your Welcomed There... Peace & Love...
Posted by Althaf on January 23, 2011 #129473

let the flag of freedom fly high in the sky of Palastine,
a wishful prayer from India...
Posted by mohammad on December 26, 2010 #128238

i am iranian, i,m ready to fighting for broken isreal power and phlistins freedom.
Posted by pila222 on December 25, 2010 #128202

Thank you for putting this website together it will help me understand many things I do not. I am a canadian - with sweedish in my background and I believe that everyone deserves peace and a place to rest their head safely (a HOME!
It is rediculous that these kinds of problems still continue in the holy land the longest war of all time - you are right that there is still so much resentment which is the blockage to the solvant. I wish the world union would help to settle this once and for all. Peace to the Palestinian People 2011!
Bring Peace Back to the holy land as it should be.
Posted by عدنان محمد غالب الديك on December 18, 2010 #127843

على راسي خوالنا ببيتونيا اهل ستنا ام نبيل (نجاح عثمان دولة) الله يرحمها بيتونيا حلوه و اللي محليها اكثر اهلها خصاة ال دولة و ال هريش و ال معالي
عدنان و عادل و عامر محمد غالب سلامه
Posted by عدنان محمد غالب الديك on December 18, 2010 #127841

بيتونيا حلوه كثير بس اللي فيها ةو اهلها احلى كثير
و خاصة ال دولة و ال هريش و ال معالي كلهم على راسي
عدنان محمد غالب سلامه
Posted by BILAL R ABU ALIA on December 10, 2010 #127430

بلادي و ان جارت علي عزيزة اهلي و ان ظنوا علي كرام.... بلال ابو عليا
Posted by obeid on November 23, 2010 #126514

palestine 4 ever....
Posted by iyad ABUKWEIK on October 26, 2010 #124472

Posted by MK Ultra on August 18, 2010 #119837

You guys have done a terrific job of showing the world how beautiful your homeland was before it was usurped from you and destroyed by the invader. It should be clear to anyone seeing this that Israel's objective is to steal your land, erase you and erase all traces of your culture and your past. But all eyes are on Israel and you will be free. What has been done cannot be undone, the dead will not be brought back but you will be free and will prosper again. Nothing in the world can compare to the resilience and the spirit of the Palestinian people.

Viva Palestina!
Posted by Asif on August 13, 2010 #119498

It is the day awaited, when every single jeus will be hiding from muslims from been killed. That day, even a tree will not give shelter to them and call upon the muslim that this jeus is hiding behind me, come and KILL HIM...
Posted by jihad on July 27, 2010 #118411

we do not get any benifits if we see this picture and the pictures do not push us to do any thing for palestine.we always ask the god for help but the god know that we are palestinian people and the god does not help us if we do not help ourselves we are realy sad for palestinian people.
freedom freedom for palestine
Posted by ahmad al jamal on July 17, 2010 #117773

العين تدمع والقلب يحزن وستبقي لنا وانا ماضون
Posted by AyMaN on July 2, 2010 #116736

مسا الخير بقدم احلاااااا تحية لا شباب زبوباااااااااااااااااا الي داخل البلد ولي خارجها على راسي والله
ببارك لا العريس طاهر جرادات
الف الف الف مبروك يا رب
Posted by Mudasir on June 28, 2010 #116526

May Allah gave peace to palestine and inshallah one day palestine will get freedom from cruel hands of israel.
it is my pray to allah to give palestinians a good new day of freedom (Ameen).
Posted by ahlem on June 28, 2010 #116469

Posted by sam on June 18, 2010 #115755

to the people of palestine wherever they may be.
the world has not forgotten you. we are praying for you always.. may Allah return you to the land that was, is and shall always be yours and may He grant you victory over the oppressors soon.
there was no israel and there never shall be one!! long live PALESTINE and its people!!!
Posted by mhsrunner14 on June 14, 2010 #115340

May the Lord bring more revelation, power, kindness, and love as in 2 Kings 4:8-37 and 8:1-8 to the Shunemmite people.
Posted by Islamic zeal on June 4, 2010 #114430

What can we do nothing but pray to Allah for the freedom of palestine ,
Posted by ebtihal on June 2, 2010 #114289'll always be deep in our hearts......we're lost......forgive our weakness!!
Posted by me on June 2, 2010 #114288 always will be the heart and the soul inspite of all the pains.......please forgive our weakness!
Posted by sarah on May 31, 2010 #114156

we are with you our brothers and sisters in palestine even though we are far away in malaysia. we always pray for your freedom.
Posted by Ibn al-Quds on May 15, 2010 #112476

MAY 15, 2010: SIXTY TWO years passed since our NAKBA, and still, we have not forgotton our right to return to our homeland PALESTINE.
Posted by hanan on May 12, 2010 #112139

When I come again to my lover place... palestine!!!
Posted by yousef el sheik on April 25, 2010 #110581

falesteen lana w satabeqa lana w salam la kol 2ahlna fee falesteen
Posted by Nabeel on April 12, 2010 #109498

على هذه الأرض ما يستحق الحياة....!
Posted by ahmad mohmoud ismail on April 10, 2010 #109303

I am Mahmouds son Ahmad and i thank you all for your thankfull comments
Posted by abdullah AL RASHIDI on March 27, 2010 #107939

لن ارض عن ارضي ارضا. فلسطيني الهوية والهوى, ثائر من لبنان انكوا لرئيه ارضه ومقاومة عدوه من هناك ومن هنا, فنحن شعب لن يركع ابدا. ومن صمود شعبنا في بيروت العاصمة عيننا على القدس الأبية الصامدة. فلنقل للعالم اجمع لن يمروا فوق دمنا لن يعيشوا في ارضنا.
Posted by abdullah on March 27, 2010 #107936

لن ارضى عن ارضي ارضا. فلسطيني الهوية والهوى, ثائرٌ من لبنان انكوا, فليشهد العالم كله إننا شعب ثائر من هناك ومن هنامهما طال الزمن والمدا , فاقول للعالم اجمع مهماامتد الغبن والظلم والعدوان فنحن شعب لن يركع ابدا. من لبنان تحية إلى اهلنا في فلسطين الصمود والعزة والإستشهاد. من بيروت العاصمةعينناعلى القدس الشامخة. فإنها لثورة حتى النصر.
Posted by wa7ad nabali on February 18, 2010 #104027

7abaybee wlad baladi, assalam 3alaikom. ana bas bdy a7kelkom 3an el fade7a elly btseer bain wlad hussein khalil 3lashan el ard el fi ramallah (el irsal). ya 3aib 3lekom ya wlad hussein khalil, wallah ma fi wa7ad zalema fikom. ana fa3el khair o bedy akol eno fi wa7ad min el 3aila kal kalam mish mazboot 3an 3mamo "jihad khalil hussien khalil" kal enshallah 3mami bekasro ba3ad el mohem ana akhod masari (fokhar ekaser ba3do). enshalah el kalam ely kolto e khalikom t3rfo ano sabab hal moshkela ben wlad hussein khalil allah yr7amo.
asalam 3alaikom.
Posted by Maher Assaf on February 8, 2010 #103142

السلام عليكم
من ارض الاجداد
ومن وطن الانبياء
الى كل احرار العالم
هنا فلسطين
هنا عشق الحياة وموت الابطال
هنا التاريخ والمجد والزمان
هنا ستبقى الذكرة رهن المستقبل
حتةى ياذن الله بالفرج
هنا فلسطين
هنا قرية علار قضاء القدس
هنا عائلة عساف
تستت ولكن الذاكرة تجمعنا
يوما سنعود
ماهر عساف
Posted by majedaliswid on January 26, 2010 #101956

الى كل الاطهار العاشقين لتراب القدس وفلسطين من نيوزلندا الى ابو ظبي الى تشيلي الى فنزويلا الى لوكسومبرغ
هذا الشعب وجد قبل 5000 الاف سنه وعلم الحياه واعطاها معنى الحياه استقبل ابو الانبياء وبنى حضاره واقتصاد قوي كتب عنه التاريخ وتبادل الحياه والتجاره مع كل دول حوض المتوسط قبل ان تأتي غربان الليل بحجه الهدايه والكفر واليمان ويزرعوا النبت الشيطاني الذي لم يستاصل في وقته وبقيت جذور غدره تمص دم وشرايين اطفال هذا الشعب العظيم ..... تحيه لكل مشارك ساهم ولو بحرف واحد اقف اجلالا له وسلام
ربان \ ماجد العسود اذنا الخليل
Posted by فادي يوسف عثمان  on January 22, 2010 #101541

I love you all palestine peopel i miss you .i just want to say that every one in this world live in said his country accept the palestine people their country (palestine) lives in said them.
Posted by Manuel Nader on January 15, 2010 #100874

My home land Palestine (All Palestine)is in my mind and heart. This piece of land is like heaven on earth. I love every part of it to the extreme. It is really very beautiful. I am looking forward to coming back after freeing the whole land from occupation. God bless our people and the Resistence
Posted by سامر on January 14, 2010 #100787

مرحبااااا ,,يا أهل أغلى بلد انا سامر فلسطيني مولود وعايش بالامارات مواليد 1983
وبصراحه حاب أتعرف على أي حدا فلسطيني أو فلسطينيه عايشين هون بالامارات أنا من قطاع نابلس (برقه)وإن شاء الله بنكون أكتر من أصحاب
أخوكم سامر
Posted by YOSRA HASAN on January 8, 2010 #100279

السلام عليكم انشاالله الرجعه قريبه
Posted by franco on December 1, 2009 #96709

hi i want to know if i can upload your photos to my new wedsite about jaffa
please contact me
Posted by rana madi on December 1, 2009 #96671

i miss you all palestine people, i miss every single millimeter in you palestine.
samideen for every till i come back and all, and my loved Palestine comes back to us.
Posted by Nada on November 17, 2009 #95237

we shall stay strong no matter what happens
we will rise one day and we shall not give up
we are the braves ones
and Allah is always here to protect us.
Posted by bahaa on November 13, 2009 #94834

salam alykom
to all palestinian cytizens in the world let be one hand and forget our privat problems and looking to the main problem our aksaaa is still waiting us to do some thing but sorry aksaaa wa forget you why !!! this question must every one ask to him self to back our alsaaa
aboo bahaa
Posted by محمد نجم on October 30, 2009 #93471

ana men mdent safad men a7la ma sna3 rbna btmana arja3 3aliha wyltam shamil kol ahlee fe alshtat men b3d allah yn3ll shrfoo alee shtatna ......b3den lazm alkol an7ot adina b2din b3ad wnt7rak bkol alwsa2l ln7kik alnser onrj3 araadina ....a5okm m7amad dubbor ...skan ramalla al7biba
Posted by Ahmed on October 29, 2009 #93382

Asalam a palestinians brothers and sisters. We love U because of Allah. Inshallah i Allah ll grant me the blessing this blessed and praying at Al-aqsa mosque. We feel the pain with U brothers and sisters.
Posted by احمد محمود ابو حميدة on October 14, 2009 #91909

تحياتي الى اهلنا الاحبة في ترشيحا
نحن في اشتياق اليكم والى العودة الى بوتنا وارضنا
وتحية حب وتقدير الى كل اهالي فلسطين
ونسال الله ان يجمع شملنا
والله الموفق
Posted by Hassan Issa on October 4, 2009 #90944

We will come back one day.
We shall never give up hope; remember how our enemies stole our land after years of planning.
The right moment of time in history will come.
Posted by wael el deker on September 30, 2009 #90563

السلام عليكم يا اهلي واحبتي...انا فلسطيني من القدس من قرية عين كارم اعيش في الغربه,من بلد لبلد, حتى صارت الغربه جزء من كياننا, اتوق للوقت الذي يحط فيه المسافر في موانىء الوطن فلسطين القدس عين كارم ,وقد مات سيدي وستي وابوي وامي وخالتي وعمي يا الله كثير ماتوا وهم يحلمون بالعوده ورؤية الوطن , واذا مت ولم استطع ان ارجع لوطني ,,,,وصيتي لاولادي وبناتي ولكل الشباب والشابات الفلسطينيين ان يكملوا والمشوار ولا يجعلوا احد من الصغار ينسى فلسطين الى ان يكتب الله لنا العوده المحتمه ان شاء الله a5okom wa222oooooooooooooooool
Posted by Mohammad Eid on September 23, 2009 #89721

السلام عليكم يا اهلي واحبتي...انا فلسطيني من القدس من قرية عين كارم اعيش في الغربه,من بلد لبلد, حتى صارت الغربه جزء من كياننا, اتوق للوقت الذي يحط فيه المسافر في موانىء الوطن فلسطين القدس عين كارم ,وقد مات سيدي وستي وابوي وامي وخالتي وعمي يا الله كثير ماتوا وهم يحلمون بالعوده ورؤية الوطن , واذا مت ولم استطع ان ارجع لوطني ,,,,وصيتي لاولادي وبناتي ولكل الشباب والشابات الفلسطينيين ان يكملوا والمشوار ولا يجعلوا احد من الصغار ينسى فلسطين الى ان يكتب الله لنا العوده المحتمه ان شاء الله .

محمد علي عيد
عين كارم
Posted by ثائر نضال عيسى on September 2, 2009 #87997

انا ثائر عيسى
يا اخواني احنا من حتا
احنا فلسطينيي الاصل
والعائلة عيسى واللي بده يرجعنا لأصولنا الطويسية يراجع حاله
يعني اذا جدنا فارس ما رضي يغير اسم العائلة احنا بدنا نغيره والله عيب
Posted by abu kanaan on August 24, 2009 #87265

slam ela ahall hizma abukanan USA
Posted by Mohammed on August 24, 2009 #87202

Jerusalem is calling all Arabs, Muslims and Cristians
The barbaric acts by Israelies going now against Aqsa Mosque and the arab population in Jerusalem should be stopped
Posted by Hazim Qadous America on August 23, 2009 #87107

ramadan kareem to iraq burin!!!
it is the most beautiful villge in all of Paestine.
Hello to everyone.

Posted by جنين القسام on July 26, 2009 #84344

مرحبا كيفكم يا اهلنا
Posted by rana mohammad saleh taha asadi on July 25, 2009 #84192

راجعين لا تخافي دمك يا دير الاسد مش هدر حنوخد بلتار والنصر انشالة راجع وحيات كل طفل ودع ارضوا وبلدوا
Posted by ehsan alle,ebrahim on July 20, 2009 #83595


dear sir,madam

my request is about some picture and view from khalled ibn walid mosque in ramallah

my wife saw in a dream when was sleeping that someone advise her to born her child in khalled mosque ramallah,also she saw in dream where is out of khalled mosque and then entered to it

my wife remembered the views and situations and likes to see khalled mosque inside and outside picture

please guide me for this matter because this dream and its subjectes is very important and real.

thank you very much
Posted by alaiddin on July 19, 2009 #83554

salam 3alaykom ya ahel el 5er alla ya3teekon alf 3afe wallahe ba2ale adesh badawer 3ala sowar w 5arayet w ma3loomat 3an baldaty bas el 7amdollela alla ya3teeko el 3afe
Posted by F.Viceconti on June 20, 2009 #80900

RE:maps and imagery--This is an amazing tool for us to know more also about geo-environamental aspects of the occupation, and how much the resources zionists could master have introduced big changes on the ground...
Thank you for your informative work.
Posted by Rami Rasheed on June 14, 2009 #80310

Brothers and Sisters.

The time has arrived.
We wish for no WAR but it is a must.
We wish for no Conflict but it is a need
We Wish for No Violent but we are obliged.

It is time to rule our selves rather than others rules us
It is time to know what we want, rather than letting others what we want.

Time to make a choice, time for forgive and unite.
Time to make it happen,
Time to free our selves first and our brothers then.
Time to take the actions and responsibilities which our LEADERS could not !

This requires commitment , requires obligation , this requires you to know yourself.

Dont waste our time and yours by joining if you are not Welling and Capable !

Dont waste our time and yours if you don’t know what you want yet.

We are not here to tell you what you want, you have to believe in what you want.

We can only show you the way.
We can’t tell you what you want.
The war is coming , there is no other option , no other alternative .
Are you ready ?? it requires a lot of mental readiness ,
Yes , it is coming , Soon.
Because it is enough humiliation
Posted by ام ريم on June 14, 2009 #80307

السلام عليكم انا بلسم من نيوزيلاند وبتمنى اعرف اي معلومات عن جدي الشيخ طه صالح محمد ابراهيم الخديش كان شيخ المسجد في قريه اجزم في حيفا اذا في شخص بعرف اي معلومه ممكن تبعثولي ايميل و جزاكم الله كل خير ام ريم
my email is
Posted by Ali on June 12, 2009 #80128

فلسطين هي ارض الاسراء والمعراج وهي الارض التي بارك الله فيها وبها الفئة المنصورة التي وعد بها الرسول الاكرم صلى الله عليه وسلم وستعود بالجهاد وليس بالخيانة
Posted by AK on June 11, 2009 #80052

What an amazing photographic resource. I could spend hours looking at these photos.
I grew up in a looted house in Jerusalem and this is helping me realise what life was like before Israelis came. It is sad to see this beautiful, delicate city so callously modernised.
Posted by FarounVillage on May 30, 2009 #78730

فقعت بصيرتي ان أنا غفوت عنك يا قدس .. تمزقت شراييني ان هي نبضت لسواك يا بلادي... بل شلت يميني أن ألقيت العتاد و ترنحت في أحلام الأنانية وأوغاد الملايين... لن أكفر الأصل ..لن أبتر الجذر..لن انكر الحليب.. لن أنساك وهل أنساك؟ و كيف أنساك؟... لا لن أحترق بأتون الغربة والجنان المزيفة...لن ادفن برمال العذارى أو أخرص برنين أو بريق... عنيد أنا... فلاح أنا! خليلي أنا! نابلسي أنا! كرمي أنا جلمود أنا . نعم, فلسطيني أنا

فرعون قريتنا
Posted by ZAMIR AHMED, INDIA on May 20, 2009 #77646

The Palestine is blessed land and the spreatual centre of the earth. ALLAH sent his maxim prophets to this land for guide to mankind to true path and succeed here and after life.. But mankind has never on the follow to the prophets of ALLAH some were truely obeyed and some denied them and some make changes to their teachings and books they brought to mankind Tourah, Injeel (Bible) and they gone off the path of success and problem started in mankind and get worse now.. The palestine is the symbol of people of success and untrodden peoples.

What Palestine muslim need to obey all migthy ALLAH 100% and follow prophet Muhammad s.a.s peace be up on him right from the heart and stop entertaining non muslims.. This will make them close to ALLAH and then only ALLAH will succeed them truely and give them this blessed land to them again... as it was for them in past also..
Posted by loay on May 14, 2009 #77079

انشاءالله راجعين راجعين راجعين غصبا عن المحتل وعن كل عربي خاين والله يصبر اهلنا في فلسطين واتمنى ان اشوف بلدي كفر قدوم عن قريب والله ينصر اهلنا على المحتل اخوكم لؤي القدومي من الكويت
Posted by samr diab on April 22, 2009 #74787

palestine is from the beautiful countries and i prou to be palestinan
Posted by نداء ذياب on April 22, 2009 #74784

أكبر تحية لكل أهل فلسطين أنا نداء من نابلس
Posted by abu samed on April 17, 2009 #74336

ihope icome bag home to see wad swaneet..ean fawar wadi al kelt.ardiada i miss the mountins and the valleys i miss my friends.i miss albaiader wa almahajer alsalam ala kul ahl albalad
Posted by ليانا on April 17, 2009 #74267

أنا ليانا من نابلس نفسي أشوف فلسطين
Posted by دينا اسعد الخطيب on April 8, 2009 #73375

لسلام عليكم اسمي دينا اسعدالخطيب حبيت احي كل الفلسطينين اخواني وخواتي انا من لاجئين 48ونفسي اشوف فلسطين وخاصة قريتي الي انا ما بعرفها الا بالسمع اسمهاجمزو قضاء اللد والرملة.
Posted by معاويه علان on March 28, 2009 #72262

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته .انا من قرية بيت عور التحتا لواء رام الله للتعرف على قرية بيت عور التحتا اكثرهادا اميلي
Posted by ibrahim Ghoul on March 20, 2009 #71507

Today is mothers heart and soul goes out for the 12000 palestinian mothers whos children are hehind bars in the israeli prisons and my tears drop for the mothers that lost their beloved ones during the barbaric war on Gaza.
Posted by iman hammoudeh on March 16, 2009 #70967

احبتي جميعا
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
تحية مقدسيةمعطرة بربيع الوطن الغالي الذي يطوق شوقا لكم
يطوق شوقا وحنينا لاحبتنا في كل مكان يطوق ليحضنكم هذا الوطن ويسعد برؤياكم
لينتعش قلبه الجريح الذي اضناه الحنين والشوق لابنائه
القدس ما زال يناديكم
ما زال يشتاق لعناق الاحبة
سنرجع يوما وسيعود القدس وسيعود الحب والامل
لنرسم البسمة على اطفالنا
وطني لو شغلت بالخلد عنه نازعتني اليه في الخلد نفسي
كل الناس لهم وطن يعيشون فيه اما نحن لنا وطن يعيش فينا
من قدسنا الاسير احييكم وابث لكم تحياتنا جميعا
ايها الراكب الميمم ارضي اقر من بعضي السلام لبعضي
ان جسمي كما تراه بارض وفؤادي ومالكيه بارض
قدر البين بيننا فافترقنا وطوى البين عن جفوني غمضي
قد قضى الله بالبعاد علينا فعسى باقترابنا سوف يقضي
Posted by Heather Pavitt on February 25, 2009 #68839

Request for Copyright Licence

My name is Heather Pavitt. I am completing a Doctor of Creative Arts at the University of the Sunshine Coast. My subject covers the Palestinian situation, in particular massacres at Sabra and Shatila. I am seeking your permission, in the form of a non-exclusive licence, to include some of your images in the online digital version of my exegesis. The exegesis, called A Suitcase of Lies, will be available for anyone to access online via the Australian Digital Theses database and our institutional repository. Your images will be fully and correctly referenced.

My exegesis includes the following copyright material:
1) Shatila Camp Ref: Shatila R.C. - مخيّم شاتيله : Alleyway - 2003 (#5).

2) Palestinian home sealed off by Israeli Forces in 1948

3) Safad - صفد : Safad Buildings Destroyed During The War, 1948
(Image 27 Safad page)

4) Palestinian Man holds the keys to his home left behind in Palestine image on
home page:

5) Ethnically Cleansed Palestinian Refugees on their way to Lebanon, October, 1948.
(on refugee page)

Sourced from your website:

Please can you return this email confirming that you will grant a non-excusive licence for an indefinite period to include the above images.

Thank you

Heather Pavitt

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