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United Nations: The Origins And Evolution Of The Palestine Problem, 1917-1947
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on December 17, 2001

Ethnically Cleansed Palestinians On The Run, October 1948

This online booklet has been DIRECTLY EXTRACTED from the United Nations' website, however, we have REFORMATTED and LINKED its contents to make it easier to browse.

CLICK HERE for the official UN's version of this booklet.

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Posted by muneeb on April 10, 2011 #132603

Very good resource on the conflict.
Posted by John Somebody on September 30, 2010 #122601

I just can't understand why, 65 years after bthe Holocaust, anyone should believe that a society that depends on killing people for racial reasons, in order to exist, has any right to exist.
Then when the murderous thieves, having created an artificial majority, win elections amongst themselves are believed when they call themselves, "democratic".
But for those who are supposed to defend what's left of Palestine, to apparently not notice, that such a claim, with an artificial majority, is usually called, "Electoral fraud", allow zio thugs to spread that lie unchallenged, is confusing. When those people appear on television, and Radio, I expect them to know something of their subject, which is even more confusing.
Then when they complain about the terrible humiliation that Palestinians suffer, while zionasties can bleat about Israeli "civilians" being killed, they leave a bad impression about who is really provoking who. Surely, it doesn't take a great intellect to point out, that if we know, who does most of the killing, then we can know who has most reason to retalliate, who provides most provocation for the next round of violence, and who has done so, throughout the conflict.
Posted by Noor al Haqiqa on May 21, 2009 #77801

This entire site should be mandatory viewing. But with the new bills before Knesset to deny that Nakhba can result in a 3 year jail term, I doubt it will be so. They do not allow exploration into the Holocaust of WW2 but refuse to allow that the Nakhba occurred is just plain wrong. But then, when you believe that animals can feel no pain, I suppose from their point of view we goyim are dumb enough to accept these truths.

However, in doing this, their stance gives more credibility around the world to the resilience and power of the beautiful people of Palestine whom they cannot defeat. They try expulsion, bombing, denial, genocide, slow starvation in an attempt to turn Palestinian on Palestinian, but so far, it does not work.

The people of Palestine know by now, the world loves them. The people love them. And governments do NOT speak for the people. But they can keep us from helping, and this is our greatest sorrow.

All we can do is utilize sites like this, share the knowledge, and hope that eventually the barriers of lies will be broken down by believers of righteousness.
Posted by Magnus Widman on December 15, 2007 #25323

Should be obligatory deading in any school. One of the best accounts of this conflict I have ever read

Magnus Widman
Phd. Student
Lund University