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Map Of The Destoryed & Depopulated Villages In Acre District


You can find the town you are looking for by either clicking on map or by clicking on the village name below.


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To Harold Sinden, who is saying: might makes right; the stronger should prevail; the bully on the block may take others' toys; brute force is the measure of what should be; aggression should be rewarded. And on and on and on. I don't want to meet Harold Sinden in person! What would he do to me?
His philosophy is known under many names: colonialism, armed robbery, fascism. I'm not smearing him. These are just neutral descriptions of the views he posted.
Get over it. The Israelis defeated you in the 1967 war, and to the victor goes the bounty.

Try asking the USA to return the land it won during wars with Mexico and Spain.
I live in the US, originally from AlBassa, family alhoshi.
ألسلام عليكم انااسمي عائد موسى صالح موسى احمد العريض فلسطيني من قرية ام الفرج لجىء افراد عائلتي الى لبنان في 20- 21 أيار - مايو 1948،بعد ان هاجم لواء كرملي قرية ام الفرج وغيرها من قرى الجليل الغربي، خلال المرحلة الثانية من عملية بن عمي. وعلى ذكر أم الفرج تحديداً، فإن الأوامر العملانية التي أصدرها قائد اللواء إلى جنوده نصت على "قتل الرجال" و "تدمير القرى وحرقها".ذكرالمؤرخ الإسرائيلي بني موريس أن فرق الهندسة التابعة للهاغاناه دمرت معظم قرى المنطقة تدميراً شاملاً، واحتل اراضيها التي لازلنا نحتفظ بصكوك الملكية المصدقة من دولة فلسطين وحكومة الانتداب البريطاني في ذلك الوقت انااليوم لاجىء في لبنان ان شاء الله تعالى لن ابقى لاجىءانا وافراد عائلتي وكل العاتلات في ام الفرج او في القرى او المدن التي هجرنا منها ان شاء الله تعالى سنعود حاملين صك الملكية والسلاح وسنقلع المحتل الصهيوني الاسرائيلي الارهابي
Reference to my book "Illustrated History of Crusader Acre" I have finished writing this book, includes rare illustrations and drawings.

Anyone interested please contact me on my
alsalam aalaikom,Ilive in england,I was reading about acre district and there is no information about my villag shaab will you pleas look to it thank verey much alah maakom
I live in Perth, W. Australia and I recently discovered that the cleansed village of Mi'ar is located within the boundaries of what the JNF-KKL (Jewish National Fund)now call "Australia Park" (There is a "Canada Park" elsewhere in the Gallilee region).
There should be a campaign to lobby the Australian govt or the appropriate official body, that in the very least should recognise and acknowledge the early and original inhabitants of this region (not to mention the manner of expulsion/cleansing!).
I am sure some public Australian money has been used to erase the memory of this modest village among thousands like it.
Regards and salaams. Abu Zaki
I was born in Kuferyassif 1948,my family moved to Lebanon six month after my birth. Now I live in the U.S. I've searched Google Earth and many venues and I could not find any information. I hope some one in this universe could email me informations,maps,pictures or maybe the name of the town had changed.I was told Kuferyassif is close to Haifa.
Hi i am from akka (sohmata)and i have no other home i like the jow people to know we won forget our land and we well be back one day
I'm looking for maps of the city from1100 through1350. Such a beautiful city! Ilook foward to the day that i can visit.
the comming automn conference is ,maybe,the most dangerous event in the history of the palestinian issue.there s nothing more important than our right to return to our land not even the creaton of the palestinian state e carefull of what s being prepared .our right of return is in great danger.allof us palestinians MUST
Many thanks for this excellent site. Well done.
Great work which only people like us can produce. In as far as my hometown is concerned I did not see new pictures produced yet. I am working on the history of Crusader Acre, I created a map of Akka as it looked like during the Crusader period, will let you know when done if you are interested.