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Glossary of commonly used Hebrew and Arabic terms. British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Volume II - Page 1071. Appendix C:

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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine


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(Ar.=Arabic; H.=HEBREW).

A.H. - "Anne Hegirae", i.e. in the year of the Hijra.

(migration) of the prophet Mohammed from Mecca to Medina. (cf. A.D. Anno Domini).

Agudat Israel (H.) - "Corporation of Israel". A particular society of Orthodox non-Zionist Jews, which has opted out of the recognised Jewish community (Knesset Israel). See pages 921 et seq.

1 Ain (Ar. and H.) - "Spring" (i.e. of water).

4 Aliya. (H.) -- "Immigration". Lit. "going up", i.e. originally to Jerusalem for a major festival. 'Aliya Hadasha

(H.) - "New Immigration", i.e. from Germany and Austria. A political party consisting mainly of Central European immigrant Jews. See page 958.

Asefat ha Nivharirn (H.) - ''Assembly of the Elected"; 171 members elected by Knesset Israel (q.v.); see also Va'ad Leumi and page 916.

Ashkenaz! (H.) (pl. Ashkenazim) - "Germans" - Jews from Northern, Central and Eastern Europe; see footnote on page 916.

- "Juice" (especially citrus juice); factory at Ramat Gan which makes preserves.

- "Labour" (lit. work).

- "Equivalent value". The sum paid to the

State by the grantee of Miriland (q.v.). See also page 229.

Assis (H.)

Avoda (H.) Badl Misl (Ar.)

Baladiya (Ar.) - "Municipality", corporation of a town (balad).

Bar Mitzva. (H.) - "Son of the Law". Hag Bar Mitava, confirmation ceremony of Jewish boy on completion of thirteenth year at which age, according to Talmudic Law, he is considered sufficiently mature to observe all the commandments.

Ben, Boni

(Ar. and H.) - "Sen", "sons".

Beit (Ar.) Bet,

Beth (H.) - "House".

Betar (H.) - Abbreviation for the Brit Trumpeldor organization (q. v.). See also page 601.

Betsalel or Beaalel

(H.) - A school of arts and crafts in Jerusalem named after a biblical craftsman, Betsalel, who designed the Tabernacle and its instruments.