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Population in Palestine before Nakba: Supplementing Volume I, Chapter VI, Pages 140 - 164. British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Supplement - Page 10
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on October 28, 2007
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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine
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Posted by Webmaster on June 16, 2013 #151383


Supplementing Volume I, Chapter VI, pages 140-164.

(p. 141) (T. I)

The following table shows the estimated population of Palestine at the end of the years 1944, 1945 and 1946 :-

POPULATION OF PALESTINE, BY RELIGION. (Revised de facto estimate, excluding H. M. Forces).


I Settled Population I Total POPULATION

(incl. Nomads)

Regions I Moslems ! Jews I Christians! Others Regions! Moslem

1944(81.12) 1945(81.12) 1946(81.12)

i l,6!17,9691 994,7241 55H,6001185,5471 H,0!1811,764,522 r 1,061,277

11.768,882 1,035,012 579.227 189.285 14,858 1,834,935 l,101,565

I J,8,&5,559 1,076,788 608,225 145,068 15,488 1,912,112 1,14.3,SOO

(p. 142) (T. 2)

Indices of the population of each religion at the end of 1946, as compared with the year 1922--the year of the first modern census were as follows (according to the de facto revised estimate) :-

(1922 = 100)

All Religions 284

Moslems 221

Jews 726

Christians 208

Others 203

Settled population

Total population

All Religions Moslems

254 194

(p. 143) (T. 4)

The percentage distribution of the settled population by religion was, at the end of 1946, as follows (according to the de facto revised estimate) :-

Settled TotaI
Population Population
Moslems 58.34 59.79
Jews 32.96 31.81
Christians 7.86 7.59
Others 0.84 0.8)
Total 100.00 100.00
Page 10