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Immigration in Palestine before Nakba: Supplementing Volume I, Chapter VII, Pages 165 - 224. British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine: Supplement - Page 15

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British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine


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Supplementing Volume I, Chapter VII, pages 165-224.


(p. 165)

The administration of the Immigration Ordinance No. 38 of 1933 has been further simplified since the appointment by His Majesty's Government of consular officers and passport control officers in the British, American and French zones of Germany.

(p. 177)

(§ 26)

The policy formulated by His Majesty's Government in the White Paper (Command Paper No. 6019) was administered from 1st April, 1939, to the 14th December, 1945, on which date the White Paper Policy was officially terminated.

(p. 183)

(§ 45)

The immigration account at the termination of the White Paper

Policy was as follows :-

Certificates available (subject to economic absorptive capacity) under the policy declared in Command Paper 6019 of May, 1939:-

(a) A quota of 10,000 a year for five years beginning on the 1st April, 1939

(b) Supplementary refugee certificates

50,000 25,000

75 ,000

Actual arrivals under the White Paper Policy :--

Legal immigrants 55 ,486

Illegal immigrants 20,304


Balance of account 75,000 minus



The account reveals that the provision for Jewish- immigration under the White Paper was overdrawn by 790 certificates. Arrangements were made for Jewish immigration to continue at a rate not exceeding 1,500 immigrants a month. The balance overdrawn was deducted from the monthly quotas as will be seen below.

On the 13th November, 1945, a statement was made in Parliament by His Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs announcing the setting up of a joint Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry. As a result of this statement the High Commissioner for Palestine on the 31st January, 1946, issued the following official communique :-
Page 15