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Gaza Jail Break - فك طوق الأسر عن اهل غزة: For God's Sake,Dissolve the Palestinian Authority No....By Khalid Amayreh

Posted by A.Anwar Sacca on March 4, 2008

Picture for Gaza Jail Break Village - Palestine: : Your silence is complicity Click Image For Town Details
For God؟s sake, Dissolve the Palestinian Authority now

Palestinian mother carries the body of her 21-month-old girl Salasabeel killed by an Israeli missile

Comment by Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem

As Zionist Jewish supremacists continue to emulate their Nazi mentors, by carrying out pornographic mass killings of stateless and helpless Palestinians, the so-called Palestinian ؟national؟ Authority (PA) is still basking in its impotence and morbid illusions about ؟peace talks؟ with Israel.

This is despite the present Israeli blitzkrieg in the Gaza Strip and the equally murderous policy of narrowing Palestinian horizons in the West Bank where we are told ad nauseam by a scandalously mendacious western media that ؟Abbas is in control.؟

On Saturday, 1 March, the PA leader himself rightly called Israel؟s hideous crimes in Gaza ؟a virtual holocaust؟ and ؟Nazi-like atrocities.؟ He has also ordered the suspension of ؟peace talks؟ with Israel until the ؟aggression is over.؟

Well, does Abbas really think that after the aggression is over, Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak and the rest of Judeo-Nazi elite would suddenly and miraculously be transformed into doves of peace?

If he does, he is clearly more than just naïve; and if he doesn؟t, then why on earth is he tormenting his people with this dangerous illusion.

The matter is crystal clear and one doesn؟t have to be a great political expert to realize that Israel is interested more into crushing the Palestinians to pieces and less in reaching a dignified and genuine peace with them.

Let us judge Israel by its behavior, not by its hypocritical claims about seeking peace with the Palestinians. After all, even Adolph Hitler and his colleagues claimed to be genuine seekers of peace in Europe and the world. We all know the rest of the story.

Hence, in the final analysis, what is important is not what Israel says, but what it does.

And what it does shows beyond any doubt that peace is the last item on Israel؟s national agenda. Let us consider some of Israel؟s behaviors in the past few months, especially since the hapless Annapolis conference in December.

In the West Bank, and despite the nearly total subservience of the PA to Israel, the Israeli government consistently insisted on treating the PA and its so-called ؟security forces؟ as a quisling entity, as an unrighteous Rehab who would not only inform on her people but also repress them, torture them and even kill them, all in order to demonstrate commitment to peace and receive a certificate of good conduct from imperial masters.

A few days ago, a frustrated Palestinian officer complained to this journalist that Israel ؟treats us far worse than the Germans treated the Judenrate,؟ said the young officer, referring to the Jewish councils that were appointed by the Nazi leadership to oversee the internal affairs of Jewish communities in Europe during the Second World War.

؟Whenever the Israelis come, and they do nearly every night, we are supposed to return immediately to our coops very much as chickens do at the end of the day.؟

؟It is like beiti beiti beiti,؟ he intimated. For those who don؟t know, beiti is the word women farmers in the Palestinian countryside utter aloud to spur their chickens to return to their coops at sunset.

Ask any Palestinian cab driver or student or worker traveling through the West Bank these days if he or she thought the overall Israeli treatment of Palestinians on the roads got better or worse since the Annapolis meeting, and they wouldn؟t hesitate to tell you that it was much worse than before. Again, this is despite the abject compliance of the PA and its ؟armed forces؟ with every Israeli whim and demand.

This slave-master relationship between the PA and Israel recently forced the Palestinian minister of culture Ibrahim al Abrashi to submit his resignation to Chairman Abbas. The former minister complained about ؟an all-out national crisis encompassing every aspect of our life as a people.؟

؟The country is falling down, the national cause is falling down, the national rift is destroying the unity and future of our people. In short, what we have been building for 50 years is being destroyed before our very eyes.؟

Al-Abrahsi could have said much more in his letter of resignation. He could have pointed out that Israel has actually increased its Gestapo-like roadblocks in the West Bank, that it has doubled or even tripled its theft of Palestinian land, that it is expanding Jewish colonies unabated throughout the West Bank while everyone, including Condoleezza Rice and her boss, are looking on, reiterating the same old tedious platitudes about ؟the need to avoid doing anything that would undermine the peace process.؟
Unfortunately, instead of showing national responsibility by withdrawing from this disgraceful ؟peace process؟ that has a form but no substance, Abbas has chosen to live in a world of his own, an artificial world where Rice؟s meaningless sound-bites and manifestly false promises, along with Olmert؟s deceitful tactics, are more relevant than the ugly reality in the streets and alleyways of Palestine.

Indeed, when one listens to Abbas؟s statements, one gets the impression that Hamas؟s counter-coup in Gaza 20 months ago was to blame for all Palestinian troubles from the treasonous ؟security coordination؟ with Israel to continuing Jewish settlement expansion in Jerusalem.

Well, but then, Abbas is the leader, the perfect leader by the American standards. He is the one who the two Ehuds hope will be able to impose a ؟realistic؟ peace settlements on his people. And, of course, we all know what ؟realistic؟ means in the Israeli lexicon.

Isn؟t this why Abbas؟s forces are being beefed up? Isn؟t this why Keith Dayton and Elliot Abrams and Rice are continually asking Congress to allocate more funds to strengthen Abbas?

Like many Palestinians, I hope that the Palestinian national movement will finally take the long overdue decision to dismantle and dissolve this impotent Authority which has virtually no authority, an authority that has long become a serious liability to the truly heroic Palestinian struggle for genuine freedom and liberation from the Nazi-like Israeli occupation.

It is an authority that allows Judeo-Nazi leaders, such as Olmert and Barak, to claim that they are murdering Palestinian children for the sake of peace, that they are killing us for our own interests؟that we will have a state only after half of our people are incinerated in a ؟greater holocaust؟!!! while the other half are transformed into slaves, or water carriers and wood hewers.

So, for God؟s sake, dissolve this misshapen creature, this deformed entity, now. And don؟t allow Israel to use it as a pawn to annihilate our people and liquidate our just cause.

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