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Gaza Jail Break - فك طوق الأسر عن اهل غزة: Americans in Eugene, Oregon support the besieged Palestinians in Gaza



Picture for Gaza Jail Break Town - Palestine: Americans in Eugene, Oregon support the besieged Palestinians in Gaza. Browse 70k pictures documenting Palestinian history & culture before Nakba

Posted by Happy Heart on January 27, 2008
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My opinion is not that Israel (or Palestine) needs to be punished but that after 65 years of war with virtually no progress, it's time for both sides to quit posturing, quit hating and get real. I believe there is a solution that would be fair and equitable to both sides but it requires that each side rethink long held positions. Palestine has some very valid arguments that Israel must acknowledge. I'd be happy to discuss this with you - maybe we can work out a peace agreement.
Jack and I had this banner made up for the January 26, 2008 International Gaza event. This is Ferry Street Bridge in Eugene Oregon. As cold and wet as it looks, we were lucky because the next day it snowed.