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Ni'lin - نعلين : Israeli forces kill another in Ni'lin

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כדי לתרגם עברית
Posted by كفاح أحمد محيســـن on July 31, 2008
1. Palestinian teenager killed by the Israeli army in Ni'lin, day
after 10 year old Ahmed Mousa was murdered
2. Ynet: 'How can a boy threaten soldiers?'
3. 10 year old boy killed by Israeli Border Police in Ni'lin

1. Palestinian teenager killed by the Israeli army in Ni'lin, day
after 10 year old Ahmed Mousa was murdered.

A Palestinian teenager, thought to be aged between 18 and 19 has been
shot in the head by Israeli forces in the Palestinian village of
Ni'lin. He has now been declared dead at the Ramallah hospital.

According to ISM activists in Ni'lin, fighting broke out between an
estimated 200 boys and young men and Israeli forces at about 5:30pm.
The villagers had earlier built five barricades of rubble and stones
blocking the main road into Ni'lin. An Israeli excavator attempted to
clear a path through the barricades but was driven back by a hail of

About 50 Israeli soldiers then attacked using sound bombs, rubber
coated steel bullets and tear gas. At around 7:30pm, Yousef Ahmad
Younis Amira was shot in the head by a rubber coated steel bullet.

There are reports of another man also suffering a head wound from a
rubber coated steel bullet, but his injury is thought not to be life

Emotions have been running high in the village since the funeral of 10
year old Ahmed Husan Yousef Mousa earlier today. Ahmed was shot dead
by an Israeli soldier yesterday.

2. Ynet: 'How can a boy threaten soldiers?'

Uncle of 11-year-old Palestinian said to be killed by Border Guard
police officer slams security forces; posters of Ahmed Musa posted
across Palestinian village; dead child turns into symbol of resistance
to West Bank fence

By Ali Waked

To view original article:,7340,L-3575353,00.html

A general strike has been called at the Palestinian village of Naalin
Wednesday to protest the killing of 11-year-old boy Ahmed Mussa. IDF
troops blocked the main entrance to the village, while businesses in
Naalin closed their doors ahead of the funeral, scheduled for
Wednesday. Meanwhile, weeping local residents gathered around the
Mussa home and slammed the IDF and Israel�s security forces.

The women standing near the home kept repeating 'they have no God,'
while wiping away their tears. Mussa�s uncle, Hosni Yusuf Mussa, told
Ynet that he fails to understand why a Border Guard police officer
would shoot at a child.

'He was a young boy playing with his friends. How could he threaten
the soldiers?' he said. 'They're just kids who saw a march against the
fence and joined in. To come back dead and without a head shows the
cruelty of the soldiers.'

'A grand lie'

Mussa said he believed the killing was a message to protestors in a
bid to end the ongoing demonstrations against the West Bank security
fence. He added that he does not believe in filing a lawsuit against

'A lawsuit won't make a difference and a trial won't make a
difference,' he said. 'At most, the soldiers will put on a show, the
judges release (the soldiers) immediately, what they're doing is one
grand lie, a show for the media.'

Meanwhile, posters of the dead child have been posted across the
village, and slogans pertaining to his death have been scribbled on
walls - an honor normally reserved for wanted Palestinians killed by
the IDF. Despite his young age, the slogans say Mussa is a symbol of
resistance to the security fence and vow to �continue his path.�

Mussa's 10-year-old friends said they were trying to remove barbed
wire placed by the army when a jeep arrived and forces started to

'Suddenly, we saw the martyr falling and one bullet in his head,' said
Mussa's friend Ahmed Saadat. He admitted that the children then
started hurling stones at the forces, with one of them hitting a
police officer in the head.

3. 10 year old boy killed by Israeli Border Police in Ni'lin

A 10 year old boy called Ahmed Ussam Yusef Mousa was shot dead at
approximately 6pm near the Palestinian village of Nil�in. He was shot
once in the head at close range with live ammunition.

According to eye witnesses a group of youths attempted to remove coils
of razor wire from land belonging to the village. Without warning,
they were fired upon and Ahmed was killed. Israeli newspaper Maariv
reported in March that the Israeli authorities have given a new order
to border police operating along the apartheid wall surrounding
Jerusalem. They can now open fire directly on Palestinians who try to
demonstrate near the barrier. But sniping is forbidden if there are
Israeli or foreign citizens amongst demonstrators.

Demonstrations have been held almost every day for the past few weeks
as near Ni'lin against Israel's Apartheid Wall, declared illegal by
the International Court in the Hague in 2004. The wall will deprive
the village of almost 2,500 Dunums of agricultural land, and put the
existence of the entirely community in doubt.

The Israeli Army and Border Police have been increasingly ill-
disciplined and violent in response to the demonstrations. News came
this morning that Israeli Battalion Commander Lt. Col Omri, had been
sent on 10 days compulsory leave as a punishment for his conduct at
Ni'lin. Omri held a 27 year old Palestinian detainee Ashraf Abu Rahma
by the shoulder while one of his men shot Abu Rahma with a rubber
coated steel bullet at very close range. Abu Rahma was blindfolded and
his hands were bound when he was shot in the foot.

At least 11 other Palestinians have died protesting against Israeli's
apartheid wall. Their names are:

Mohammad Fadel Hashem Rayan, age 25.

Zakaria MaHmud Salem, age 28.

Abdal Rahman Abu Eid, age 62.

Mohammad Daud Badwan, age 21.

Diaa Abdel Karim Abu Eid, age 24.

Hussain mahmud Awwad Aliyan, age 17.

Islam Hashem Rizik Zhahran, age 14.

Alaa Mohammad Abdel Rahman Khalil, age 14.

Jamal Jaber Ibrahim Assi, age 15.

Odai Mofeed Mahmud Assi, age 14.

Mahayub Nimer Assi, age 15.

To date, none of the soldiers who killed demonstrators has been

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