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Those who used to live here (2)
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Arab Al Turkman on January 27, 2001
al-Ghubbaya al-Tahta is a part of eight villages which belonged to the Turkman tribe. Actually Ghubayya was divided in two Ghubayyats, al-Fawqa and al-Tahta. Those who used to live here were living in tents in the summer in the flat lands al-Ghubayya al-Tahta, and during the winter period they lived in their stone houses in the al-Ghubbayyah al-Fawqa. al-Mansi was also among the other Turkman villages, where they a school to educate their children. Nearby, exactly one kilometer from al-Ghubayya towards Haifa, there was an established a kibbutz called Mishmar Ha Eimeq which is still there until today. In 1948, the Turkmans who lived in al-Ghubayya were forcibly ethnically cleansed by the Israeli Army. Many of the inhabitants were forced to leave everything the owned & live as refugees in the West Bank city Jinin. Some of them are still living in Jenin, al-Zababedah, and others are living in Jordan now.  Some of the clans/hamula who lived there are: Masri, Abdallah, Afaid, Hindaoui, Hassan Muhammad. My grandfather, Raja, was the son of Abdallah Muhammad who was among the ones who lived in al-Ghubayyah al-Fawqa with his eight sons. In 1948, before the war began seriously, he had paid an engineer to construct and build his new house. He did not see it be built....

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