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Tracing all that remains of al-Muwaylih
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כדילתרגם לעברית

Posted by Uri Zackhem on January 23, 2007

56 sec
Uri Zackhem in cooperation with it friends in Israel Presents Tracing all that remain of al-Muwaylih, al-Ramla - Palestine Produced and directed by Uri Uri Zackhem

Muwaylih is a village that was ethnically cleansed & destroyed by Israelis in late march 1948 Muwaylih used to have a population of 500 people before ethnic cleaning in 1948.

The Israelis destroyed the village completely with the exception of couple of two story houses which this short movie documents.

The above documents, article, interviews, movies, podcasts, or stories reflects solely the research and opinions of its authors. makes its best effort to validate its contents.


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Posted by Mark Braverman on July 13, 2007 #17927

Showing these short "documentaries" is a great thing. A suggestion: providing a map showing the location of each cleansed village would be very helpful.
Keep up the work, kol hakavod!


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