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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by YACOUB S. NASRALLAH on April 14, 2009
Egypt now adays is different from abdulnasser days althought abdul was only talk and little success but egypt role now is conspiracy against any resistance arab movement and conspiring against itar because the egyptians are answering to their financiers only ( the usa and shlomo government)......i ask all decent arabs to forget about egypt and consider egypt as the bellydancer who will sleep with anybody for few dollars......

making movies and artists doesnt mean that you are a great country.....what makes you a country when you face the occupiers like iraqies although it is too late for iraq....the egyptians have served shlomo government in killing iraq iraq is officialy dead now thank you egypt.....and now egypt is trying to kill hizbollah but i dont think they can and also they cant kill hammas because both of them are people movement and cant die.........
my question is how much to buy egypt back?
the worst character in egypt now is the previous inteleegence manager i forgot his name but that guy is absoulotly behind his afandi masters

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