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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by YACOUB S. NASRALLAH on February 13, 2002
If you are traveling on the road from ALQUDS to YAFA (or ALQUDS- Tel-Aviv as now called Tel-Aviv is a new Jewish city branched out of Yafa ..Tel-Aviv didn't exist prior to 1908) on your way to Yafa 10 miles out of ALQUDS there's an exit to go to AL-QASTAL the famous town where the great leader ABDUL QADER AL HUSSEINI, died fighting for our beloved PALESTINE.To reach Qastal from the exit you have to go up the hill and through lots of road curves (or KORBAAT AL-QASTAL as they are known) ..... after you are done with the Korbat you will pass QASTAL then about 2,3 miles from QASTAL you will reach the very beautiful village of SUBA......

On your left and right lies SUBA on your right its a hill that's full of houses on top of that hill there a mosque and remains of an old church and lots mosaic art in that church lots of cactus shrubs (saber) that once fed the villagers. You can set on top of that hill and see the beautiful mediteranian sea ,you can see also the new village of BEIT-NAQUOBA (the new BEIT-NAQOUBA was given to them by the jews and it was taken from the land of SUBA..the old BEIT-NAQOUBA lies beside ein ahmed now the ein is a park called eiin hemed) .

When you look down at the valley you will see the village of Ein Rafa .You can reach ein rafa from an exit on ALQUDS-yafa hwy .When u exit off the hwy toward ein rafa you are going to pass on your left eiin ahmed park and on your right are the remains of the old beit nakooba
Ein Rafa in 1948 had few houses occupied by BARHOUM FAMILY who are people who left SUBA and went down the hill for reasons of : SUBA'S first occupier was our grnadfather NASRALLAH he had several sons named :JABER,BARHOUM,ROMMAN, ZMIKNA(zmikna in the jordanian army is from suba) AND OTHER FEW FAMILIES...anyway barhoum was not a very good son (according to our grnadfather NASRALLAH)so nasrallah told him to go down the hill to ein rafa in the vally(SORT OF exile)giving him land to cultivate ..and untill this date barhoum family still occupies ein rafa village..

My father family goes back untill it reaches to NASRALAH the founder of suba father name is saleh yacoub saleh yacoub mohammed mustafa mahmood nasrallah this name summrises suba history almost 8 centuries of life in suba going back to the day when salahdein liberated palestine in the BATTLE OF HOTEEN is said that we ( and i say we meaninig suba families which comes from one grandfather)come from bilad el sham....(imp. note: all arabs come from bilad al sham and all arabs used to could live anywhere they want to in THE ARAB the story that says we from bilad al sham doesnt deny us our right in SUBA or PALESTINE ....its a matter of how strong you fight for your right......or according to american law survival of the strongest ..JUNGLE LAWS)
Now hamad(7amad)family is not originaly from suba they come from LOD they had blood on their hands in lod and ran for protection from avengers the asked our grandfather NASRALLAH to help them so he gave them land and kept them in suba under his wing...
If you go down the hill of Suba to the other side of the road, you will find my grandfather house you will find the water fountain or will find lots fruit trees.....
Nowadays, if you pass Suba you will find Kibutz Suba a which was built on my grandfather olive tress orchard....I hope they will never enjoy their life in it.

In 1948, we lost a cousin (OMAR ALI NASRALLAH),ra7amak allah,in the war against the Israeli Jews he died ( god bless his decent sole) in a plain near kastal he was hiding with my father and my aunts husband in the wheat plants when a jewish bullet hit him
My father and rest of family men used to go to ambush the Jewish and British convoys passing by Bab el Wad road ..I still have a pictured ID of my father when he was recruited by the Arab army, I am proud of him, but they fought with no startegy mostly farmers with no experince in war not like the jews...they fought then left quick after that...

My father, god bless his sole, died in 1997.....used to say:" we will go back It might take us 200, 300, 400 years, but we will go back", I am sure we will father.........inshallah....

A LOT of SUBA's families moved from Suba to Ein Rafa down in the valley and many still live there today ...most has changed their name from nasrallah to barhoum ....its beautiful village, please visit it if you can....

People of Ein Rafa have an ongoing conflict with Beit Nakouba people, they hate each other .....beit nakooba peole live on suba's land in the old days this land was not even in their dreams now with their old town deserted and living on theri new land given to them by the jewish occupiers they dont belive themsleves
people living in Ein Rafa live as Arabs but behave like Israeli Jews. Sometimes, they speak Hebrew, and other dress like them (shorts are normal for men, like here in USA)....

In 1948 part of NASRALLAH family moved to al-3eezaryeeh, nearby Jerusalem.My family moved first to Jerusalem then later to Amman, then back to Bethlehem, my father's birth city, then Amman in 1950's. After that, couldn't come back ,so they got stuck in the hard bedwin life of the Jordanians say they gave us passports before we were lost thank you Jordan for your brotherly help for our passports...I rather have Palestine ....

In Jordan, if you have noticed the united nations gave us flour and food to help us settle in Jordan and leave Palestine ...they supplied a lot of jobs lots of them at that time..but after that they left but made sure that we forgot Palestine and worried about cart al-moa'an (donation card)...a dirty trick by dirty people...they still play with the minds of the puppet leaders of the Middle East....

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