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سمخ: Samakh in the 1940s


Samakh in the 1940s

 on September 3, 2000
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Thriving communities attract many people for employment and cultural reasons, Yahoodi!. There were hundreds of such towns surrounded by beautiful orchards and farms in Palestine before the Jewish influx and murderous expulsion of mostly unarmed people in 1948. That expulsion is ongoing, as Israel continues illegally building new squatter villages all over Palestinian lands.
the british census in 1921 declared that samah had population of 1931 people, included christians jews and druzes, how can the number jumped to 3,111 people only 20 years later?
in the picture, most of the land around the village seems desolated, so why do u say they had 18,611 dunams of land?
they didnt plant anything on it as seen on the photo.
أنا أدعى محمد ين فوزي الخطيب أبو صينية و أنا من سمخ لكن لا يوجد لعائلتي أي ذكر أرجو معرفة السبب