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Tiberias - طبريه : Tiberias Northern View in early 1898-1914
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Tiberias - طبريه : Tiberias Northern View in early 1898-1914

Posted by Joehar Hamdan Uploaded on October 18, 2005
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Posted by Luis Vivanco on December 3, 2009 #96899

A lady friend of our family, may she rest in peace, went to honeymoon in Tiberias in 1927, and told us it was a very nice town, like time stood still, and also many churches. She studied in a British girl school in Jerusalem, and was very proud of being "sabra" (both her parents and grandparents came from Bulgaria). In her school were as many Arabs as Jews, and also british and armenian. Not only they lived rather friendly, but they had a lot of entertainment in parties and cultural activities, which even when we were teenagers, as she told us, make us feel they had a life more interesting than our youth in southamerica. In 1928 she came to Venezuela, but was very fond of Palestine and an enthusiastic zionist.
Posted by jima on October 18, 2007 #21880

happy eid mubarak