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Acre - عكا : al-Meina Mosque #2
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Acre - عكا : al-Meina Mosque #2

  Uploaded on October 31, 2000

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Posted by جمانه طيب خلايله on December 17, 2011 #140230

احلى بلد واطيب ناس اغلى شئ على قلبي الله يحميهاويحمي ناسها الغاليين
Posted by ايمن on December 25, 2009 #98881

هادا جامع المينا واللي بالخلف مدرسة التيراسنطه وهيي كنيسة ودير للفرنسيسكان كمان
Posted by John Marina on January 18, 2008 #27358

In my studies of Crusader Acre and the book I wrote on the history of Crusader Acre, Jami El Raml stands on the site of St. Mary of the Provencaux - Church of the Massalians located in what was the Venetian Quarter.

If you are interested to know what other mosques stand on the site of Crusader churches, please let me know.