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Posted by moussa on NOVEMBER-16-2007 #23610

سلام انا من عرب السمنيه اهلى غادرو تلك النطقه سنة 1957 الى جنوب لبنان ونحن الأن نقيم في جنوب لبنان مند دلك الوقت
ونحن من عائلة كلم
Posted by Salam el-Mahmoud on JULY-23-2001 #563

Dear All:
I'm one of the people who was ethnically cleansed from this village. Before the outbreak of the war in 1948, it was my grandfather who was the Mukhtar of this town.
Now, I reside in Germany & I hope to share some documents I have with this website soon.
It should be noted that up to 80% of the people of 'Arab al-Samniyya were ethnically cleansed to Southern Lebanon, and the rest were ethnically cleansed to Syria, Jordan, Europe, and the United States.
Salamat & I must write you again.