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UNDP: Arab Human Development Report 2002-2005


Posted on December 24, 2004

The United Nation Development Program and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development collaborated together to produce an incredible analysis and research about the situation of the Arabs world, and how to improve it. The research has been conducted by Arab researchers and social scientists in an unbiased way, which has been produced in three volumes between 2002 and 2005. In our humble opinion, every one of these publications is a MUST read, not only by every Arab, but also by every person concerned with the the Middle East.

The first two publications have been published and available below in Arabic and English languages, however, the third report should have been released in August, 2004, but it has been held up from distribution, by the Bush Administration, since a portion of it is critical of US and Israeli polices in the Middle East.

The best way to download these files as follows:

  • Point your mouse over the desired link below,
  • Right click, and choose "Save Target As ...."
  • Save the PDF file to your local disk.

All documents require Acrobat PDF reader.

Arab Human Development Report Subjects Covered Arabic Version English Version
2002 Freedom, education and women's empowerment Click Here Click Here
2003 Knowledge deficit Click Here Click Here
2004 Towards Freedom in the Arab World Click Here Click Here*
2005 Towards the Rise of Women in the Arab World Click Here
2009 Challenges to Human Security Click Here Click Here

* Held up from distribution for several months because of objections from the Bush Administration, see below the related links section for an article by Thomas Freedman

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