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Dayr al-Qasi - دير القاسي: احد بيوت القرية الباقية والذي يتكون من طابقين 14/5/2003



Picture for Dayr al-Qasi Village - Palestine: احد بيوت القرية الباقية والذي يتكون من طابقين 14/5/2003. Browse 70k pictures documenting Palestinian history & culture before Nakba

Posted by Makbula Nassar on May 18, 2003
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Dear modemirt,
Today we visited the house of your grandfather, since 5 years. The paintings are still there in the living room. could you tell me more about your grandfather? Was he in the British Army and during World War II in Egypt? Ithink the paintings are memories of his stay there.
But please: do every thing to keep this monument!

ruth de Jong El Beqeia
this is the house of my grand father ali alsheikh