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Dayr al-Qasi - دير القاسي: Nakba Oral History Video Podcast: Interview with Shahira Sadiq


Posted on August 16, 2006
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Name Shahira Sadiq
Year of Birth 1932
Duration 190+ min
Interview Date July 27th, 2006
Episodes 6

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This is a wonderful interview and so detailed. It painted a clear picture of Dayr il Qasi. I am so glad this is documented, especially because this is my grandmother and she passed away 2 years ago. So many of her generation who lived in Palestine Pre-1948 are passing away and this project is incredible because it is saving our history that should forever be known.
Fedakar Insan Gonulden Sevendir Yurekli Olan Insan Kendini Bilendir Mutlu Olan Insan Yasami Sevendir Unutulmayan Bir Dost OMRE BEDELDIR......
Hello PalestineRemembered,
I'm an Israeli who opposes my government's actions and policies in the occupied territories. First off, I apologize and hang my head in shame. One of our disgusting policies is to hardly teach Arabic. These testimonies are invaluable. People in the west need to know. I can't help, as I don't know Arabic, but I can only suggest that English subtitles are needed. The world needs to know.

This project is amazing in its resilience,
it's very good program .Hi my name is Gamal Abdo Aly Hassan(al-Taba') and I'm searching for my father's family. His name is Abd. Ali Hassan Taba'. He immigrated to Egypt in 1948. My father past away when I was three years old and I never got to know who his family was. All I know is that they're from Haifa City, Palestine. Also, I have his ID which has most of his information. Please tell me how I can get contact with his family if someone still lives there. If you need more information or contact me, my e-mail is
my phone number is 732-752-3262 Or 908-205-4801
my address is 300 North Randolphville Rd
#250 Piscataway,NJ 08854
انامن مجدل الصادق اريد اي واحد يكون بالقرب العائلي مني
نحن من بيت الصادق المهجرين من دير القاسى ثم حيفا ثم مجدل الصادق بالقرب من طولكرم ثم قطاع غزه فى مدينه خانيونس وايضا منهم من تهجر الى مصر محافظه الشرقيه وكل ما اتمنى ان نعيد اللحمه الى العائله ويتم التعارف وتخلط الانساب وجمع شمل العائله
good work. however, i noticed from watching one interview that the interviewer does not give the interviewed person much time. he asks a new question once there is a moment of silience. as a researcher, i noticed that you can get more information that you didn't anticipate (or are on your list of questions) if you leave time for the other person to think and start filling in the silience.