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Kabul - كابول : aerial view of kabul 1948
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Kabul - كابول : aerial view of kabul 1948

Posted by iDAR Uploaded on November 17, 2004
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Posted by eyad on January 30, 2011 #129816

kabul bldna w7eatna . wahla wnasha kter kter mna7
wbtmnah ano atdlko mhtmen bhaea 2lshea2 w5asft lw tjebolna 3n 2lm3'aer 2le feha 2le t7te 2l2rd
Posted by islaamryan on September 8, 2009 #88469

sbaba kteer 7lew mne7 aza fee 7da mhtam bltaree5 sowar btjanen
Posted by asmaa on July 11, 2008 #45477

alswr walmnadr kteer 7lwe baltwfik lahl blde