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The most complete map of Palestine before and after Nakba (16 MB in size)
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on December 17, 2008

Designed by Ali Abu Rayya (Sakhnin - Palestine)


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Posted by mahmood on December 20, 2010 #127955

Posted by ابوفنونه on August 2, 2010 #118884

حق العودة
The right of return

العهد و الوعد
The Covenant and the promise of

To those who insist on negotiations to submit to the usurper waiver of Palestine or even grain of soil from my small village .
I have to tell them you will get the frustration and despair
وسوف تضطرون الى العودة الى احضان شعبكم ووطنكم ،
then you are going to have to return to the embrace of your people and your nativeland,
وليكن ذلك قبل فوات الاوان ، او ستنتحرون !
but not before it's too late, or would commit suicide

ومن هذا المنطلق
In this sense

renew my covenant and promise to go back to Palestine no matter how long or be short. and whatever and how built fort or walls .
ساعود باذ ن الله ،
I will return by God willing.
But what is said about the settlement out , I say, would give me the entire globe with easts & wests, mountains and the two nods , as an alternative to Palestine I will not accept,
if they said in your right the sun and in your left hand , the moon I will not accept,
even if they said the dollar and the yen are yours and the euro ,riyal also yours I will not accept.
I recommend my children after me to be on this Covenant and promise
.وكما عدت اليك بروحي ساعود اليك بجسدى وبابنائي واحفادي او احفاد احفادي يا فلسطين
As promised here's soul has came back to you, with my body & with my sons and grandchildren, or with their randchildren,I will be back, O Palestine
ساعود ، ساعود ، ساعود
I'm going back, I'm back, I'm back
باذن الله.
God willing.

ابو فنونه
Abu fannouneh
Posted by paul cassidy on June 18, 2010 #115709

Hi and Thanks for this very fine Map
I've posted it on Scribb and onto my friendbase on Facebook and Twitter. There's a lot of confusion about where Palestine is today. People know about Gaza and the West Bank and that's it. There's been so much talk of Hamas people are not even sure of the relationship between the Palestinian Authority and the PLO. As for the Negev and the Bedouin, people are completely unaware of the region and its people. Producing maps is a good idea by way of informing people that Palestine is actually a spatial construct. As it is the struggle has been divorced from the country so successfully that people don't even know what it is that is being occupied.
Posted by يبوس للسياحة on April 18, 2010 #109977

السادة الكرام: تحية طيبة وبعد، اصدرنا اطلس الطرق ومعالم فلسطين بعد سبع سنوات من العمل يحتوي على خارطة فلسطين التاريخية بكافة محتوياتها القديمة من جغرافية وعدد سكان وقرى ومدن وكل التجمعات السكانية في انحاء فلسطين والقديمة من القرى التي هجرت ودمرت قبل 1948 وبعد 1967 ووثقت بالمكان الجغرافي الاصلي بالاسم الفلسطيني الاصلي لمزيد من المعلومات زورو منوقعنا على او الاتصال على 97225401216 او فاكس 97225326992 او على الايميل جميل زيدان طاقم يبوس للسياحة والاعلام القدس الشيخ جراح ص.ب 19744