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Palestine Maps: A very IMPORTANT MAP showing the massive destruction of Palestinian villages and cities (English)


Click map to enlagre


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Israel is supported by us.there is no justice for the weak nations even U.N.Mighty is always right.iI used to believe that what was happening in Israel was about prophecy.I was wrong.No kingdom that lasts for ever.American day will surely come to an end and Israel will follow suit.
If Israel is the "Jewish" state, then American Jews must be either American or Jewish by nationality. They will have to choose.
whats the difference between what hitler did and the nakba????
the palestinians got screwed
then white people must leave america because they are europeans the red indians are real owners of america
Leve intifadan! Free Palestine!
@dsmetcalfe1, one-sided ? land ownership ?Israel never existed before the 20th century ,unless you would like to share your fairytales.The Palestinians owned the majority of land.Our narrative says Zionist Jews came from Europe which is a fact .They ethnically cleansed the Palestinian villages ,another fact.They stole palestinian properties ..documented.Save us your bedtime stories.
Please. Dont claim media distortion for not reporting the facts when you selectivly present your one sided claims.
Go all the way back to the beggining with credible historical accounts of true land ownership. Instead, you start with where you choose to be the "rightfull" land owners and reconstruct the history from there. Are you really saying Israel never existed and therefore should have no rights to the land? These days land ownership is determined by armies.
Israel will own the land until God decides otherwise or He allows another people or armie to come in and posses it. Your selective method of revisionist history only hurts your efforts and divides the people with half truths. No people, ever in the history of mankind have endured the persecution and scorn of the world as the Isralies have. Have you ever considered how they even still exist? Accept the reality that God is just and he will do as the sovereign of the universe does. He said He would reinstate the Isralie people into "the land" and he has. Perhaps instead of claiming "foul" you should spend some time reviewing the true historical account of the events and begin to see that God has not forgotton his promises made to Israel long ago.
Could you please tell me if there is no other way to donate rather than paypal? Couldnt we donate via bank transfer? I would like to donate some humble amount of money yet i dont want to get into paypal thing. I found another organization that collects donation for Palestine but I wanna split it so that it can be used by different hands...

thanks in advance.

I join my Israeli friends in sympathizing with Palestinian people to what was done in the past and what is still doneon in the present to dehumanize them by my country Israel. The problem is that we have been taught since childhood that we were fighting for our freedom, that we were right, many facts about the Independece war were hided from us.
I just want to say that my sympathy is with you, I know we could live in peace, I like the Arab culture.
Politics stinks, especially Israeli one. Our leaders our cowards.
I hope you are well, wherever you are, all Palestinians brothers.
I am from a jewish family altho' I am not religious and yet I am so ashamed and horrified by the actions of the Israelis. Not in my name. To me they are behaving like Nazis and it is beyond belief that they are allowed to continue their criminal and murderous activites while the world looks on. This is a human rights issue , plain and square and nothing whatsoever to do with religion or race. Be clear on this.In my view it is the responsibility of every jew across the world to do their upmost to speak out against the human rights violations committed daily by the Israelis and to educate the world at large about what is going on. The propaganda fed to the world using the holocaust in the 2nd world war, which incidentally did not just involve jews, as well as using the bible to justify land grabbing , ethnic cleansing and apartheid must be exposed, loud and clear. I have recently returned from Palestine and so am aware of what is going on.Thank you for this site, it is informative and essential information.
i am an israeli. i am so shamed from the tings that my country has done in thepast and still doing. i walk in the vilages that been destroyd and cant believe my eyes. god knows how can we do such things. i wish this conflicth will come to its end one day.
Until the internet, one could not find this information anywhere but in the dustiest corners of a library in the USA. It is certainly not spoken of in the news, nor is Israel looked at critically in the news.

Our government is so entrenched with Israel's corruption that I fear we've lost our country. Even Arab countries seem to be firmly under Israel's thumb and given the direction of Israel's latest elections, I fear things will get much worse before they get much better.

The one good thing I've read about recently is the Viva Palestina Gaza convoy. Of course, it's not getting any press here in the US, but I hope it's one small thing to help steering the course of life on this planet more towards a humanity.
I want to thanks for the excellent Palestine map gift
I recieve it at home
I simply loved Shekran dear brother webmaster Salah
God Allah w Akbar
الضابط الاردني الذي يظهر اسمه على الخريطه هو صدقي الجندي ولايوجد اسم شكري الجندي وشكرا
أنا أصلي من قرية الجورة بعسقلان تم تهجير أبي و أجدادي الله يرحمهم من القرية عام 1948 بالقوة وبالتواطئ من الجيش المصري و الأمم المتحدة, حيث كان الأهالي من الناس العزل وكانت بالقرى الأخرى تجري المذابح والمجازر التي ترتكبها العصابات الصهيونية
The people of Ireland support you
How sad and revolting is this!The land of so many prophets!Allah is the best judge...The day shall come when man will be questioned for each and every actions he did on Earth(actions that are even the size of an atom)(THE HOLY QURAN)
الانسان والعالم ديضي انا فلسطيني احب التحدي anin
Being a young man born in the US, I find it difficult to understand what my elders and my government are responsible for in the mid east in the past sixty years. None of this is taught in our schools, and most of the history of past events is witheld from us by the media. My eyes have been opened.
Even i know that until we Brits gave away PALESTINE, TO THE JEWS. There was no where called Israel. I have many Arabic friends, from all over the mid east, i dare say a few are dead now. i await the day that Israel is held for war crimes. That will never happen as long as big brother usa has anything to say about it. I am British and ashamed of the things that my country has done. The Palestinian people will always have my thoughts with them
انا من حطين قظا طبرية من خربة مزقة اريد ان اعرف ان العائلة لها تواجد على الخريطة وكما علمت انه يوجد بير باسم العائلة اسمة بير بيت نادر برجاء افادتي بذلك مع جزيل الشكر والتقدير