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The Return Journey: A Guide to the ethnically cleansed and present Palestinians towns, villages, and holy sites in English, Arabic, and Hebrew
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on May 15, 2007
We are completely out

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Posted by C Ward on April 14, 2020 #159992

Is this the same book as Mapping My Return
Salman H Abu-Sitta (author)

ISBN 10: 977416833X / ISBN 13: 9789774168338
Published by The American University in Cairo Press 2016-12-18, Cairo, 2016
Posted by Paul on May 2, 2010 #111317

I would really like to buy at least one copy of this book. When will addtional copies be available?
Posted by edo medicks on November 11, 2009 #94551

Dear Sirs,
I wish to purchase this book, but could not find it neither in the provided link, nor at amazon. would you consider shipping to Palestine (where i live)? i will cover all shipping expenses.
Posted by Ayman Hammoudeh on December 15, 2008 #59942

The Hammoudeh family was forced out of Biet Dajan (near Yaffa) in 1948. Now, we populate jordan,US,Europe, and the Arab Gulf. We share one thing: all of our kids who were born in Amman,Karameh, Riyadh, Morristown/NJ,Kuwait..etc still know for sure that Beit Dajan will be Palesinian, and will never, despite the depopulation and zioninst aparthied,turn into a jewish land.. the heart of the land there is still Palesinian. AJH
Posted by Sofiah MacLeod on October 12, 2007 #21539

Excellent publication - important resource for us. We have a campaign against the JNF in Scotland/UK and already 'The Return Journey' is very helpful.
Posted by David Jones on May 26, 2007 #16235

Hello, Thanks for this wonderful site. I have just bought The Return Journey. I was wondering when I can expect delivery of this book? Best regards, David Jones.