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Palestine Maps: Jewish Owned Land as of 1947

As of 1947, Jews in Palestine owned UNDER 7% of Palestine's lands, and after the 1948 war 80% of the Palestinian people were DISPOSSESSED of their homes, farms, and businesses. Scroll below for the source and tabular break down of land ownership. It should be noted that as of 1948, Jews were 1/3 of the total population and only 1/3 of those gained Palestinian Citizenship!

Share of Palestinian vs. Jewish land ownership as of April 1st, 1943

Category of land
(Fiscal categories)

Palestinians & others Jews Total

Dunums (1000 sq. meters)

Urban 76,662 70,111 146,773
Citrus 145,572 141,188 286,760
Bananas 2,300 1,430 3,730
Rural built-on area 36,851 42,330 79,181
Plantation 1,079,788 95,514 1,175,302
Cereal land (taxable) 5,503,183 814,102 6,317,285
Cereal land (not taxable) 900,294 51,049 951,343
Uncultivable 16,925,805 298,523 17,224.328

Total area:

24,670,455 1,514,247 26,184,702


94.22% 5.8% 100%
Roads, railways, rivers, and lakes 135,803

Total Area including roads, railways, etc.


Click here to view the scanned page from which the above data were extracted.

Click here, for more tabular data about Jewish land ownership per district as of 1946.
Source: A Survey of Palestine prepared by the British Mandate for the UN, p. 566.
If you are interested in a lot more details; we urge you to examine our Village Statistics Project; here we got the boring details about every Palestinian square kilometer.


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Isn't there data available for 1947? 1943 is quite dated. Thanks, Alan
Attn. Claudio

Land ownership in all of mandated Palestine in 1945:
By Sub district - Acre: 87% Palestinian owned, 3% Jewish owned, 10% state owned; Safed: 68% Palestinian owned, 18% Jewish owned, 14% state owned; Haifa: 42% Palestinian owned, 35% Jewish owned, 23% state owned; Nazareth: 52% Palestinian owned, 28% Jewish owned, 20% state owned; Tiberias: 51% Palestinian owned, 38% Jewish owned, 11% state owned; Jenin: 84% Palestinian owned, less than 1% Jewish owned, 16% state owned; Beisnan: 44% Palestinian owned, 34% Jewish owned, 22% state owned; Tulkarm: 78% Palestinian owned; 17% Jewish owned, 5% state owned; Nablus: 87% Palestinian owned, less than 1% Jewish owned, 13% state owned; Jaffa: 47% Palestinian owned, 39% Jewish owned, 14% state owned; Ramleh: 77% Palestinian owned, 14% Jewish owned, 9% state owned; Ramallah: 99% Palestinian owned, less than 1% Jewish owned, less than 1% state owned; Jerusalem (West and East): 84% Palestinian owned, 2% Jewish owned, 14% state owned; Gaza: 75% Palestinian owned, 4% Jewish owned, 21% state owned; Hebron: 96% Palestinian owned, less than 1% Jewish owned, 4% state owned; Bersheeba: 15% Palestinian owned, less than 1% Jewish owned, 85% state owned. (Source: Village Statistics, Jerusalem: Palestine Government, 1945; subsequently published as United Nations Map no. 94b, August, 1950; found in Before Their Diaspora, by Professor Walid Khalidi, Harvard.)

48% of the total land area of mandated Palestine was privately owned ('mulk khaas') by Palestinian Arabs. Total Jewish privately owned land was between 6% and 7%. About 45% of the total land area was state owned (i.e., by its citizens)* and it was comprised of Communal Property ('mashaa'), Endowment Property, ('waqf'), and Government Property, ('miri'.) The British Mandate kept an extensive land registry & the UN used the registry during its early deliberations. It has in its archives 453,000 records of individual Palestinian owners defined by name, location & area.
*Only 30% of Jewish immigrants had taken our citizenship and tens of thousands were illegal immigrants.
The Map ow Land Ownership describes in white color the Jewish ownership and all the rest is described as "Palestinean and Public ownership " . Does exist a map of just Palestinean ownership, without public lands?
A Blofeld: Hope this helps, its not all 531 villages/towns ethnically cleansed but shows dates massacres by zionist terrorist gangs took place. Palestinians were terrorized by 33 massacres in total: Al Abbasiyya (4 May ‘48), Abu Shusha (14 May ‘48), Ayn az Zaytun (2 May ‘48), Balad ash Sheikh (25 April ‘48), Bayt Daras (11 May ‘48), Beer Sheba (21 Oct ‘48), Burayr (12 May ‘48), Al Dawayima (29 Oct ‘48), Deir Yas sin (9 April ‘48), Eilaboun (29 Oct ‘48), Haifa (21 April ‘48), Hawsha (15 April ‘48), Husayniyya (21 April ‘48), Ijzim (24 July ‘48), Isdud (28 Oct ‘48), Jish (29 Oct ‘48), Al Kabri (21 May ‘48), Al Khisas (18 Dec ‘48), Khubbayza (12 May ‘48), Lydda (10 July ‘48), Majd al Kurum (29 October ‘48), Mannsurat al Khayt (18 Jan ‘48), Khirbet, Nasir ad Din (12 April ‘48), Qazaza (9 July ‘48), Qisarya (15 Feb ‘48), Sa’sa (30 Oct ‘48), Safsaf (29 Oct ‘48), Saliha (30 Oct ‘48), Arab al Samniyya (30 Oct ‘48), Al Tantoura (21 May ‘48), Al Tira (16 July ‘48), Al Wa’ra al-Sawda (18 April ‘48), Wadi ‘Ara (27 Feb ‘48).
James: In possession of 85%. Public and other was around 9% and jews had around 6%.
why this people are stripping palestinian with their dignity aren't they ashamed to stand on the ground where not their ancestor toiled the land with their callus hand..such a shame
Hello there! How are we? cant we all just kiss and make up?
@ Ramon Earaj: Arabs of Palestine can be compensated by giving them the land, businesses and bank accounts confiscated from the Jewish refugees from Arab lands. These Jewish refugees have deeds to land alone amounting to four times the size of Israel.
Selective omission was used with this map, The map as such is misleading. We need to see a map showing Jewish an Arab ownership based on the partition Map od the Un Resolution map for the partition of Palestine in the 2 proposed states. Then we need to see also the public land map.
This map could possibly be correct but either way it is misleading because it doesn't show both "Palestinian owned" and "publicly owned," it only shows them together. Palestinians did not own that much private land.
The sad part about this ,here we are in 2010, how the world witnessed the injustise and as yet they have done nothing to pursue any resolution that can compensate the flight of the Palestinian people who lost everything homes ,lands and farms through occupation.This a prime example of how the UN have very little power to enforse all those resolutions that they passed over the years to return main body that created the state of Isreal.
I wanted to mention, the map indicates land ownership patterns as of 1947- however the sources indicate they mention land ownership 1943. This is not a big discrepancy, but as I want to be precise about the data I use, can you tell me if the map reflects the data of which year. Even if purchases were frozen from 43-47, I'd still prefer to know from what precide year the map is based. Zionists are liable to accuse of misleading if the map is presented along with the supporting data, and say that the presented cannot explain what his data represents. Steering the argument into details is a usual Zionist tactic.
Prof, Joe Volk, i agree that this site is a pro palestinian site which focuses on the palestinian history on the conflict. But, everything on this site is completely true because all the information on here is a bunch of facts. There is no opinion or point of view coming from anyone. They just state all the facts of whatever happened in history that even Israel itself cant agrue with. Basiclly, this is a very reliable, true and honest source.
Thank you for all the have expanded my interest in what is happening TO the Palestine people. I lost my husband in Vietnam and I swear I would be a peace maker for the Palestine people. I am staying with a Jewish Family in Jerusalem for three weeks and they agree that I can add more spiritual energies to this problem...they agree that their own people are doing the wrong thing. I pray that I can give all I can with my energies to defuse the WAR. Thank you for the space to express myself.
who ever started thi war i do not care but the state of israel is big enough for jews and muslims. grow up and smart up
Well, I appreciate this site and all you who havelooked at it, but this isn't the most reliable source. Yes, from this website's point of view, the Israelis are to blame. However, this is a pro-Palestinian site. Those of you looking for a history should continue looking for a more neutral resource.
Do you have such a map including the partitionplan of 1948? To see how ownership is divided in the two proposed states? I am also interested in the division in public and private domain. thanks
Israels are not right at all. They kill palestinians, blaming them that they killed Israels,bombed and attacked them.Israels dont have their own land,where they are now,it's stealing land.Moreover they have been building a separation barrier in PALESTINIANS LAND!!!We pray to God that Palestinians will win in this cruel war and back their own land!
So there was no Isreal ever they killed Palestinians and took there Land that is not right and they should give back everything they took from Palestinians.
thereis only one thing to say to bully thives and vagabonds who go around stealing peoples lands and killing women and children blowing there own people up and blaming some one else as to cause war to steal more lands ruthless robbing jewish people the greedyist people in the world they are scared of the germans who tried to wipe them outbut they are the big men and women killing women and children
Deuteronomy says that the Israelites should exterminate the Caananites (Palestinians). They didn't do that, so now there's a problem.
While these maps are useful I do have them thanks.
The point is I can find which village was captured, destroyed and or the people expelled.
I am unable to find the date when this happened for instance Tiberius 23 April (during the Mandate, Kfer Byram in the 1950's
it is important to know what was done during the Mandate and what the UK and UIn did about it.
In the Original greek arabic bible The Old Testsment the name Israel doesn't exits were in the old testsment does it say Israel its doesn't say. Too many people look at the Hebrew bible and the rewriting of the old testsment by King James his idea of the bible isn't all real most of it is thoughts just like the Hebrew bible. Jews will alway be far from the promise land because of all the blood shed they have done from generations to generation thou; still today just to cover themselves they blame palestinians for there actions and everytime an arab fights back to protect there family and home