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Palestine Maps: Districts as of 1947


By clicking on any of the below districts names, you will be able to view a detailed listing of the contained cities and villages.


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I am not a Palestinian but as a person i can explain my opinion, that google can remove the name of Palestine from the map but not in the Palestinian 's heart.I believe that today or tomorrow Palestinian must get their land back.
Ingesting to see this map,I wish people should have stay together no matter what religion they belong like my country India. I still think people should end war.. whatever was done was done by old generation why to waste time,efforts and money by new generation
I'm 61 years old and despite my abhorrence of Israel's treatment of Palestinians I identified as Jewish and went so far as to offer Jewish instead of Caucasian when asked my race on official forms, etc.

Not any more. I have no shame to atone for because as I promised when a child that I'd only do Aliyah if Israel made peace with Palestinians, I have never done anything in support of the monstrous evil named Eretz Yisrael.

I can remember being 10 years old and telling my family and my teachers at Hillel Academy in Perth Amboy, NJ that the "Holocaust" story made no sense whatsoever. And then I watched the controlled demolitions of 9-11-2001 and it was the same thing over again. These events are hoaxes and they fool almost everyone.

Well, I can no longer identify as Jewish after becoming absolutely certain of two things: 1) the Holocaust was a hoax, and 2) the terrorist events of 9-11-2001 were orchestrated by Israel.

There is a Protestant church on my street that I've been attending for several years and I am going to join that congregation so I can vote on important matters there, but even more importantly, because I no longer wish to have the shame of being identifiable as a Jewish person.
I am not from Palestine, but troubles of those poor people were created by the British and the American Politicians who had no right to promise the Zionist Jews land that was not theirs.
After seeing what they did to the people of Palestine, I can see why so many countries like England, Germany and others expelled them from their lands.
Hitler spoke the truth when he said "The Jews are responsible for the mess Germany was in".
The U.S. has given well over 100 Billion dollars to Israel, while thousands are unemployed, homeless living day to day, all thanks to the blackmail by AIPAC. If anyone doesn't vote to help Israel, or complains about the amount of money or even talks to an Arab, is committing political suicide.
I would not be surprised that Israel was behind the 9-11 attacks of 2001. Arabs were supposedly the hijackers, but 5 of the alleged men are still alive and it turns out their identities were stolen. I wouldn't be surprised that nearly all of them were stolen ID's. The news of the identity theft never made the headlines. I didn't learn about until 13 years later.
I am not a praying type, but I pray Arab countries of Mid-East annihilate the invaders of old Palestine, I only wish there was a way I could help.
As if the world has been fast asleep and only to wake up to find Palestine reduced to nothing is a sad observation, especially America and it's aligns always try to portray themselves as gate-keepers for justice! Now that they all report to Israel, they see no wrong in the evil of Israel against the native people of Palestine.
Simply, the world is very unfair and very unjust! Justice simply does not exist when anything has to deal with Israel. Palestine is getting destined while whole world is watching!
The United Nations is another joke. Ban Ki Mon, went to Tel Aviv to confirm the "legitimacy of Israel" instate of strongly conderm Israel for the massacre of civilians in the Gaza Strip!!
How would the State of California like it if they were denied access to the Bay from San Francisco down to Santa Barbara? To take away this land from Israel is not just wrong but totally unholy. Israel has fought for its land from the 1900's to the present day; they gave land to the Arabs/Palestinians while they farmed their arid areas and made them produce. The boundaries of Israel should go from Lebanon to Trans Jordan/Jordan to Egypt.
The Crises between Isreal and Palestene is very unfortunate. I do not beleive that this crises ia about relegion, i think is political. And again sice that region has been in existance for long , I don't see any reason why 55%of their land is given to the so- call zionist (as I read).The United Nation and its allied are responsible for all what is happening in that region, they should ther fore look in to this issues critically to e nd this crises once and for all please.
OK, time to interject some common sense. A question for all of you Israeli supporters: Where was Abraham's "god" before he was supposedly "called out"? What religion was he BEFORE that? Do you see what I'm getting at here? There was NO SUCH THING as an Israel at the time...BUT there were people ALREADY occupying the land of Palestine. Judaism has not existed since the beginning, that's foolishness. Israel has no claim to that land on a religious basis. Pretty simple right? Right. So who was god before Abraham invented his version of the story? Upon which generations added their own twist to it...including the muslims. Neither one of these versions of "god" actually exist, otherwise it would have been common knowledge ever since humanity was "created". All this religious BS is nonsense, a manmade fallacy to usurp authority over one another in someone elses name. Therefor it is UNconstitutional for the United States to offer military aid and financial support to Israel on that basis.
Under considerable Zionist pressure, the UN recommended giving away 55% of Palestine to an illegal Jewish state – despite the fact that this group represented only about 30% of the total population, mostly immigrated illegally, and owned under 7% of the land. Just imagine the corrupt role of this UN!
you need to grow up. Where have you been?

This conflict is NOT about religion anymore. It's political. The ZIONIST agenda, however, IS religious.

If you've read anything on this site, you should know that.
Please read.

There is no God. Never was. Its a stone age belief.
So "God" could never have given anything to anyone.
Thus misguided religious nutters killing each other in the name of a stone age belief is all there is left.
Grow up.
As a ex-army man who served in Palestine 1946/7/8 I have no love for the Jews,they used us as targets in there war against Great Britain and now they are trying to destroy the real Palestinians,well I had lots of contact with Arabs and I really enjoyed working with them,they treated us like brothers and thats what I feel towards the Arab people.
Everyone has to know the problem is not as simple as one people pushing the other into the sea. its atrocious what the palestinians are experiencing, but one must understand the land was in in existence before 1946. We must not forget the jews were in exile from the time of the Roman empire. They were actually pushed out of the very same lands by the superpower of that era after destroying their temple, homes and villages. The land did not remain vacant after that. May people have since called it home. The best solution is a 2 state solution, with shared cities, but with the hatred and mistrust in both sides I fear that will not happen, and what we observe will continue to be normal.
@jdel - you filthy uncle F***er. The Jews are an occupying power. They pushed the Palestinians into the sea or desert. They should all be immediatly deported.
IS there any plan to dub these into Enlish, or to make an English language documentary? Most Americans know nothing about this.
All Palestine land belongs to Israel. The people can stay but it all should be under Israeli rule.
We are all brothers and sisters, we all have the right to live in our own land, therefore both Palestine and Israel both have the right to exist. How can these people forget that there lived side by side one day and their God is the same. Stop the fight and live in peace, before we realize we all will be dead anyway, why not enjoy and let others do too. Peace & Love to you all.
Martin, We are dealing with it, we will keep fighting until we get it back. and once the zionists take over your land, you deal with it too.
Martin: Not sanctioned by God but by foreign imposter terrorists. Palestine had no army to defend themselves either.
inshaallah plastine will get his land soon.....
allah may help them
Every conquering horde claims to worship a god that commands them to act like demons.
it is Gods land, not ours, and he decides who'sland it is - deal with it
I believe..."Nothing more important then the living human being", but at times forces pushes people one way or another.
I live in New York City where there are 131 or more different nationalities, everyone getting along as it seems out in the open, back room talk is another matter. There will never be peace in Israel because the Jews will not accept anyone outside their own race, they strongly believe by nature they are the chosen ones to guide and rule the world as all peoples of the world have nothing but animal brains. Jews in New York when in dislike with something use their religion as an excuse for rebellion. They say..."its against our religion", but actually they want control and making others have limited success in their lives. They bring hate to themselves where ever they go, they reject everything that isn't Jewish and demand a change. Lucky for them New Yorkers are peaceful, at this time, otherwise many would be hurt for the annoyance they erupted as this past summer with an art gallery, bike lanes, truck advertisements, and non Jewish women walking in short dresses through "THEIR" neighborhood. They are a self cast out race, refuse to intermix with anyone unless they see a benefit in dollars or control for themselves. In New York they control the politicians and only for their own gains. Recently there is a nasty saying going around targeted to the politicians only,..."The further away a politician is from the Jew, the closer he is to the people". Another back room remark is..."Don't trust a rapist with your daughter, don't trust a Jew on his dealings". Does anyone remember the Jews asking England to promise them Palestine if they can get America into the first world war to defeat Germany? Does anyone remember the Jewish boycott in America and England against buying German goods, this eventually sparked the German boycott of Jewish stores. Jews struck first declaring "Jews declare war on Nazi Germany". This was way before any violence against the Jews were started in Germany. Their loyalty was non-trusting both times preceding both wars in the eyes of the German population, how much can we (Americans) or anyone trust them. There has been a remark here in New York to the Jews to bind together to get rid of President Obama for not backing Israel to a much greater extent, just a remark now this was, in the New York Post, just as they bounded together to stage a global boycott of German goods, they can't be trusted !!! And if ever our New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg ever becomes President, enslavement will follow, America destroyed as he backs only Jewish concerns, he too (a Russian Jew) is non trusting, a swindling, lying, two face, backstabbing miss-fortune. A billionaire who finances only Jewish issues all others he has a deft ear to. You know what Jewish people, get out of America and go to your promise land and work your chosen miracles for yourselves there, too many other nations hate America, want death to America because of you, because America backs all of you we get denounced. Jews get out and stay out !!! Don't go to Europe, I've heard back room talks there also, especially in France, Poland and Russia, and in Germany, if you knew the thoughts of people, but are afraid to express themselves and can be arrested for speaking any Jewish dislike. Damned their freedom of speech in Germany !!!
Yes, Israelites have been persecuted and enslaved many times in history. God promised them a land called Israel. Israel will never be removed b/c I believe God delivered them and put them back to the Promised Land. These are my beliefs and cannot be changed. Palastinians were living on land already spoken for. BUT, I know Israel should have treated the refugees with compassion and they shouldn't be persecuted. BUT on the other hand, if they give money to Palestinians, they won't use it for food, water, shelter for the people...they will use it (at least the majority of it) on weapons and ammunition...they would be paying for their own slaughter. bottom line: Israel's poor treatment of Palestinians is a sin but it doesn't take away their right to reclaim their land...they still belong there.
Peoples of Canaan and these lands have fought over boundaries over 3000 years. The Hebrew people first came from Mesopotamia to lands of Canaan and then the sea people, known then as the Philistines, settled along the south-western coast of Canaan. These two groups are now the Israelis and Palestinians. How can it be said that Israel took the land from Palestinians...
Bismillah,One day israel hide with palestinains,
Thank you for posting this map. I am in a dicussion with a person. about Palistine and how after WWII some outsiders saw fit to give a some of Palistien to create a new country Isreal. I agree that to take a group and give part of what they have to another group.
To me ths would be like me and some of my other neighbors go to another neighbors house and say well this family has no place to live, so, I am giving them half of your house. I really don't think my neighbor would be happy with us.
amir, talk of 'not looking to the past' is meaningless and deceiving. If you kill my children and steal my wife, and I try to take you to court, do you find it acceptable to say that we should 'forget the past'? Palestinians don't look to the past simply for its own sake, remembering it for no reason other than to hate. They look to the past because the injustices of the past are still perpetrated today! The refugees ethnically cleansed in 1948 are still denied the right to return to their land today by your state. Should they forget the past, renounce the legitimate rights that Israel stole from them in that past, 'and look to the future'? Only when the continuing injustices of the past are ended can we look to leaving what has happened behind us.
And do not tell us that the past is 'relative' to each one's point of view. Would you find it acceptable if I denied the holocaust because that is my 'relative' point of view? If I kill your family, is that something we can say has never happened because it is 'relative' to one's own point of view. There is historical reality, and then there are lies, and there is nothing 'relative' about this conflict. There is one side that has been historically and factually the oppressor, and one side that has been the oppressed - there are no 'mutual responsibilities', this is no 'misunderstanding' that can just be brushed away, the crimes that Israel has committed in the past, and which are being committed today are so vast, that they cannot be neither forgotten nor forgiven.
Hi,to the president of the Palestinian people.
We have to look to the future and not to the past,
because future can be for both of the peoples
but the past is relative to each ones point of view.
Israel Jordan and Palestine are old words
from the old world.
The best , on my point of view is to make one big state with all peoples
Muslims Christians and Jews.
Only that this has to be a secular state because 3 religions can work together only if they are not run by the state.
In one secular state you can have many religions
but in a religious state , only can be 1 religion and no secularism
respect is the key word for peace
and maybe call that state Abrahamia
I'm an Israeli
who is fed up of injustices
Any notice this map was posted sept 10 2001... just sayin
We love you Palestine. My children love you and we are soon coming to visit you. We keep you alive from generation to generation and we refuse to let you die
Jews, Christians, and Muslims all once lived together in a place called Palestine. Zionist Colonizers came and changed that. Zionism is division, segregation, and apartheid.. not multiculturalism !! Making a country for people of one religion only is not multiculturalism.

'Europe save the truth'.. read a book.. or two..
hi , i am an iguana my name is zilla , n i was wondering 2 things i just can't comprehend , i know the size of my brain is the size of a pea , but mayb some1 could help me understand , y is it that jews get upset and called people anti-semetic when people of any religion reject their holocust , when jews them self including the israely goverment , reject the armenian genecide which was in fact the 1sr holocust of the 20th century .
The 2nd is , y do jews cry about Germanys ethnic-cleansing , when the jews r doing the exact same thing 2 the palestinians . im not a jew or christian , as i only believe in the egg that i came out .
If another iguana tries 2 climb in2 my egg , with out my permission n by force , i should concidered that an occupation , n if i had rockets i will bomb the crap out of her till she takes her tail out of there .
thanks , tschuss .
The Haavara Agreement (Hebrew: הסכם העברה Translit.: heskem haavara Translated: "transfer agreement") was signed on 25 August 1933 after three months of talks by the Zionist Federation of Germany (die Zionistische Vereinigung für Deutschland), the Anglo-Palestine Bank (under the orders of the Jewish Agency, an official executive agency in then Palestine) and the economic authorities of the Nazi regime of Germany. The agreement was designed to help facilitate the emigration of German Jews to Palestine. While it helped Jews emigrate, it forced them to give up most of their possessions to Germany before departing. Those assets could later be obtained by transferring them to Palestine as German export goods.[1] Approximately 60,000 Jews emigrated to Palestine under this agreement, bringing with them $100 million (almost $1.7 billion in 2009 dollars)[2]. The main proponent of the Ha'avara Agreement was Haim Arlosoroff
Nor Jewish or palestinian where a Nation. To be a nation is not essential any way. Maybe in the mind of few bourgeois poeple in the end of the 19 century they where a Jewish or Palestinian nation. But is does not change anything. Arabic poeple, farmers, workers, intelectuals, where woirking on this land, blad el sham. Even if they did not call themself Palestinian people in any occasion . The zionist movement is a colonial movement that has no legitimacy to took this land what ever was the name of it.

Now the name is Palestine, and it includes the Palestinian Mandate where the zionist movement destroyed the land, the culture, the work of the indigenous people from 1900 till now. Now the Palestinian feeling and nation is real and legitimate.
Europe save the truth.

One of the reasons why Palestinian don't want to 'live together' in the 'multicultural country' (??!!) which is Israel, is that the Zionist forces existing within Israel that created and maintain it, don't what to live with them - Zionism is, by definition, NOT 'multicultural'.

As for no such thing as a '"Palestinian Nation" before the Jews came', I think you are confusing 'nation' with 'nation-state' - the Palestinians were, like the Jews, arguably a nation, before Israel, a 'nation-state', was created.
I do not justify the moves of Israel since they went to Palestina's Territories, They were terrible, but im really sorry to say to all "Muslim Palestinians" that there was no "Palestina Nation" before the Jews came. First the Ottoman, then the British mandatory. So now it sounds really strange that suddenly Palestinians want to have a nation. Israel is a multicultural country, why do they not accept to live together???? My Goodness, wake up!! I really do not think that Israel is nasty and Palestinians are the "poor little babies". Palestinians just dont want to assimilate and Israel is just too arrogant and makes more troubles!!
Allah, Allah, Allah. No God is gonna help you my dear, because God knows who is honest, and I'm sure that Israel will be punished for his crimes, but Palestinians will never achieve what they want, because they do it against other cultures, They are the first to block a multicultural society, exactly like fanatic Iran's Government. And believe me, GOD knows THAT. So beware.
May Allah return us to this land...
The jewish people never learn from their history, not a good history but a troubled one. they have been through so much during the slavery with faro's, then with roman's, after that in germany, litterly they hated all most by everybody, then they came to palestine with help of americans british and some other european countries in 1947, another words they took that land by force. What Im trying to say is this the jews instead of being nice and forgiven and live in peace with palestinians even though they came on their land instead they commite all these killings and controlling, they don't know that tommorrow america might not be here and that support might be gone and there is no way that they gonna last in that part of the world on their own for long and history might repeat itself on them again just like the past, becuase in this world nothing, nothing last forever america can not support them forever, and the palestinians can not live that forevr either.
The state of Israel was established in Palestine and supported by the western forces as an extention to the Crusade wars Europe launched against the region in the past. In that, the Christian world is as a victim as the Muslims are today, because these wars were superficially launched in the name of Christianity while the real reason was purely political and economical (The struggle between the Church and states in Europe over power, and the poverty wide spread across Europe at that time). The Jewish people were used by Zionism to spearhead the mission. This is why whenever the Arabs fight Israel they find themselves fighting the whole world!

Therefore, there should be no surprise to find the Palestinians (and Arabs) fighting a religious war defending themselves. In my view, just as today's nations and their populations had paid and still are paying the price of powerful politicians greed. Now Europe is in poverty no more. Therefore Europe must reconsider their humanitarian responsibility towards Palestinians. Unfortunately, Europe never did and will never do such a thing, as France has just refused to apologise to Algere for their 150 years of ocupation and looked at the matter as not worthy for any apology. Such tanacity can not make anyone optimistic about the future.
This a map of Palestine when under British rule,what gave my
country or the UN to give away land that belonged to Palestine.
All the nonsense about chosen people and historical precedent
does not justify this action.The alteration of historical borders
creates huge problems for the future and great resentment which
is a cause of many problems today.
Inshallah palestine came back soon
Justice will not be done until reparation is made to Palestinians for the theft of their land and possessions and they have their own independant state. Reparation should be made not just by Israel but all nations who were complicit in reducing Palestians to refugee status.
I am Christian, still, I am with You. There is Light in my heart, I cannot ignore Truth! It Has Begun...
Peace on all of you
Oh God my dream is Palestine lands back to the Palestinians!
Where Arab leaders where all Muslims of the world Where the world humanity...?
God Bless Palestine
Long Live Palestine
God Erase the racist Zionists...!Thanks for your great and excellent website grand information sources
Talal Mehyar
Thomas Mehiar

السلام عليكم.

Yehhh! That's Palestine !!! All the world shoud see to understand how sionist change the history and the geography.
Thank you
this is vry nice bg thanxs for thise
All Palestinians should be aware that many Americans are very sympathetic to both their plight and their rights. Palestinians deserve their own state, and that state should be substantial in size--substantial enough to accommodate all Palestinians who wish to return from their sad exile, and especially those who have had to spend their lives in the squalor of refugee camps. By any reasonable standards of ethics, what Palestinians were subjected to in 1948 is an outrage, something that, given their history, Jews should understand.
i cant believe how nice this map is wahit ullah !!!
We have to fight to get ourrights and specially land, So give up.
نشكركم جدا جدا على هذا الموقع الجميل، بل الرائع الذي أتاح لنا التعرف عن قرب على أراضي أجدادنا وآبائناوتاريخنا المجيد، بارك الله بكم ووفقكم لما فيه الخير وخدمة أبناء بلدكم فلسطين الحبيبة
رياض عزت عوض