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Palestine's Topography
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on September 10, 2001

Click here you wish to browse all of Palestine and its towns via Google's satellite view.

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Posted by Denies Hassan on December 1, 2012 #147639

more fire palestinians this is the real-real map am so happy to see this,more-fire-more-fire!!!!!
Posted by Rohit Zaveri on February 22, 2012 #141932

Indeed good excercise in cartography. Helps a lot in understanding Israel-Arab conflict. History can not be unlinked to Geography. I have been following this issure for 35 years now and have seen umpteen maps of the region, well this one is probably the best illustrated. Rohit Zaveri - Mumbai - India
Posted by Deano on December 17, 2011 #140236

Great maps and thanks for a great site. Freedom for Palestine from London, UK
Posted by moses abiodun-olawuyi on June 25, 2011 #135641

Great work,it has been a good spiritual exercise for me and it has helped my understanding as a student in the Nigerian Baptist Theological seminary ogbomoso Nigeriaplease keep the good work God bless you all.,Moses a-olawuyi
Posted by Neville Churchill on June 12, 2010 #115180

This site is of huge historical significance and a tremendous benefit to those researching Middle Eastern History. Absolutely invaluable; please please keep up the excellent work.
Posted by Nsimama on January 28, 2010 #102088

God bless you for your wonderful work! These maps are very important in the understanding of the historical messages in the bible. Keep it up!
Posted by niiyaa on November 2, 2009 #93760

this is a good map to me
Posted by grew on November 2, 2009 #93759

this is wonderful
Posted by علي ابو حسان on September 12, 2009 #88819

يا سلام على ارض بلادي .. ارض الاباء والاجداد .. ارض الانبياء وارض المحشر .. مسرى النبي الكريم .. مسقط رأس المسيح عيسى .. الارض الخضراء .. إنا قادمون بإذن الله لتحريرك وإرجاع أرضنا التي سلبت منابهمة شعبك العظيم *شعب الجبارين* لنرسم الابتسامة على كل طفل وكل مسجد وكل كنيسة .. لنعيد المسجد الأقصى الجريح للمسلمين ولتحرير المهد الحزين