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Posted by عصام نمارنة-ميعاري .. مدينة عرابة on MARCH-8-2017 #158374

عائلات ميعار قبل الـ 1948، مكان تواجدها اليوم،
اسم العائلة، مكان تواجدها اليوم والديانة. حسب الترتيب الأبجدي:

1- الأفندي:
المكر، الجديدة
2- تركي:
شفاعمرو، كابول، شعب، لبنان
3- جمل:
كابول، شعب
4- حج خالد:
كابول، لبنان
5- حماد:
كابول، شعب، لبنان
6- خالد:
كابول، لبنان
7- دغيم:
سخنين، كابول، طمرة، لبنان
8- زايد:
كابول، شعب، لبنان
9- شحادة:
كابول، شعب، طمرة، عرابة
10- شولي:
كابول، دنون
11- طه:
كابول، شفاعمرو، عبلين، عرابة
12- عكري:
كابول، عرابة
13- علي:
14- علي سعده:
شعب، شفاعمرو، عرابة
15- عيسى:
16- هيبي:
كابول، شعب، شفاعمرو، سخنين، لبنان، سوريا
17- موعد:
18- ميعاري:
سخنين، شعب، جديدة، عرابة، مجد الكروم
19- ناجي:
20- نمارنة:
عرابة، شفاعمرو، شعب، سخنين، طمرة

جميعهم مسلمون.

- العائلات: نمارنة، طه، حماد، تركي، ناجي: يتبعون نفس الجد وكانوا في السابق يحملون اسم "نمارنة".
- العائلات: جمل، عكري، شولي، أبو ضعوف، علي سعدة: يتبعون نفس الجد وكانوا في السابق يحملون اسم "عكرية".
Posted by Ilyas Miari on MAY-17-2011 #134333

Alsalamo 3alikom
I am from Mi3ar/Palestine but i live in Nablus city/Palestine. Our family settled in Nablus after the 1948 theft of Palestine by the zionist criminals. We were welcomed here and my grandfather was given good jobs by the Nabulsiyin and they helped us with a lot to make us feel safe and at home to ease the pain of being expelled from our village. On the other hand, our relatives who ended up in Lebanon were tortured or killed by shia militias taking orders from nabih berri so many had to flee and now live around europe. I thank God that we ended up within Palestine. And allthough i am happy in Nablus i still dream of mi3ar because it is our ancestor village. I hope that all of Palestine will be free soon inchaallah. Never accept two state solutions, we can only accept all of Palestine which is our ultimate right.
Posted by maha on AUGUST-4-2007 #18822

i am a refugee in my homeland ! i live
Posted by Hatim Kanaaneh, MD on OCTOBER-9-2006 #11738

The population of Mia'ar in 1945 has to be more than 170. I know more than 170 internally displaced people from Mia'ar who were born there before 1948. Could the number be 1700?
More power to you!
Posted by aliyar_np on SEPTEMBER-7-2006 #11563

In the name Allah, the most benificient and the most merciful

My Palestinean Brothers,

Allah will give us victory aganist Devil Countrys America & Esrael.

'Isbir few times, Innallaha ma-a ssabireen'

By Ali bin Fareedudheen
From Kerala, India
Posted by mahmoud nawaf aljamel on FEBRUARY-17-2006 #10326

Very nice job , thanks a lot for every body participating in this work .
my family was living in mi'ar before NAKBA , My father stayed in jordan .
one day we will back , sure ...
ask allah to make it soon , ameen
Posted by Mohammad Miari on FEBRUARY-12-2006 #10306

iam from mia;ar but iam refugee since 1948 in lebanon/ein el helweh camp.i hope to live in it again oneday.ya rab.
Posted by fayad on OCTOBER-12-2005 #9733

i am from miar and now i living in kabul one of the closet villages to miar. its my first visit to this imoprtant website. and i am very glad to see all of necessary decouments about our village. and i feel the necessity to work all toghter to protect our history and not of miar only but the history of all palestine from 1948 and i am ready to take a part of any voluntary tasks that benefit the protecting process of our history
Posted by suvati on NOVEMBER-18-2004 #7862

salam a wa lekum I live in Englnad. But have familiy in Palistine.
They live near the ruins of Miar. please tell me more about it.
ma es salama
Posted by suvati on NOVEMBER-18-2004 #7861

I live in Englnad. But have familiy in Palistine.
They live near the ruins of Miar. please tell me more about it.
Posted by George Wilson on MARCH-5-2003 #3818

I am a volunteer for Ittijah, the Union of Arab Community Based Associations in Haifa. The Al-Amal Association in Shaab is one of our members. Abed Namarneh is the director. His family was expelled from Mi'ar, and he is doing a historical project about Mi'ar. He is interviewing old people from Mi'ar about life there and what happened in the war, and wants to make a video documentary of the interviews. He is also doing research at the Israeli National Archive and collecting documents from Mi'ar-- property deeds, aerial survey photos, birth certificates, etc. His goal is to publish a book.

Abed is looking for funding for this project. If you want to talk to him, whether to give or request information about this project, his telephone in Israel is 050-671-618 (972-50-671-618 if you are calling from outside of Israel). Or you can write to this address and I will pass your message to him.

George Wilson
Posted by Tarik Taha on FEBRUARY-9-2002 #1307

Salam !!

I'm origanly from Mi'ar and i would like to get some information about the place.
Posted by Alhebi Fouad on JUNE-23-2001 #412

I am from Mi'ar and I would like to give you some information about Miar.
We really can not wait, Webmaster