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Nahf - نحف : General view of Nahf looking south west in August 2000
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Nahf - نحف : General view of Nahf looking south west in August 2000

Posted by Ms. Fattom Uploaded on October 8, 2000
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Posted by ali osman on July 24, 2014 #154818

I am from Nahf, but unfortunately, I was born in Lebanon. My father's name is Salah Osman, but his neckname is Salah Alhorani abuhasan. I send to my dear beloved residents in Nahf a warm salam, and may Allah protect you. Happy Ramadan to all of you.
Posted by ali osman on July 24, 2014 #154817

Salami to my brother and his family Mohammad Kholi. Also salami to all the brotghers and sisters from my homtown the beloved Nahf. I live in the USA for the past 32 years and only visited Nahf once in 1995.
Posted by ابو يوسف on January 1, 2012 #140602

ما شاء الله صور رائعه ومجهود رائع اللهم احفظ فلسطين واهلها وارزقنا صلاة في المسجد الاقصى بعد تحريره يا رب العالمين
Posted by ali serhan on March 21, 2011 #131796

I am palestinian from Nahf, born in lebanon( albaddawi camp) and currently in australia.
I send my best regards to all the serhan family in nahf and to all the people of nahf.I hope you all well and live in peace and happiness.
Posted by محمد الحاج on December 18, 2009 #98190

اسلام عليكم انا المواطن من رام الله محمد الحاج كنت في مستشفى تل هشومير سنه 1990 وكانت الاخت خديجه من نحف في المستشفى وعندما خرجت من المستشفى لم اسمع اي اخبار عنها وعن اهلها ونشاء الله تكون في صحه طيبه وان تخبرني عن صحتها اميلي
Posted by حسن موسى النحفاوي on December 9, 2009 #97413

السلام عليكم بهدي سلامي لكل نحفاوي
وانشاء الله الرجعه على البلاد بتكون قريبة
اخوكم المعترب حسن موسى
Posted by محمود ابراهيم احمد on April 27, 2009 #75329

انا بنتمي لقرية نحف وجدي هو احمد ابراهيم احمد غادر قرية نحف عام 1948 وقت النكبة سيئة الذكر بس هذا قدرنا ان نولد لاجئين في لبنان ونحن حاليا في مخيم البداوي شمال لبنان .
Posted by ibrahim saleh abdallah on August 30, 2008 #50734

I am palestinian from Nahf born in Lebanon and I am working in Dubai I like my country it seems beautiful more than my father was telling us about. I hope everybody living in peace and well.