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The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem By Benny Morris
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on September 24, 2001

This is the MOST important book ever authored about the Palestinian "Refugees Problem" written by the famous Israeli historian Benny Morris. It is full of details based on declassified Israeli, Haganah, and Zionist documents. The book is a must read for any person who wants to know the core facts surrounding the plight of the ethnically cleansed Palestinians. Click here to view the reviews and the pricing of this book at

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  • Prior to "accusing" Benny Morris to be a "self-hating Jew" or anti-Zionist, we suggest reading his latest article interview with the British "The Guardian", click here for details, and a more recent interview with Ha'aretz Daily, click here as well.
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  • The NEW and UPDATED version of Morris's' book is being blocked by Israeli censorship, click here for more info.
  • Israel and the Palestinians by Benny Morris.
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Posted by polo mauro on August 3, 2010 #118938

israelian zionism is a racist movement that destroyed and destroys the peace in palestine.the israelian people don't know the real history of palestine.we must thank morris and the others israelian historians to explained the real events of second shoah "al nakba".
Posted by mark Bernadiner on July 19, 2010 #117917

I have never seen before in my life so ignorant, uneducated individual, who claim to be historian. Morrise knowledge is based on street-popular crup, he mosly invented.
Posted by Ahsan on July 19, 2009 #83526

SA has correctly pointed out that Mr Morris has been very narrow at times specially in characterizing, Arabs, Muslims ans Islam....The way he defines/characterize the 1.4Billion diverse population os Muslims from Indonesia to Saudi/Tuekey to USA is very narrow.

Albeit, I would agree with Morris, that expelling whole palestinian population could have been a long lasting peace but i wuoldn't support his views for peace, I would rather call for JUSTICE because if you are a Muslim or christian/Jew day of judgment will come and then God will ask us of all the unjust we did to others.
Posted by SA on April 16, 2009 #74203

While Morris has made important contributions to this "new history" we need to make sure we are not blind to the fact that he in fact is quite right-wing, and is only really associated with the left wing due to his support of a two state solution. He regularly characterizes Islam, Arabs, and Palestinians as having inherently flawed values that are the cause of the conflict. Please everyone, do your research before you heroicize someone!
Posted by hhhh on August 4, 2008 #48142

After seeing Morris on CSpan2 lately - I must have misheard him. He didn't apppear anything but an extreme rightwinger. He started out saying all Arab culture/history is made up of lies - they can do nothing but ly. His claims to being a "real" historian looked weak.
Posted by عبد السلام on April 25, 2008 #35797

ارجو ارسال كل ما هو جديد وصور قديمة لفلسطين
ويسعدني ان اكون صديقا دائما لكم
Posted by a bos on January 23, 2008 #27732

Must get your book. Ik hope it's available here in Holland.

Greetings and respect
Posted by andrew on November 26, 2007 #24146


moris- you are not a pius jew. please revisit your philosophy.
Posted by Jomana on June 9, 2007 #17046

Hello I would just like to thank you on writing great books such as the birth of the Palestinian refugee problem, you publish the truth on Palestine, thank you so much!