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Expulsion of the Palestinians By Nur Masalha
Posted on September 24, 2001

This book is highly focused on the Zionist concept of "Transfer" to solve the "Arab Problem" in Palestine. Based on declassified Israeli and Zionists documents, Masalha CONCLUSIVELY proved how the concept of "transfer" was central and fundamental for the successful realization of Zionism.  Click here to view the reviews and the pricing of this book at 


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Response to "David Kessler"'; the number "six million" is arbitrary. And your "transfer of ownership" myth is ethnic cleansing. Regarding supposed "selling" of land "it is estimated that by the end of the Mandate not more than 6 to 7 per cent of the total area of Palestine was sold voluntarily to the agency (Jewish Agency for Israel), and more important, the sale was not initiated by Palestinian peasantry; rather it was primarily absentee landlords and local landowners, in addition to foreign interests, who co-operated with the settlers."

The Ottoman Land Code of 1858, the Ottoman's didn't even own the Palestinians land.

Quote- The Land Registration Law of 1858, ostensibly passed to determine title to land, was actually

a means of identifying properties for the purpose of taxation and of disclosing the existence of persons subject to military conscription. For these reasons only a small proportion of transactions was recorded, and these chiefly concerned elderly persons, females, foreigners and those sufficiently influential to be able to avoid military service. As an index of owners, the registers therefore became hopelessly incomplete.... In order to avoid taxation, a person owning some hundreds of dunums had them recorded as an area of, say, ten or twenty dunums.4

Peasants who registered their land at all often did so in the names of deceased or fictitious persons or of members of the effendi (gentry) or of urban merchants. Title thereby existed in the names of upper class Moslems, Christians, and Jews in Jerusalem, Beirut, and Damascus. Members of the urban elite filed whole villages in their own names, and tenure passed into the hands of those who were often landlord, tax collector, and usurer all in


one. The bribing of officials and the blackmailing of peasants also played a role in the recording of ever more land in the names of absentee landlords.5

A Survey of Palestine, prepared for the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry in the mid forties, described the continuing dispossession of the fellaheen in the same manner as had the Simpson Report. Legal fictions regarding title rather than traditional rights based on possession continued to insure land transactions between large Arab and Zionist landowners. “The Ottoman land registry records... still constitute the basis of a large number of claims to real rights in Palestine.” Yet Arab agriculturists worked “state” lands to the extent that “it cannot be assumed that Government is in possession of extensive tracts of land which are lying idle.” In 1944 the Jewish population, determined to be 553,600 (32%) out of 1,739,624 (including the never increasing nomads), held 1,731,300 dunums. “This total area of Jewish land represents 6.6% of the total area of Palestine.”24
Six million Jews were not ethnically cleansed - they were murdered. This book focuses on the views and policies of right-wing Zionists as if they were the majority and confuses transfer of population with transfer of ownership through consensual selling and purchase.
Shocking and disgusting. This was just after the 'ethnic cleansing' of 6million Jews.
Shameful! I guess to the Zionists, 'never again' only applied to Jews.