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Zionist FAQs: Ben-Gurion And The Palestinian Arabs, From Peace to War by Shabtai Teveth

Shabtai Teveth (Weizmann Institute, Tel-Aviv University) is one of the few official Ben-Gurion's biographers. Teveth made a great effort in researching the evolution of Ben-Gurion's mindset (based on declassified behind close door transcripts and personal dairy) regarding the "Arab question." The book focuses on Ben-Gurion's limited contacts with the Palestinian Arab leaders, and clearly paints a different picture than then one usually available for public consumption. Surprisingly, Ben-Gurion displayed a pragmatic understanding of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which publicly has been suppressed for propaganda purposes. From our point of view, this book is a must read book. Click here to view the pricing and reviews at Barns and Noble.

It should be noted that Mr. Teveth is a staunch Zionist. He was one of the earliest to attack the new historians. In Israeli newspapers, he called their work "a farrago of distortions, omissions, tendentious readings and outright falsifications" whose intent was to undermine the Zionist project to secure a 'Jewish state'.


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Per Ben-Gurion:

“As of 1929, the Palestinian people owned and operated over 96% of Palestine's lands, and as of 1946 they owned 93% of the country.” UNQUOTE

Also, was Mr. Teveth pro Zionist or Anti-Zionist?

Peace be with you.
You say of the author: "by no means Mr. Teveth is none Zionists" which I find very confusing. I think you mean to say "Mr. Teveth is very pro-Zionist" - is this correct?
الحقيقة أن الصهيونية تريد فلسطين للصهاينه ولاتحبد وجود الفلسطنين ، إنها تهاجم حتي قبور آبائهم