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Sakhnin - سخنين: Police arrest five Sakhnin residents following President's visit by Ha'aretz Daily

Posted on December 19, 2001

By Jalal Bana, Ha'aretz Correspondent and Ha'aretz Service published on December 19, 2001, click here for full report.

Police arrest five Sakhnin residents following President's visit

The Galilee District police arrested Wednesday morning five Sakhnin resident who are suspected of disturbing the peace and rioting during President Moshe Katsav's visit to the town.

President Moshe Katsav visited
Sakhnin on Tuesday to convey his best wishes for Id al Fitr and paid a visit to the graves of the town's two victims of last year's October riots in which 12 Israeli Arab citizens were shot dead by police.

The president's visit was marred by demonstrations by a few hundred townspeople, who tried to prevent his convoy's entry to the town. Four policemen were slightly injured by demonstrators.

"The Arab street is becoming increasingly extreme and the Arab leadership is responsible for setting clear boundaries in the their struggle, Katsav said Wednesday morning.

Katsav told Israel Radio that "some of the leaders of the Arab public carry out a negative role," and referred to MK Ahmed Tibi (Ta'al). "I was surprised at the response, but the visit continued as planned," Katsav said.


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