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Posted by Donna Mourra on APRIL-8-2013 #149421

God will give the land back to the Palestinian people soon. Will happen in my lifetime. Jesus is not a Jew. Never was and never will be.
Posted by Hana on JANUARY-3-2009 #62121

mar7aba ilko kolko ana 3aysha bi abu dhabi o batmanna inno tkonn sanet 2009 afdal akeed la falas6een
Posted by salinas on APRIL-3-2008 #33591

Hi i live in the uk but i am palastinian from sohmata i asy halo to every one from my sohmata
Posted by Mustafa Ahmed Aref on APRIL-1-2007 #14679

i just would like to say hello for all my people and freinds in Suhmata and to say that i miss you Suhmata.
Posted by Ziad Kaddoura on JANUARY-6-2007 #12451

Look into my eyes
And tell me what you see.
You don't see a damn thing,
'cause you can't possibly relate to me.

You're blinded by our differences.
My life makes no sense to you.
I'm the persecuted Palestinian.
You're the American red, white and blue.

Each day you wake in tranquility,
No fears to cross your eyes.
Each day I wake in gratitude,
Thanking God He let me rise.

You worry about your education
And the bills you have to pay.
I worry about my vulnerable life
And if I'll survive another day.

Your biggest fear is getting ticketed
As you cruise your Cadillac.
My fear is that the tank that just left
Will turn around and come back.

American, do you realize,
That the taxes that you pay
Feed the forces that traumatize
My every living day?

The bulldozers and the tanks,
The gases and the guns,
The bombs that fall outside my door,
All due to American funds.

Yet do you know the truth
Of where your money goes?
Do you let your media deceive your mind?
Is this a truth that no one knows?

You blame me for defending myself
Against the ways of Zionists.
I'm terrorized in my own land
And I'm the terrorist?

You think you know all about terrorism
But you don't know it the way I do,
So let me define the term for you,
And teach you what you thought you knew.

I've known terrorism for quite some time,
Fifty-five years and more.
It's the fruitless garden uprooted in my yard.
It's the bulldozer in front of my door.

Terrorism breathes the air I breathe.
It's the checkpoint on my way to school.
It's the curfew that jails me in my own home,
And the penalties of breaking that curfew rule.

Terrorism is the robbery of my land,
And the torture of my mother,
The imprisonment of my innocent father,
The bullet in my baby brother.

So American, don't tell me you know about
The things I feel and see.
I'm terrorized in my own land
And the blame is put on me.

But I will not rest, I shall never settle
For the injustice my people endure.
Palestine is our land and there we'll remain
Until the day our homeland is secure.

And if that time shall never come,
Then we will never see a day of peace.
I will not be thrown from my own home,
Nor will my fight for justice cease.

And if I am killed, it will be in Falasteen.
It's written on my every breath.
So in your own patriotic words,
Give me liberty or give me death
Posted by Webmaster on OCTOBER-26-2005 #9781

English and Arabic follows
יום השנה לנכבת סוחמאתא 29/10/2005

ב-28 לאוקטובר שנת 1948 נכבש הכפר סוחמאתא ע"י כוחות הצבא הישראלי, תושביו גורשו ובתיו נהרסו כולם... תושבי סוחמאתא מקימים כל שנה אירוע זכרון בתאריך זה.

בשנה זו תצטרף עמותת זוכרות לתושבים, וזאת ביום שבת 29/10/2005, בשעה 13:00 בצהריים.

תכנית האירוע:

סיור בכפר ביחד עם התושבים ועמותת בני סוחמאתא. בסוף הסיור יתקיים אירוע ליד חורבות הכנסיה שבשכונה המערבית. תופץ חוברת שמופקת במיוחד ליום זה. האירוע יכלול:

· דברי פתיחה וברכה

· דברי עמותת בני סוחמאתא

· ברכות העמותה להגנה על זכויות העקורים

· דברי עמותת זוכרות

קו 194 לסוחמאתא

יצא מת"א בשעה 10:00 מתחנת הרכבת "מרכז" (ארלוזרוב) ליד רציף אל-על

מחיפה בשעה 11:30 מכיכר תיאטרון "אלמידאן" (כיכר סולל בונה)

מפגש כלי רכב פרטיים ؟ ליד השער בכניסה לשביל העפר המוביל בכפר (על כביש נהריה צפת, מזרחית למעלות) להרשמה: 03-5371706.

Suhmata Nakbeh Memorial Day 29/10/05

On October 28th 1948, the village of Suhmata was occupied by the Israeli army. Its inhabitants were deported and all of the village's houses were demolished.

The people of Suhmata hold their annual memorial day every year on his date in October.

This year Zochrot takes part in commemorating this day together with the people of Suhmata

The event will take place on Saturday, October 29th, at 13:00


A tour of the village along with local villagers accompanied by the Abnaa Suhmata. association

The main event following the tour will take place by the village's church ruins located at the western neighborhood:

1. Greetings

2. An address by Abnaa Suhmata Association's representative

3. An address by ADRID ( association for the defence of the rights of the internally displaced persons in Israel ).

4. An address by Zochrot

Bus line No.194 to Suhmata

Will be leaving at 10:00am from Tel ؟ Aviv central train station ( Arlozorov ) next to the El ؟ Al terminal

The bus will arrive to Haifa at 11:30am at Al ؟ Midan theatre square ( Solel Bone square ).

For those arriving in private vehicles the meeting point will be by the village's gate entering the dirt road leading to the village ( Naharyia ؟ Tzfat road, to the east of Maalot ).

في ذكرى نكبة سحماتا ؟ 29/10/2005

في الـ-28 من شهر تشرين أول عام 1948 أُحتِلَتْ قرية سحماتا على أيدي قوات الجيش الاسرائيلي، شُردَ أهاليها وهُدمت لاحقًا عن بكرة أبيها... إن أهالي سحماتا الذين يحيون سنويًّا هذه الذكرى تنضم اليهم جمعية "ذاكرات" تضامنًا معهم وذلك يوم السبت الموافق 29/10/2005 في تمام الساعة الواحدة ظهرًا.

في البرنامج:

جولة في القرية للتعرف على معالمها بعد النكبة برفقة جمعية وأهالي سحماتا. في نهاية الجولة سيقام اجتماع في الحارة الغربية، قرب كنيسة القرية.

يتخلل الاجتماع:

· افتتاح وترحيب بالحضور

· كلمة جمعية أبناء سحماتا

· تحية الجمعية القطرية للدفاع عن حقوق المهجرين

· كلمة جمعية "ذاكرات"

خط 194 الى سحماتا:

ستنطلق الحافلة من تل أبيب في تمام الساعة 10:00 ظهرًا من محطة القطار المركزية بجانب رصيف أل عال (أرلوزوروف).

ومن حيفا الساعة 11:30 من ساحة مسرح "الميدان" (سوليل بونية)

اللقاء في القرية ؟ قرب البوابة (شارع نهريا ؟ صفد، شرقي معلوت)

במסגרת פעילות מרכז המידע על הנכבה, זוכרות מזמינה את הציבור לאירועים הקרובים
המקום: בית עובד 13, תל אביב - יפו
טלפון: 03-5371706

ב-28.10, יום שישי, יתקיימו הרצאה וסדנא בנושא "פמיניזם, נשים ונכבה". ההרצאה תינתן על ידי פאטמה קאסם, את הסדנא תעברנה טליה פריד ולירון טל. ההרצאה תחל בשעה 10:00.

ב-2.11, יום רביעי, בשעה 20:00, תתקיים הרצאה של סמי אבושחאדה על "הנכבה של יאפא".

ב-8.11, יום שלישי, בשעה 20:00, תתקיים שיחה וסדנא בהנחיית עמית פרלסון בנושא "טראומה קולקטיבית וזהות".

ב- 18.11, יום שישי,משעה 10:00-14:00, יתקיים המשכו של הדיון ב"פמיניזם, נשים ונכבה". בתכנית הרצאה של רע'דה אלנבולסי על "השפעות הנכבה על מבנה המשפחה הפלסטינית" ודיון, כמו כן תנתן הרצאה בנושא "מילטריזם ופמיניזם בהקשר של נשים יהודיות ב-1948" על ידי גל הרמט. יוספה מקייטון תנחה סדנא בנושאים האמורים.

Upcoming events at Zochrot's Learning Center on the Palestinian Nakba

All events are free and open to the public

Location: 13 Beit Oved St., Tel Aviv ؟ Jaffa

Tel. 03-5371706

Feminism, Women, and the Nakba (First of two encounters)

Lecture by Fatma Kassem, followed by a workshop led by Liron Tal and Talia Fried

Friday, October 28, 10:00 a.m.

The Nakba of Jaffa

Lecture by Sami Abu-Shadeh

Wednesday, November 2, 8:00 p.m.

Collective Trauma and Identity

Conversation and workshop led by Amit Perelson

Tuesday, November 8, 8:00 p.m.

Feminism, Women, and the Nakba (Second of two encounters)

Lecture by Raghad Elnabilsi on the "Impact of the Nakba on Palestinian Family Structure" and discussion; lecture on "Militarism and Feminism in the Context of Jewish Women in 1948" by Gal Harmat; workshop by Yosefa Mekeitun

Friday, November 18, 10:00 a.m. ؟ 2:00 p.m.
Posted by Ahmad on AUGUST-20-2005 #9448

Greetings to all the palestinains all across the world....i am very proud of the creator of this site....because this is an excellent way of keepin palestinians in touch , especially all the lost ones like us suhmata people...

if there is anyone that thinks they are related to me ....please dont hesisitate to contact me because i want to find ppl that are related to me directly or indirectly ....

Keep up the good work
Posted by mohamad on FEBRUARY-14-2005 #8370

اشكر كل من ساهم بوضع المعلومات والصور إذ استطيع شرح ما سمعته من اهلي رحمهم الله بالصور
بارك الله بكم
Posted by mohamad on FEBRUARY-14-2005 #8369

اريد الاشتراك معكم اذا امكن
والسلام عليكم
Posted by Mohammed Hammoud on FEBRUARY-12-2005 #8351

Iam from Sohmata Salamat for all
Posted by nadia on AUGUST-18-2004 #7315

my name is nadia salameh,i am a palestinian living in a village near ramallah called al-tirah. i just wanted to indicate my gratitude for creating such an amazing site. this is the best way for palestinians all over the world to be in touch with eachother and to become one great big family.i hope that there is a way for me to help out the palestinians out there, if there is i will be honored to do something.i really want thank every person who participated in this work. it is truely such an amzing thing to do.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
Posted by KHALED KADDOURAS on DECEMBER-22-2003 #5320

hi every body
just to say happy new year,hopping 2004 bring to our nation a better luck.
Posted by KHALED KADDOURAS on OCTOBER-14-2003 #4987

hi all
first of all iam proud to be palestinian,but at the same time we cant run away from reality,its nice to have adream, ,but to go back to my country ,to my village,Suhmata,i see it A BIG DREAM.
Best regards to every palestinian all over the diaspera.
Posted by Hisham M. Kaddoura on MAY-25-2003 #4132

أماه، خي كلماتي
إجمعيها من بين صائد الشعراء
سترين Y´يها وطني
ساكن بين الواY´ي وحروY´ الهجاء
أماه...كل رسوماتي
Y´يها جزء من وطني
أو هو كل الأجزاء
Y´يها الألوان د نعست
لما طغى لون الدماء
Posted by Yousif Fayez Qaddoura on DECEMBER-6-2002 #3448

hi alllllll.. nice website .. hope u will continue in this great work ...

Posted by Ahmad Jabre Kaddoura on NOVEMBER-7-2002 #3347

This is the first time I visit this site, I am impressed to see something like that.
My best regards to those people who work on this site, it enriches our knowledge of Palestine history.

Hopefully, one day our kids will be able to live in Palestine.

With my best regards.
Ahmad Kaddoura
Posted by Rana Balshe on AUGUST-23-2002 #2792

I would like to send my regards to Suhmata and the people of Suhmata all over the world. It is an honor for Suhmata that it was one of the last resistance locations in 1948 and that it was one of the last towns to fall in 1948. All through the years Suhmata has continued to support the revolution and to give its sons and daughters to liberate palestine. From here I would like to salute all the Palestinians and Suhmatians that provided all they have and can to the noble cause of liberating Palestine. Long Live Palestine and we will be back one day.
Posted by Firas Kaddoura on JULY-9-2002 #2418

One day we will defeat the enemy and we shall return to Palestine, all of Palestine. We shall raise our children on the love of Palestine, all Palestine and not just the West Bank and Gaza. I was born in a refugee camp like many other Palestinians, I will never forget that I never had a chance to play ar have a toy... My childhood was stolen by the Israelis... We will never quit dreaming of the day we will return to Palestine, all of Palestine.. We will pass the tourch to our children the same way our parents carried it and passed it to us... The Intifada shall continue, and the OPRESSED PEOPLE SHALL BE VICTORIOUS. See you in Palestine Insha Allah.
Posted by Mustafa Mohamed Kaddoura on FEBRUARY-22-2002 #1354

مصطفى محمد مصطفى حسين قدورة

فلسطين هي موطني وسحماتا هي قريتي ولا بديل عن عودتي ولا يحق لمن كان أن يكون ان يقرر عني إلا بعودتي فلا بديل عن سحماتا مهما طال الزمان . لا تدمعي يا شجر الزيتون فنحن اوفياءا لك كما كان اباؤنا وأجدادنا وكذلك اطفالنا كلنا نحن لك كما انت تحني لنا .

سحماتا كفكفي دموعك وابشري عهدا لك بأننا عائدون لبني بك وتعمري وتعود البسمة اليك وتزهو اشجار الزيتون وتعود الطيور تغرد بك بعد ان استعمرها البوم الذي سوف يغدو بعيدا حين نلتقي اشتفنا الى المقبرة فيك التي بتهج بان تكون هي الثرى لنا وليس في بلاد الغربة ستعيدين المياه من منبعها لنا بعد ان حرمتي منها المغتصبي وفائنا لك لن يقل عن وفاءك لنا
ايها الجليل الاعلى لن نرشح احدا لكي يقرر عني بحق عودتي فان قام احد بذلك فأعلم باننا بريئون منه ولن يكون ذلك اخر المطاف فنحن قطعنا عهدا بأن نعود مهما طال الزمان ان ذلك بالحرب او بالسلم ارواحنا فداك فلسطين وكي لا وفيكي سحماتا لؤلؤة الوطني

لا نقبل الا بلم الشملي فيكي وتحيى ليالي الدبكي من جديدي
Posted by Stan Mott on FEBRUARY-12-2002 #1320

Though I am not a Palestinian I have the profound duty of acting the role of the Grandfather in the two-character play "Sahmatah," by Hanna Eady and Edward Mast, written in 1996. In this drama an old man returns to Suhmata for the first time after many decades and recalls for his grandson where people used to live, and how, and the devastation of the nakba. The grandson is incredulous because he has never heard the story of the destruction of Suhmata and eviction of his people from there, even though he is a grown man. In my research I have looked for stories of refugees about their experience of that time in 1948 and the sorrows and courage during the decades since. Thank you for the information on this website; I am grateful for the personal story included here and for the sad pictures of the town and refugee camps. Any voice that will help my understanding of your loss and pride will be gratefully studied.
Posted by maher kaddoura on FEBRUARY-7-2002 #1300

Posted by Hadi Kaddoura on DECEMBER-22-2001 #1116

Insha allah, we will go back to Suhmata soon. I live in USA but I teach my children always about their homeland., actually they alraedy visited Palestine. We have to keep the faith.
Posted by bals0032 on OCTOBER-26-2001 #863

We will never forget Suhmata, or any of our beloved villages and cities in Palestine. May God give us the chance to go back to our land. May allah bless my father's soul Abdullatif(Abu Mazen), he taught me a lot about Suhmata and i will fulfill his dreams of going to Suhmata soon, inshallah. To all my relatives inside occupied Palestine and in the diaspora all over the world.....i hope we meet someday in Suhmata.
Posted by Hasan Kaddoura on SEPTEMBER-3-2001 #718

سحماتا ما لك قلبي تعلقت بسحماتا نور الهوا انطفا اتراه قد مات عجل لا يدور رجل لا يثور دجل في الديجور امل لم يمت في قلب من مات همس يداعب سمعي لأعوام ..... أحلم مالك غير الأحلام ليس اضغاث احلام اني رأيت في منامي عاشقا يحنو ..... فارسا يجثو يقبل ارض الجورة .... يقهقه يملأ المعمورة هتاف .... نداء .... رجاء أن اشتاقت الينا سحماتا