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Posted by Firas Askar on JUNE-21-2011 #135532

As Far as I remember, my grandad lived in Tarbikha for a good time and he always refered to himself as palastinian, I was born in lebanon so as my Dad but two of his older brothers who are still alive were born in Tarbikha and always thought of tarbikha as palestine.Lebanese or Palestine, Shia or sunni that is irrelevant and should not cause debate or argument.. we all arabs or rather humans and lets consider Tarbikha and think of it as an Arbic village not lebanese or palestinian because the Israelis think of it as a jewish village (I suppose)....if we dont unite and think in the same way and help each other rather than work against each other we wont ever achieve anythink...lets unite, let think positive, lets think...Tarbikha...with all my honest respect Firas Askar
Posted by Hamudi on AUGUST-3-2009 #85177

In the name of god, all these disscusions you guys have in here are wierd. First of all we have an enemy who tries to devasted our villages, and kills our people, and it should not be important on who´s land this belong, or who´s land it doesnt belong too...
All I want to say and explain, and I hope this is clear.. Salha (Qaza Marjaeoun) Tebikha, qaddas, hounine. nabi yousha, irbel qameh, are villages to the state of lebanon. These villages were lebanese 1920, plus they have allwayes been part of the the shia( land) namely the land of Jabal amel(bani amula) if 7, villages(shia villages) are lebanese (first because there is no shias in palestine) second, why should these villages have this place ( i mean it leys in the blue line) 3. the excant of these people sounds totaly like ibenjnoub) even though, some lived with palestinian. And the last and the biggest prove is, that even in 1948, these villages was still under lebanese control, and it is writtin in the government, and what about the battle of malkiye, it was the lebanese military who fought for lebanon back then. in 1948 ( when they used to pay bills, they used to do it in marjaeoun) so the story about that these villages belonged to palestine is wrong. I know this, read the history book of lebanon and u will find out, that everything I say is write...
Salamo 3aliekom wa rahmatulah.. Iben salha, wal janoud..
Posted by on AUGUST-24-2008 #50113

I have just come across this wonderful, sentimental and memorable site about the land /village which

I heard a lot of stories and talks about it from parents, relatives and friends. Stories that made me eager more and more to know about that land and wishing that I was born and grown-up there on that high greenie, scenic and breezy village. From that village self made, hard working, remarkable, highly educated people have emerged who are ؟ regrettably and sadly ؟ distributed all over the places (NOT GATHERED ON THE VILLAGE) chasing their livings and focused and determined to contribute to various types of societies each from his won job , perspective and nature of work.

I have written this very brief write-up form a place which is miles and miles away from the wonderful village trying to recall its memories amid a work atmosphere which is highly dynamic and challenging trying to construct a plant to transfer gas into liquids by using a sophisticated process and unique of its kind wishing that could have been on the village and its people that I miss and admire the utmost.
Posted by jamal on APRIL-13-2008 #34629

i would like to confirm a historical issue about the seven villages really was belong to lebanon up to 1923 when british and the french they made the border between palistine and lebanon they include the seven villages in palistine and your daher al omar and aljazar at that time ottamen empire have many states beirut which some times acra and safad and tabarya included iin beirut state ,according to the history daher alomar made agreement with nassif alnassar who was the amir of jabal amal which includes the seven villages alnassar and daher alomar they were allies
Posted by Ali Hajj on JANUARY-10-2006 #10130

I've been astonished when I read some of the guests comments.Some guys who say that they are lebanese, claim that the seven villages are lebanese!First of all, You r talking in the name of whom?Do u really belong to these villages or u just been pushed by some lebanese parties to talk on this site to bring up the shiite-suni conflict !?
We should respect your feelings of belonging to Lebanon, but that doesn't mean that the villages are lebanese! right?
A big part of what is called now "South Lebanon" belonged not from a long time ago to Palestine, since the turks and and during the reigns of Sheikh "Zaher El Omar El Zidani" and "Ahmed Basha Eljazar" who took control of "Jabal 'amel", even the lebanese call some villages with names that refer to a palestinian origin for this villages , an example of those villages is "Qana Al Jaleel"!
Anyway , don't bring up the shiit-suni conflict every now and then!We are talkin subjectively and so should u.and don't forget that Lebanese and Palestinans are brothers and always be so don't let us be envolved in such issues especially that Israel still occupying our lands including the seven villages.
Posted by Ali Hajj on JANUARY-10-2006 #10129

The 7 villages are certainly palestinian.I'm very astonished that some guys who are saying that they belong to these villages ,consider that these villages are lebanese!!!
Ok They are free to feel that they are lebanese, it's there decision , at the end they can pick up any nationality that they want, it;s a free will, especially that they were born in Lebanon and lived there.
But it doesn't mean that these villages are lebanese, a big area of what is called today "south Lebanon" falled under the palestinian control since the turks anf after that Zaher el Deen el Zidani and Ahemd Basha Al Jazar, even some villages have preferences to palestine and Gallile , an example of that is The village of "Qana" , even the lebanese call it "Qana Al Jalleel".
Please guys don't mention the shiite-suni conflict and don't bring it every now and then, we're just talking objectively.
At the end we and the lebanese are brothers.
Posted by Hamudi on NOVEMBER-24-2005 #9937

Listen u wanna know somthing!!! Im a lebanese man.. And salha, terbikha,malkiye, qaddas, hounine, al nabi yusha, and teribikha.. are all lebanese.. Not becouse they are shias.. But even ther ecant in speaking the arebic language is a the same as the south... That means dont be racict if we dont want, to be palestinian.. But thats history we are not palestinian... what is ur problem... haaaaaa
Posted by Dany Said on AUGUST-13-2005 #9419

I think that the lebanese are very wrong in their assumptions ,before everything let us ask who created Lebanon?The answer is very clear , France created Lebanon at the begining to contain only MOUNTAIN OF LEBANON at the beigining but due to some rising sounds from some christian leaders LEBANON was enlarged to contain the north of lebanon Albekaa Beirut and the south of Lebanon that was for many years part of Palestine ,if these "lebanese" guys want to convince therselfs by what France has done so let it be!But if they can just read history for a while I mean before 1920's , they'll find that many areas of the south are really PALESTINIAN!
عاشت فلسطين رغم عن انف الحاقدين
Posted by Rashid on MARCH-19-2005 #8521

Posted by omarabed on DECEMBER-3-2004 #7939


It very wierd and unusual that most of the people of this village as well as the 6 other palestinian villages do not feel any kind of loyality to their roots. I am sure that those who say that the seven villages are lebanese have no known reference. They say they are lebanese because they are the only shia villages in Palestine, and as a result of the palestinian lebanese-shiatte conflict, they took the other side and convinced themselves with some lies about their origin that they have created by lies
Posted by Nader&Rami on MAY-19-2003 #4108

the palestinian national identity has been defined through disposession. less then half of our village is in what is today lebanon, and the remaining part is occupied by israel. consequently, we were forced to flee. our disposession and that of countless others moulded the palestinian identity.

today, we carry lebanese passports as the result of the reptriation of the members of villages that fell under lebanese control following the withdrawal of israel in 1999. however, the majority of our memories and our identity lie in israel today, and as a result of this occupation we consider ourselves palestinian.
Posted by Hannouche on APRIL-17-2003 #3973

THE SEVEN VILLAGES, Tarbikha, Salha, Malkieh, Qadas, Hounine, Youshaa and Ibel al-Qamh, ARE LEBANESE, NOT PALESTINIAN, NOR ISRAELI ! ! !

THOSE VILLAGES WERE INTEGRATED TO MANDATARY PALESTINE IN 1923, but have always been lebanese and made part of the state of greater Lebanon.

LES SEPT VILLAGES, Tarbikha, Salha, Malkieh, Qadas, Hounine, Youshaa et Ibel al-Qamh,sont libanais et non Israelien ! NI palestinien. IL faisait parti du Liban avant 1923.
Posted by Fakih on OCTOBER-6-2002 #3221

Well done. and God Bless You.