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Tarshiha - ترشيحا : ترشيحا 15.12.2006 تصوير: مقبولة نصار
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Tarshiha - ترشيحا : ترشيحا 15.12.2006 تصوير: مقبولة نصار

Posted by Makbula Nassar Uploaded on February 21, 2007
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Posted by ziyad on April 19, 2010 #110019

الله يسعد سكانهاالعرب
Posted by mohamed monib Agha on December 16, 2008 #60211

I have not seen Tarshiha ,judging by the map prepared by Dr.Fahmy Motasim the photo is taken from Abo Hashem houses.
Mohamed Monib Agha