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Posted by Maryouma Al on SEPTEMBER-24-2017 #158655

Hello everyone, I am thrilled to have found this page. I am a British born with Palestinian father from Umm al Faraj and a Moroccan mother. Thank you for posting pictures of our homeland
Posted by moslih on AUGUST-15-2008 #49225

Best greetings from Palestine to all the sons and daughters of Um Al-Faraj wherever they are. I visited your home village two days ago, and you can see the pictures and read the text I wrote in my website ( I hope you like what I did. If you have any comments, please leave me a note. (posted August 16, 2008)
Posted by Dr. Saleh Hweidi on FEBRUARY-1-2008 #28416

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
انا الدكتور صالح هويدي من قرية ام الفرج قضاء عكا، اتوجه بتحياتي الى كل ابناء ام الفرج، كماواتوجه بالشكر لكل من ساهم في انشاء هذا الموقع،وارسل بتحياتي الى كل فلسطيني في كل بقاع الدنيا، وعلينا ان لا نيأس من رحمة الله مهما طال الزمان علينا في الغربة، لأن الحق لا يضيع وورائه مطالب.
Posted by ahmad on JANUARY-2-2008 #26445

hello every body iam palestinaian born in lebanon 1984 iam from um el-farag iam glad to see people still care and remember palastine and work about that.i do like to thak all of yea .hallak family
Posted by mohammed eldirawi on JULY-11-2007 #17877

Hii everyone alsalamo aleykum I would like to thank everyone who did this amazin website ta7eyati illa kol I'll falasteeni ana ikhleqet be mokhiam albaddawi senet 1991 we itgharebet illa ny fee senet 1999 walakan ana ba7eb ilbadawi ketheer we 7abeb at3araf 3ala kol I'll mesafreen min I'll badawwi salamat
Posted by Abu Jivara on NOVEMBER-23-2006 #12038

hello evreybody t7yati la el gamie3
here is my best weshies to evreybody all palestinian from all over the world , hoppy to catch this site and read alitle bit about my home land my dream land and my my my land which i blive that we going to be their one day am from lebanon and i live in sweden Malmo i would love to send worm wishes to baddawi camp guys .. pflp....
Posted by Abdul Majid Moh'd Salem on NOVEMBER-14-2006 #11977

AlSalam 3alaikom,,,

I am a Palestinian, I was born in LEBNON (AL-BUS)Camp, I just want to thank all of you one by one, YES my origin is from UM EL-FARAJ. I loved this SITE , it has helped me immensly as a Palestinian Muslim living in LEBANON bofor i move to UAE, I have also been able to meet Palestinians from diffrent AREAS from different parts of the world as a direct
result of this fabulous site, and specialy to meet persons from UM EL-FARAJ and from my HOMELAND PALISITNE.

I am so GLAD while i am browsing the site and as all i dream that one day will BACK to live in UM EL-FARAJ Village.

Thank you for this web and i wish more from this SITE in the future, specialy PICTURES .

add my e-mail address,


Thanking youuuuu

Abed Salem
Posted by Nazmi Mohamed Zamzam on SEPTEMBER-19-2006 #11632

الأصل من أم الفرج ومقيم في لبنان ، لدي تفاصيل وأرغب في الحصول على تفاصيل عن قرية آبائي وأتعرف على أحد من هذه القرية لا يزال يقيم فيها أو غادرها من قبل
Posted by neuman on AUGUST-10-2005 #9394

how are you
Posted by Baddawi on DECEMBER-19-2004 #8026

here is the baddawi camp net homepage
Posted by Reema on AUGUST-29-2004 #7388

I am from Baddawi camp, I used to live there until 1993. I am now in Denmark and I am looking for web sites about Baddawi camp and the people from Baddawi. Because I want to contact my old friends from there. I hope if any one can provide me with website addresses for any thing about Baddawi camp. I will be greatful for that.
Posted by neuman on JULY-21-2004 #7099

we can look of the humanity we can stand before revoewin the history of criminals juives and sionnist we protest against this countryside
Posted by Yehya Zeid on MARCH-26-2004 #6358

here is Yehya Zeid from Baddawi Camp saying hellooooz to every Palestinian all around the world, i love u all ;)
Posted by Mostafa on FEBRUARY-21-2004 #5989

From NetherLands , Send my regards to every one there in all the refugee camps and in all the countries on this world and SPECIAL for
Posted by Mostafa on JANUARY-16-2004 #5495

Hi Im Mostafa El Sharife... from baddawi camp but iam already live in nederland .. i was looking for websites about the baddawi camp and i find out this site .. let me send my regards for every one in baddawi cam and i wanna say that i miss every one there and i wish that as soon as i can visit my cam again ... thank you
Posted by Rashid Net on JANUARY-12-2002 #1205

Rashid Mohammad Rashid Howeidi, Howeidi is our family and I dont have some thing new to add now than what I red about the history of Umm El-Faraj which I saw in this side, but may be later,
Regards, Rashid.
Posted by Baria on JANUARY-12-2002 #1203

We have received a bit angry email from a Palestinian-Israeli who proudly identify himself as a Palestinian of Turkish descent. We have felt it is important to share and voice his opinion for democracy's sake. Webmaster Salam Alaykom: My name is Baria Hsermi, or Husremi. I am from Um Al-Faraj town, which was cleanse by the Zionist Jews in 1948. I live now in Israel (Palestine). I love this website because it talks about all the people of PALESTINE, which is a great thing, but the problem as you've said that we don't have much documents. The website should also talked about the people of Palestine and their ethnicity,... Because as you know not all Palestinians are from Arab descent, for example many Palestinians are Greeks, Turks, Armenians, Iranians, Albanians, Moroccan Arabs, Libyan Arabs, and Bosnians,.. and the Palestinian people should know about their origins; and also to show the world that the Palestinians were and are still ONE people. For example, I am from Um Al-Faraj and my mother side from Deir-ALqasi. But I don't see anything written about these people origins at all. All its written that all the Palestinians are Arabs and that's it. I am 30 years old and I remember that my father and my grandfather always telling me that the people of Um Al-Faraj were Turks after being kicked out of Egypt's ruler Mohammad Ali Pasha in the early 1800's. I am PROUD to be a Palestinian, but I think its a GREAT idea to mention where the people of Palestine came from, so we will have more documents, information,... if you guys need any information please contact me at
Posted by Rashid Hweidi on NOVEMBER-28-2001 #1013

Hi Everybody
How are you all?I am Rashid Hweidi Palestinain born in Lebanon in 1982. I am from Umm al-Faraj, and I am so so proud of my nationality.
I hope all go back to our country Palestine, where all can live in peace ones again. Palestine is our mother land and we SHALL NOT let Israelis take it away from us, so let us hope to reach that day.
Posted by Siham Hweidi on NOVEMBER-3-2001 #892

Hello every body,
My name is Siham Hweidi, im Palestinian borne in Lebanon in 1979, im happy to know that there is still people how care for the Palestinians case and opinions in the world, and im happy to meet people from um al faraj, especialy Ziad, i hope to meet one day on our land Palestine, my best regards to all palestinians.
yours Siham
Posted by Ziad Hweidi on OCTOBER-31-2001 #884

Salam everybody!!
My name is Ziad Hweidi and currently I live in Denmark. I`m a 16 year old Palestinian and very proud to be one!!!!!
I orginally come from Lebanon, Iwas born in Beirut in 1985. I support Palestinians and muslims all over the world, and one day we will overcome!!!! Peace out 4 ever...
Yours truly Ziad......
Posted by Rashid Net on OCTOBER-31-2001 #883

My name is Rashid Mohammad Howeidi and my family originaly came from Umm al-Faraj, but I born in lebanon in July 1967. Most of my family lived first in El-Bass refugee camp and then they moved later to Rashideya refugee camp. My father studied in Beirut and got maried there. I moved to Denmark after the Camps War. Now I'm maried in Denmark and have three children. In case of any information, please inform me at my e-mail address
Posted by Ahmad Mousa el-Arid on OCTOBER-8-2001 #793

Dear All:
I am Ahmad Mousa el-Arid, and currently I live in al-Baddawi refugee camp nearby Tripoli, Lebanon. I am from Umm el-Faraj and I miss every person from my country.
Inshalah we will return back soon
Reveloution until victory
Posted by ghaleb abu elsaad on JUNE-26-2001 #433

I was born in Lebanon, but my parents were born in Umm el-Faraj. Please send me any information you may have about my old town.
Thanks alot